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Chapter 1041: Saint King Killing Formation (One)

More and more people gathered around the Bright Moon Divine Hall. Not only did quite a few Saint Kings come, a lot of Saint Rulers arrived as well. There was also some Heaven Saint Masters and Class 6 Radiant Saint Masters, who stood on a milky-white light.

A capital city of the continent was a place where experts gathered. Fragrance River was just outside the City of God, which was why many experts were drawn over immediately when the divine hall broke its seal. A few people with certain backgrounds even used secret techniques to communicate with the experts of their family and their powerful friends, informing them of the current events here.

“So this object is called a divine hall, something a Saint Emperor crafted. No wonder it’s so wondrous and can fly to such a high place,” Quan Youcai and Yang Ling arrived behind Jian Chen, as they marveled at the divine hall that shone with hazy light.

“The material of this divine hall really is extremely special. It can actually absorb moonlight and transform it into its own power.” Hei Yu stared at the divine hall in wonder.

Jian Chen’s eyes froze when he heard that and only after a period of close observation did he notice that the divine hall had indeed absorbed a sliver of moonlight from the night sky. The moonlight was so faint. If he did not look closely, he would not be able to sense it at all.

A sliver of reminiscence appeared in Hong Lian’s eyes as inherited memories flashed through her head, “They’re right. This Bright Moon Divine Hall is indeed created from special materials from the moon. There are records regarding this material in my inherited memories.” Hong Lian paused and raised her head up toward the moon in the sky. “This is because in the ancient times, a Saint Emperor of my Divine Phoenix clan flew off to the moon. However, she took much more time than fairy Hao Yue, taking up four thousand years for a round trip.”

Jian Chen immediately became astounded when he heard these words. He subconsciously looked toward the moon in the sky and sighed emotionally. “I never thought that we would be so far away from the moon, that it would take a thousand, or even several thousand years for Saint Emperors to reach there. This is unbelievable.”

“The moon is indeed a place that people rarely set foot upon. Even in the ancient times when there were the most Saint Emperors, very few people were willing to spend that much time to fly to the moon, because Space Gates cannot be created in outer space. The only way to the moon is by flying over slowly,” said Hong Lian.

“The divine hall must possess the cultivation method of fairy Hao Yue. Although only females can use it, if you give it to those talented female clansmen once we take it back, their future accomplishments will be unlimited.” The eyes of the experts from the protector clans and a few Saint Kings of other organizations shone, as they stared at the divine hall with obvious greed.

Even if you ignored the value of the material used to build the divine hall, just the cultivation method was enough to cause the people from the protector clans to drool.

This was a cultivation method that surpassed Saint Tier. Even the protector clans that had existed since the ancient times did not have such a great cultivation method.

At this moment, the people of the protector clans began to move before everyone else. They either flew toward the divine hall themselves or with a few Saint Ruler juniors. Only the middle-aged man from the Pure Heart Pavilion remained still, as he was the only person who the divine hall did not tempt out of everyone present.

The people of the protector clans were like flares. As soon as they began to move, the Saint Kings from ancient families or other large organizations began to move as well. They quickly approached the divine hall.

The Saint Rulers in the surroundings all hesitated, as they levitated in the air. Before the Saint Kings, they had nothing to contend against them as mere Saint Rulers. Even if they came across treasures, they would not be able to beat the Saint Kings to take it for themselves. Instead, they might even face life-threatening danger.

However, not all the Saint Rulers feared death. After a while of hesitation, someone finally gave into their expanding desires, as he flew toward the divine hall even with the dangers ahead. However, his actions deeply influenced other people, which immediately led to more and more Saint Rulers flying toward the divine hall. Even a few Class 6 Radiant Saint Masters and Heaven Saint Masters followed behind them all.

“Quan Youcai, Yang Ling, it’ll be dangerous inside. You two should stay outside and not take part,” Jian Chen said to the two of them, before flying toward the divine hall with You Yue in his arms. Hei Yu and Hong Lian followed closely behind him.

“Sigh, looks like a fierce struggle is bound to happen. However, the new master of the divine hall seems to have already been secretly determined,” said the Saint King of the Pure Heart Pavilion. He glanced at the nearby Jian Chen. When he saw Hei Yu behind him, an obvious sliver of fear appeared in his eyes. Afterward, he ripped open a Space Gate and left. He had no plans in interfering with the matter of this divine hall.

The ancestors of the eight clans all hung in the air with their pale faces. They stared deeply at the people who flew toward the divine hall as regret filled their faces.

“We’re already heavily injured. We don’t have the ability to take part in the struggle for the divine hall at all, so let’s return,” said a Saint Ruler of the eight clans, before leaving first with a face full of regret.

The other Saint Rulers all sighed inside. Then, they left dejectedly as well. They all returned to the City of God.

Jian Chen arrived at the main entrance of the divine hall with the crowd. You Yue was still in his arms. He hid within the mass of people.

Bang! Bang! Bang…

A few muffled sounds rang out from ahead. The people from the protector clans at the very front had already opened the closed door of the divine hall. The heavy, stone door slowly opened with a series of rumbles. Immediately, a cold stream of air surged wildly from within. It was almost bone-chilling and gave off a bleak feeling, which shocked everyone present.

“This is Moonlight Force!” called out a Saint King from among the people of the protector clans.

“Moonlight Force is not Saint Force, so it indeed possesses odd characteristics. No wonder fairy Hao Yue became the most powerful Saint Emperor back then. It probably has a close connection to this unique Moonlight Force other than her own strength,” someone suggested.

All the people stepped on the floor made from the crystals of the moon, as they slowly made their way inside. After they passed through the main entrance, an extremely vast space appeared before them. In the center of the space stood a hundred-meter-tall stone tablet. There were words clearly carved into it.

“Saint Emperors and Saint Kings are forbidden from entering the divine hall, or you will be responsible for the consequences!”

All the Saint Kings revealed rather horrible expressions when they saw this simple message. Although the warning of the tablet seemed to be filled with confidence and arrogance, where it dared to even look down on Saint Emperor, none of the Saint King present dared to not keep the warning in mind. The owner of the divine hall was the fairy Hao Yue. She had reached the peak of Saint Emperor after all, someone who was only inches away from surpassing Saint Emperor.

On the other hand, the Saint Rulers and Heaven Saint Masters all became excited. They were all ecstatic, as they internally praised the heavens for being fair.

“I never thought that the divine hall would only allow people below Saint King to enter, barring the entry of Saint Kings and Saint Emperors. Fairy Hao Yue must’ve set up a formation to deal with Saint Kings and Saint Emperors inside,” a Saint King of an ancient clan said with an ugly expression.

“Hmph, it has been several tens of thousand years since fairy Hao Yue’s era. The formation must be far weaker than it was before. Do we really need to fear with so many people?” shouted a blue-robed old man loudly and courageously.

“Fairy Hao Yue may be the strongest Saint Emperor back then and possessed terrifying strength, but wouldn’t it become a joke if we were scared off just by some words on a tablet?” Another middle-aged man added. He showed no intentions of backing off.

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