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Chapter 1059: Disturbance at Flame City

Deep into the night, Jian Chen’s lively residence finally quietened down. Little Fatty and everyone else left, and they returned to their own residences to rest. Only Jian Chen remained, with a few female servants who were cleaning up the table.

Jian Chen walked outside before he gently leaped onto the roof. He laid down and stared at the pitch-black sky. His deep eyes seemed to pierce the space, as he looked at the silver-white Bright Moon Divine Hall in the distant outer space.

You Yue was not at the Changyang clan. Soon after she returned with him, she entered the divine hall. Then, she went to outer space to absorb the essence of the moon to cultivate.

After she accepted fairy Hao Yue as her master, You Yue became extremely enthusiastic toward cultivation. She worked even harder and even more arduously. She only wanted to increase her strength as much as possible, so she could do some things for Jian Chen and share his burden.

Jian Chen laid on the roof and zoned out, as he stared at the night sky. He became slightly confused as he murmured, “Why did fairy Hao Yue take You Yue as a disciple? You Yue’s talent is good, but that’s only with a small kingdom like Gesun in perspective. It’s nothing if you look at the entire continent. There are countless prodigious females on the continent, and their talent is far greater than You Yue’s. So, why didn’t fairy Hao Yue take someone else?” In that moment of peace, Jian Chen began to think of many things. He felt most suspicious about fairy Hao Yue accepting You Yue as her disciple.

“I don’t think this is as simple as it seems. Fairy Hao Yue probably has some other intentions,” murmured Jian Chen as he pondered.

Suddenly, Jian Chen’s gaze froze. He immediately stopped talking to himself, as he saw a black figure leap up to the roof. The figure produced gentle sounds as they stepped on the tiles, slowly making their way toward Jian Chen.

Jian Chen did not get up, lying on the roof as before. He cushioned his head with his arms, as he continued to stare at the night sky.

The black figure arrived beside him. Then, they laid down just like Jian Chen. His movements caused the tiles to creak. He said, “Brother, it’s so late. Why haven’t you gone to sleep?”

Jian Chen turned around and looked at the figure. He smiled, “Brother, doesn’t that apply to you as well? And to me, sleeping nowadays is basically wasting time.”

“Sigh, you’re right. You’ve already become a Saint King now. You’re a peak-level expert even with the whole continent in perspective. You indeed don’t need sleep to recover at your level of strength,” Changyang Ke sighed gently. A faint sorrow filled his face.

“Brother, have you been well these days?” Jian Chen asked. Although Changyang Ke had once gone against him in everything he did, that happened when they were young. Jian Chen stopped bothering about it long ago, treating it as the arguments between kids.

“Sigh, you, big brother and sister have all become great, famed people, either a supreme expert or a prodigy peak-level sects heavily favor. Only I remain unknown, a nobody. I’m still stuck at being a Great Saint Master even until now, and I don’t even know when I can reach Earth Saint Master. Do you think I’ve been well these years?” Changyang Ke sighed. He was gloomy.

Jian Chen remained silent. It was true that Changyang Ke’s talent was not really extraordinary. Even with the support of a great clan, he remained at Great Saint Master and improved at a rather slow rate.

Changyang Ke suddenly sat up and wishfully looked at Jian Chen. He said, “Brother, you’re already a supreme figure of the continent now. I know you have extremely great abilities, so can you help me? I don’t want to lie in waste anymore. I don’t want to become an embarrassment to big brother, sister, and you,” pleaded Changyang Ke. It was very courageous of him to say such things.

Jian Chen slowly sat up, “Brother, I still have some heavenly resources on me. When I go to Flame City tomorrow morning, I’ll get the alchemist there to refine the resources into pills. It can modify your constitution. However, hard work is what truly determines your accomplishments even though these items can improve your constitution.”

“Brother, thank you. I will definitely work hard on cultivation in the future…” Emotions began to overwhelm Changyang Ke. He seemed to see a sliver of light in the darkness before him and hope for the future.

On the next day, Jian Chen left Yang Ling at the clan, before going to Flame City with Rui Jin.

Flame City was even busier than before. Mercenaries flowed unendingly in and out of the city gates, along with many merchants who had come to hire them.

The Flame Mercenaries had experienced a huge setback and almost collapsed, but Jian Chen was just too famous. Coupled with his position as captain, the mercenaries regrouped at an astonishing rate. Not only did they recover their peak strength in less than a month, but they also became even stronger than before. There were even several Saint Rulers who came to join them.

The Flame Mercenaries had already exceeded many hermit clans in strength now. They were no weaker than ancient clans with Jian Chen in consideration, as he had killed Saint Kings before. They became one of the few great mercenary groups and their name shook the continent.

The banners of the mercenaries had almost become a life-saving charm. Wherever the banners passed by, no one dared to behave in an offensive manner; this included bandits and the people from a few large clans. They all would give way on their one accord in a courteous fashion.

As a result, all the escorting missions that people of the Flame Mercenaries undertook proceeded smoothly. Blood would only be drawn when they came across a few ignorant magical beasts. More and more merchants became willing to recruit the Flame Mercenaries as a result.

Jian Chen levitated a thousand meters in the air, as he stared down at the bustling city with a joyous smile. However, his eyes suddenly froze when he swept past the very center of the city, and his complexion became rather horrible.

A three-hundred-meter-tall stone statue stood there. It gazed into the distance like a ruler, lording over the world in an impressive manner.

It was a sculpture of Jian Chen that was carved in a life-like fashion. It seemed just like a real person.

With a darkened complexion, Jian Chen ran through the air and arrived above the stone statue with just a few flashes. He directly struck it with his palm and the entire stature shattered with a violent boom. It drifted down in the form of dust.

He had personally destroyed a statue of himself.

The statue was irreplaceable in the city. This was because it depicted a legend, an epic of the continent. At the same time, it depicted a supreme Saint King, who was the spiritual leader of the Flame Mercenaries. It was Jian Chen.

The destruction of the statue immediately raised the attention of the people nearby. All of them began to seethe as soon as they witnessed the destruction of the statue of the captain they admired and worshipped the most. Killing intent and rage immediately began to surge within them, burning like roaring flames.

“The statue of the captain has been destroyed. Someone has destroyed the captain’s statue…”

“Which bastard did this? I’ll personally carve you up for destroying the statue of our captain…”

“How dare they destroy the statue of our captain? I’ll chop whoever did it into a million pieces…”

The eyes of each and every person became blood-shot, as they gnashed their teeth.  Intense rage began to burn within their eyes.

The destruction of Jian Chen’s statue was like the murder of their parents. It was a debt that would be seared into the blood, and a crime that could not be forgiven.

“How dare you, you madman! You must be sick of living for destroying the captain’s statue! Pay with your life!” A roar suddenly erupted from deep within the city. Several large presences surged into the sky as a few Saint Rulers that had joined the mercenaries shot toward the statue in rage.

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