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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 1055
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Chapter 1055: New Master of the Divine Hall (Three)

The ancestor of the Huanggu clan left, and the heavy door slowly slammed shut. Only Huang Luan was left in the dim room.

Huang Luan did not show any panic or fear even though she was now bound by the Blood Servant’s Imprint. She was extremely calm. She had already accepted her death long ago, so she did not care at all that her life was in someone else’s hands.

Huang Luan returned to the center of the room and sat down. She was dazed as memories filled her eyes. She mumbled, “Jian Chen, I wonder where you are. How have you been in these years? Have you ever thought about me or missed me?

“Jian Chen, every moment when we were together as well as every little matter that occurred between us will be deeply embedded in my head. I will never forget you. All that can be blamed is fate. I cannot be with you forever. In the future, we may never meet again…

“I never thought that my last time seeing you was when we separated all those years ago…”

Huang Luan suddenly became sorrowful. Two clear streaks of tears flowed uncontrollably down her cheeks. They landed on the cold floor and splashed apart.

Deep sorrow filled the room. The fallen tears were like Huang Luan’s heart—completely shattered and split into countless pieces.

In the blink of an eye, another half a month passed. All the Saint Kings from the protector clans and ancient clans, as well as the Saint Rulers, stood scattered in the air around the divine hall.

During that half a month, no one had left. They remained where they were, while the people of the protector clans and Mercenary City all tried to think of ways to save their people trapped inside. The remaining Saint Rulers all remained there to watch it all unfold and also to find out who the divine hall would belong to in the end.

During that time, the people from the protector clans used countless methods and had attempted countless times, but it all resulted in failure. The divine hall’s toughness was incomparable to other ordinary divine halls. They could not open the divine hall even when all of them tried as hard as they could—they even struggled to leave a mark on it.

“So many days have passed already and they still haven’t come out. There’s no news of You Yue either. I wonder what the situation is like inside. If it keeps dragging out, it will be detrimental to the people trapped inside,” growled a great elder from the Shenxiao sect. He was extremely stern.

“We’ve called from outside for so many days, and even attacked the divine hall, but the divine hall does not respond at all. All it does is float here and absorb Moonlight Force. I think fairy Hao Yue’s dead. If this continues, the people inside will definitely face life-threatening danger. This is why I would say that why don’t we, the ten clans, use our clan treasures, the Emperor Armaments, and smash through the entrance of the divine hall in one stroke?” A burly, middle-aged man in black robes also spoke his mind. He was a great elder from the Yangji sect.

All the great elders of the protector clans changed slightly in expression when they heard about using the Emperor Armaments. They became hesitant. The Emperor Armaments of the protector clans were not any old Emperor Armament. They were weapons formed and strengthened from the fusion of dozens or even a hundred Emperor Armaments through a secret technique over countless years. It combined all their power, so it possessed extremely great might. Using it would result in extremely great backlash to all of them, and they would all be injured.

The Saint Kings trapped within the formation space of the divine hall had all lost their powers and collapsed on the ground including Hei Yu and Hong Lian. Only Jian Chen was perfectly fine. Many of them were ashen as despair filled their hearts. They had lost all hope, as if they had already been prepared to be trapped there for all their lives.

At this moment, the formation space suddenly began to violently shake. The surrounding landscape began to quickly change and distort, gradually blurring.

The change in the formation space alerted all the powerless Saint Kings. All of them immediately struggled to sit up, staring at the space in suspicion and surprise.

“What’s happening? Has the formation begun to change, turning into a true killing formation to slaughter all of us here?” A Saint King questioned weakly. His complexion was horrible.

The faces of all the other people immediately sank when they heard that. Their complexions also became horrible, but they all continued to stare fixedly at the changing landscape.

Very soon, the wasteland conjured by the formation vanished. It became rather dark for everyone, and when they could see their surroundings once more, they discovered that they had actually returned to the divine hall where the sculpture of fairy Hao Yue stood nearby.

“The formation’s vanished. The formation’s vanished. We’ve returned to where we were before…”

“The formation must have run out of energy and dispersed. We’re finally free. We’ve finally broken out of the damned formation space…”

Everyone became extremely emotional when they discovered that they had been freed. All of them uncontrollably cried out with joy. The Saint Kings who had already accepted their fate became even more emotional, becoming speechless.

“I will give you five seconds. Leave the divine hall immediately, or you won’t be able to leave ever again.” At this moment, a cold female’s voice rang out. Fairy Hao Yue’s illusionary form currently floated above the sculpture in the center of the room. Her white clothes were like snow, and she seemed otherworldly, having transcended from mortal affairs. She seemed like a goddess.

“It’s fairy Hao Yue!” All the Saint Kings immediately cried out when they saw her. They became filled with disbelief.

“No, she’s a soul. It’s fairy Hao Yue’s soul. Her soul is actually still alive…” The Saint Kings possessed great senses, much greater senses than Saint Rulers. They could tell that it was fairy Hao Yue’s soul with a single glance, but even though that was the case, it still shocked them all.

Saint Emperors had a life space of ten thousand years. Once that time was up, their bodies would begin to fall apart and their souls would disperse. It was impossible for them to live much longer after those ten thousand years, yet fairy Hao Yue was someone who had lived several tens of thousand years ago, and her soul actually still remained. It was unheard of to them.

“Two seconds have passed; you have three left,” fairy Hao Yue said as she stared coldly at the Saint Kings.

All of the people no longer bothered with her matters with that. They did not doubt her abilities to trap them for all of eternity—after all, the formation just before was more than enough evidence. They immediately charged out as fast as they could, but as they had all lost their powers, they could not fly. They ran like ordinary people.

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