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Chapter 1049: Fight for the Divine Hall (Four)

The three Saint Rulers who were casting the Saint Tier Battle Skills all originated from ancient clans and belonged to the Ninth Heavenly Layer. Their Saint Tier Battle Skills were equivalent to attacks from Saint Kings with their current strengths.

The other Saint Rules had kept the white tiger busy earlier, which provided the three Saint Rulers with enough time to charge up their battle skills. They had completed the charge up now, and the devastating power was about to erupt. A tremendous pressure that originated from the surroundings seemed to flood the entire hall, which caused everyone gathered in there to shiver. They all looked toward the three Saint Rulers with obvious fear and dread.

The white tiger revealed a stern gaze once again. With its body as a beast god, it indeed had the power to look down on all the Saint Rulers, but the battle skills it currently faced was on the level of Saint Kings. That was enough to threaten it.

It was already too late to stop the three Saint Rulers from casting the Saint Tier Battle Skills. The white tiger quickly began to swipe the space before it with its front paws. With every swipe, a tiny ripple would appear.

“Saint Tier Battle Skill! Heaven-cleaving Sword!”

“Saint Tier Battle Skill! Swing Beyond Samsara!”

“Saint Tier Battle Skill! Divine Fist of the Sixth Paths!”

With three bellows, the Saint Rulers simultaneously cast their battle skills after their long charge-up. The first person lifted his sword over his head and swung out in the air. They produced a blinding sword Qi that shot toward the white tiger with an unstoppable force.

The curved blade in the second person’s hand followed an extremely profound trajectory. A vague ripple immediately appeared, and it quickly spread toward the white tiger. Wherever it passed, space would shake violently and become blurry. Although it did not really seem like anything, it possessed terrifying might.

A layer of extremely dense energy coated the third person’s fist. The fist seemed to move slowly, but it was flung out with exceedingly great speed. His entire right hand disappeared, as he punched out. It was like it had completely fused with the surrounding space and entered another dimension. However, in the next moment, six huge fists, completely condensed from energy, appeared above the white tiger’s head. They all spun and revolved in a circle with one another, as each fist radiated with a terrifying aura.

The paws of the white tiger swiped faster and faster. Slowly, it drew an extremely complicated image in the air. It was blurry, but it radiated with a profound aura. Each line and image seemed to contain the laws of the world.

This was a defensive technique that originated from the white tiger’s inherited memories. This was its first time it had used it.

As soon as the formation appeared, it expanded before the white tiger.


The Heaven-cleaving Sword struck the formation viciously and caused it to violently shake. The formation began to flicker, and terrifying energy ripples rammed into the surrounding walls, producing pattering sounds.

The sword Qi became locked in a stalemate with the formation in mid-air. The energy of both the formation and the sword Qi quickly began to leak away, but it failed to break through the formation before completely dispersing. The defensive formation also darkened after it blocked the battle skill equivalent to a Saint King’s attack. Then, its lines and images began to blur. Some lines had even been severed.

When the giant sword Qi vanished, a wave of faint spatial ripples collided viciously against the formation of the white tiger as well. At the same time, one of the six revolving fists fell from above the white tiger, as it directly targeted the white tiger’s head.


The white tiger shook its head and directly tossed the scepter in its mouth in You Yue’s direction. Afterward, it produced an earth-shaking roar at the sky. A visible sound wave emerged from its mouth and spread upward to meet with the six fists.

The defensive formation in front of the white tiger was no longer as powerful as before. After the second Saint Tier Battle Skill struck it, it only lasted for a short while before shattering lowly. The odd ripples surged toward the huge white tiger like a wave of water, passing through the white tiger’s body.

The white tiger trembled slightly and a faint, bloody mark had already appeared below its neck. Bright blood immediately began to pour from its body, dyeing its white fur red.

Terrifying energy ripples began to spread from above, as the white tiger’s roar destroyed the first fist of the six. However, the second and third fist began to fall closely after one another soon afterward. They separately targeted the white tiger’s head and back. Both of them moved extremely quickly.

The wings on the tiger’s back rose up high, as they blocked the fist that targeted its back. Its front paws clawed in a flurry, as it forcefully received the punch that targeted its head.

With a boom, the two punches smashed the white tiger to the ground. The attack had injured its wings, as the snow-white feathers became red. Even its front paws became bloody.

Even as the Winged Tiger God with extremely great battle prowess, the white tiger struggled to remain unscathed when it faced three Saint Tier Battle Skills at the same time. After all, it had not reached the peak of Class 7 yet.

Looking at the scepter that flew over, a gleam of light flashed through Xie Wang’s eyes. He had always remained by You Yue’s side, as he protected her. He immediately leaped up to catch the scepter, before returning to You Yue’s side. He first examined it curiously, before extending his hand to give it to You Yue without any hesitation.

Currently, You Yue had focused all her attention on the white tiger. She did not even glance at the scepter that had attracted countless people. She began to worry even more after she saw that the Saint Rulers had injured the white tiger injured. She called out anxiously, “Xiao Bai is injured. Artifact spirit, quickly go save Xiao Bai.”

“Don’t worry, mistress. The Winged Tiger God won’t be in much danger. It has experienced far too little battles as it grew up as well, so this is a rare opportunity for it.” The artifact spirit’s voice appeared in You Yue’s head.

“Someone has taken the scepter!” A person cried out. Everyone immediately moved their attention from the white tiger to Xie Wang, who now held the scepter. They no longer bothered to watch the fascinating battle going on with the white tiger anymore. Instead, they all charged at Xie Wang.

Xie Wang’s expression drastically changed. Although he was a Ninth Heavenly Layer Saint Ruler, he was nowhere near as strong as the Winged Tiger God. How could he handle so many opponents, especially when there were quite a few people who were also at the Ninth Heavenly Layer like him?

The last three giant fists also switched their targets. They no longer attacked the white tiger, now smashing threateningly toward Xie Wang’s group.

“Grab the scepter and enter the artifact space!” Xie Wang called out in a panic.

You Yue also understood the situation now. She immediately took the scepter from Xie Wang’s hands and wanted to hide in the artifact space. However, she waited for quite a long time, but she remained where she was. Kara Liwei, who was beside her, had instead disappeared. She had already entered the artifact space.

“Oh no, mistress. If you’re holding that scepter, you can’t enter the space. The scepter is resisting,” the artifact spirit said sternly in You Yue’s head.

But at this moment, the three remaining fists had already approached You Yue and Xie Wang. One of them smashed toward Xie Wang, while the other two completely locked onto You Yue who held the scepter.

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