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Chapter 1056: You Yue Emerges

Jian Chen revealed a sliver of hesitation as he watched all the Saint Kings hurriedly run out. He did not leave immediately, and he looked around instead. He found that the entire place was rather empty and that there was no other people present other than those who had been trapped in the formation.

“Esteemed fairy Hao Yue, may I inquire about the situation for the other people who entered the divine hall?” Jian Chen clasped his hands at fairy Hao Yue’s soul. Currently, the person he worried most for was You Yue.

Fairy Hao Yue’s gaze landed on Jian chen and an undetectable sliver of surprise appeared in her cold eyes. However, she spoke just as coldly as before, “They’ve all left here!”

Jian Chen finally felt relieved when he heard that. Without saying anything more, he left with Hei Yu and Hong Lian. Jian Chen gave up on the idea of taking the divine hall since fairy Hao Yue was still alive. She had been reduced to only a soul now, but Jian Chen dared not underestimate her.

Jian Chen, Hei Yu, and Hong Lian left with Kara Lot and Kazda Jianxiong. The great elder from the Changyang clan had left long ago.

With everyone’s departure, the divine hall recovered its peace from before. Only fairy Hao Yue’s soul remained above the sculpture in the slightly-dim room.

“I really do want to know where they got their armor and weapon with origin energy, but if I ask them now, it’s unlikely that they will tell me. They might even weave some lies to trick me. Seeing how their relationship with Jian Chen is decent, I definitely will come in contact with them quite often in the future. At that time, I can just ask my dear disciple, You Yue, about the origin energy. It’ll definitely be much easier.

“So many years have passed anyway. I wouldn’t mind waiting a few more days at all…

“Jian Chen definitely cultivates Chaotic Force. He walks a cultivation path that is out of the ordinary. He will not need origin energy to increase his strength at all, so I really do hope he reaches the Origin realm quickly. That way, I can return home through him…

“I hope nothing happens to the Moon God Hall. Father, you have to wait until your daughter returns and then ruins Nan Potian’s scheme…”

Outside the divine hall, the great elders from the protector clans continued to waver over to use the Emperor Armaments or not. The door of the divine hall suddenly swung open at that moment, and the Saint Kings that had been trapped in the formation stood at the doorway. All of them excitedly looked at the outside world, as if they had just survived a disaster.

“They’ve come out!” The people from the protector clans and a few ancient clans all became excited as well. They all flew toward the divine hall, taking back the Saint Kings who had lost their powers.

Rui Jin, Xie Wang, and the Winged Tiger God also arrived before the main entrance. When they saw how Hei Yu and Hong Lian had both lost all their power, Rui Jin’s face immediately changed, “I never thought that your strengths would fall to such a level. Looks like the danger of the divine hall far exceeded anything I expected. You two better return to the artifact space first and recover.”

Afterward, Hei Yu and Hong Lian both entered the artifact space to recover their depleted energy.

“Brother Jian Chen, my energy is depleted, so it’s just too inconvenient for me to return. I was wondering if I could spend a few days in the artifact space to recover,” Kara Lot said to Jian Chen.

“Of course!” Jian Chen agreed without any hesitation. He knew quite well that the Kara clan had many enemies. It would be difficult to even run away if Kara Lot faced them in his current situation.

Kazda Jianxiong also requested out of his own accord to enter the artifact space to recover his strength after Kara Lot had been taken away. In the end, he was sent into the artifact space as well.

Kazda Jianxiong was the same as Kara Lot; they had both lost their powers and dared not to return hastily.

Changyang Zu Yunxiao supported the great elder who had entered with them and arrived before Jian Chen. He asked for Jian Chen’s well-being out of concern before hurriedly leaving with the great elder.

A few other Saint Rulers from the ancient clans all went up to support their ancestors, leaving the divine hall as well. A portion of them immediately began to return to their clans, while others stayed behind. They wanted to see who the divine hall would belong to in the end.

Among the ten protector clans, the Yiyuan sect, the Changyang clan, and the Pure Heart Pavilion chose to leave. The seven other protector clans chose to stay behind, while the people from Mercenary City stayed behind as well. Many of them still cared about the divine hall very much.

Jian Chen had already dismissed all his thoughts regarding the divine hall. He said to Rui Jin, “Is You Yue fine, senior Rui Jin?”

Rui Jin shook his head in response, “You Yue still hasn’t come out.”

“What? You Yue hasn’t left the divine hall?” Jian Chen became surprised with that and immediately began to worry.

A powerful ripple of energy appeared from behind him at this moment. He immediately turned around to look when he sensed the abnormality. He found that the divine hall had stopped absorbing Moonlight Force and was rapidly shrinking, becoming the size of a fist in just a few mere seconds. It was becoming a small, white but exquisitely crafted divine hall.

Without the obstruction of the divine hall, a purple-dressed, elegant woman appeared before everyone.

“Yue’er!” Jian Chen could not help but call out in joy when he saw the person, as it was You Yue.

You Yue gestured with her hand, and the divine hall immediately flew obediently into her hand. It enveloped her entire body with hazy Moonlight Force, allowing her to become resistant to the unique environment of outer space.

You Yue saw Jian Chen, and her face immediately stirred, “Jian Chen, you’ve finally returned safely. I haven’t let you down. I’ve successfully gained control of the divine hall and saved you from it.”

Jian Chen took a single step and appeared beside her, directly traversing several hundred meters. He felt pleasantly surprised as he stared at the Bright Moon Divine Hall in her hand and asked in disbelief, “Yue’er, what did you just say? You’ve successfully gained control of the divine hall?”

You Yue immediately felt pleased with herself when she saw Jian Chen’s surprise. She nodded firmly.

“Then fairy Hao Yue…” Jian Chen paused. He felt confused inside. Fairy Hao Yue was clearly still alive, so how did the divine hall end up in someone else’s hands?

“Jian Chen, fairy Hao Yue has accepted me as her disciple. She’s my master now,” You Yue said rather proudly. She smiled sweetly as she was extremely happy.

Jian Chen was stunned with that, but he soon became overjoyed as well. It was even rarer than the divine hall for You Yue to become a disciple of fairy Hao Yue.

The surrounding Saint Rulers and Saint Kings heard their conversation clearly. When they learned that You Yue had indeed obtained the divine hall and even become a disciple of fairy Hao Yue, the Saint Rulers who had fought over the sceptre were greatly affected, deepening the regret and unwillingness within them.

The Saint Kings looked at You Yue with deep envy, coupled with a sliver of extremely well and deeply hidden jealousy. However, they all knew about the relationship between You Yue and Jian Chen, which is why they dared not let the thought of taking it cross their minds before Jian Chen.

On the other hand, the people of the protector clans seemed very calm. Divine halls may be extremely precious to ancient clans, but they seemed common and ordinary to the ancient protector clans. Even if the amount of divine halls that were inherited from their predecessors was ignored, just the quantity that they obtained from other sources was plentiful. What truly made the protector clans drool over was fairy Hao Yue’s cultivation method.

You Yue’s talent for cultivation also underwent an overwhelming change under the transformation of Moonlight Essence. She was enough to be called a great genius now. Her strength had passed through Great Saint Master and Earth Saint Master, reaching Heaven Saint Master.

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