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Chapter 1063: The Greed of the Changyang Clan

Jian Chen suddenly narrowed his eyes as an intense anger uncontrollably rose within him. His gaze toward Changyang Qing Jueri also underwent an overwhelming change, becoming extremely hostile.

The Bright Moon Divine Hall now belonged to You Yue. It was crucial for cultivation. She could only absorb Moonlight Force quickly through the divine hall. She would progress much slower in the future without it.

The divine hall also functioned as a method where You Yue could protect herself, and Jian Chen would not need to worry for her safety.

As a result, Jian Chen became extremely angered now that the people of the Changyang clan actually wanted to take the divine hall from You Yue.

“Is that true? You want to take the Bright Moon Divine Hall?” Jian Chen suddenly stood up and glared at Changyang Qing Jueri. He acted pressingly, showing no respect for him. He was completely indifferent about the fact that Changyang Qing Jueri was technically a great-grandfather of his.

Changyang Zu Yunxiao sat in the seat beside Jian Chen. He showed no intentions of stopping or persuading the angered Jian Chen. He drank tea leisurely and said nothing, as if he had seen nothing.

Changyang Qing Jueri had expected this from Jian Chen long ago, so he maintained an amicable smile. He said unhurriedly, “Xiangtian, it’s not like what you think. The clan is just considering You Yue’s relatively low strength. The Bright Moon Divine Hall is an invaluable treasure, enough to cause any person of the continent to become green with greed. If it remains with You Yue, it might just end up attracting endless trouble or even be taken by some powerful people. This is why the clan has decided to have You Yue leave the divine hall in the clan, so that it can’t be lost.”

“So in other words, you want to take the divine hall for Yue’er’s own good?” Jian Chen sneered.

Changyang Qing Jueri obviously could sense the sarcasm in Jian Chen’s tone. His expression remained the same, but he was now filled with bitterness. He knew that taking the divine hall from You Yue was almost impossible now.

Changyang Qing Jueri said after a period of silence, “Xiangtian, I know what you’re worrying about. You can completely relax about that. You’re now a member of the clan, so the clan would never do something against you. Having You Yue leave the divine hall indeed has only benefits and is not detrimental in any way. She will remain as the owner of the divine hall.”

“I appreciate your kindness for Yue’er. The divine hall is impregnable and is nowhere as fragile as ordinary ones. With the divine hall by her side, even Saint Emperors can’t do anything to her, so leaving the divine hall with the protector clan is completely unnecessary,” said Jian Chen.

Changyang Qing Jueri’s heart immediately skipped a beat when he heard that even Saint Emperors were helpless against the Bright Moon Divine Hall. He thought, “The divine hall’s actually so powerful. It’s on par with the divine hall left behind by Mo Tianyun for Mercenary City. If the clan has the protection of a divine hall like that, do we still need to fear the other protector clans and Mercenary City?” Changyang Qing Jueri’s mood immediately began to surge. The ten protector clans were in possession of quite a few divine halls, but none of them could resist attacks from Saint Emperors. If they were in possession of one that could, the protector Changyang clan could ignore the Saint Emperors of the Beast God Continent and the path lord of carnal desires, becoming the only other clan that can rival Mercenary City.

Even now, Changyang Qing Jueri could still clearly remember the conflict between the ten protector clans and Mercenary City several tens of thousands of years ago. The protector clans sent over twenty Saint Emperors. The group was so great that it outnumbered the Saint Emperors of Mercenary City several times over, yet Mercenary City only sent a single person. Through the powerful divine hall, he stopped all of the Saint Emperors from the protector clans, shaking the entire continent.

The middle-aged beauty, who was a Saint Ruler, began to talk seeing how Changyang Qing Jueri said nothing, “Changyang Xiangtian, legend has it that fairy Hao Yue’s cultivation method is the only method that exceeds Saint Tier on the Tian Yuan Continent, and it is only suitable for females. Since your fiancée has become a disciple of fairy Hao Yue, she must have obtained the cultivation method. Why not get her to offer it up? It’ll be a great contribution to the clan, and it’ll also allow our clan’s strength to increase. If all the women of the clan use that cultivation method, we can completely surpass the nine other clans in no time.”

Jian Chen’s expression became even uglier. Not only did the protector clan want You Yue’s divine hall, they even desired fairy Hao Yue’s cultivation method. This was far beyond what he could bear.

Jian Chen had already clenched his fists tightly. The anger within him had peaked. If it were not for the fact that they were people of the Changyang clan and not some outsiders, he would have chased them out long ago.

“Changyang Xiangtian, you’re a member of the protector Changyang clan. You Yue’s your fiancée, so we’re really all just one big family. According to the rules of the clan, every member must treat the clan with utmost importance and do everything for the clan. You Yue’s cultivation method is extremely important to the clan, so she should offer it up,” continued the woman.

“Enough, shut up.” Jian Chen could not longer bear with it anymore and slammed the armrest of his chair. The powerful force turned the chair to dust. He glared at the woman and Changyang Qing Jueri and coldly said, “Don’t go on about clan rules and benefits for the clan before me. Unless Yue’er is willing herself, no one can take away the Bright Moon Divine Hall or fairy Hao Yue’s cultivation method. Otherwise, I will treat it as you going against me.”

“Changyang Xiangtian, it’s outrageous how you speak to your seniors. Do you really think that you can ignore the rules and the hierarchy of the clan just because you have great strength? I may be weaker than you, but you still should be referring to me as your great-grandmother in terms of family,” the woman sternly said, wanting to suppress Jian Chen with her seniority.

Jian Chen’s lips curled into a sneer of disdain, “You still don’t have the right to be my great-grandmother. Everyone, my Changyang clan does not welcome you. Please leave.” Jian Chen made a gesture, directly ordering the guests to leave.

“How dare you, Changyang Xiangtian! Don’t you know who great-grandfather Jueri is? He’s a great elder of our protector clan. Y- y- y- you dare to treat him like that!? You have no respect for your elders!” A Heaven Saint Master beside the middle-aged woman stood up furiously as she yelled at Jian Chen while pointing at him.

Changyang Qing Jueri was no longer able to remain as composed as before. He was a great elder of a grand protector clan. His status was so great, yet he was actually ordered to leave by someone younger than him. Would he still be able to retain any dignity if he abided? If it were not for the fact that this junior possessed a relatively special status, he would have taught him a lesson long ago. In no way would he have endured it.

“Let’s go!” Changyang Qing Jueri glanced at Changyang Zu Yunxiao, who silently sat to one side, before waving his sleeve. He left furiously and hurriedly with the middle-aged woman and the two ladies.

Changyang Zu Yunxiao slowly stood up after Changyang Qing Jueri left, sighing deeply at the sky. He was filled with helplessness.

“Jian Chen, the two requests made by Changyang Qing Jueri and the others are indeed rules of the clan, so I can’t help you talk. You don’t understand the protector clans. Our rules are extremely rigid and have existed since the ancient times. Even great elders dare not break them so easily; I hope you can understand,” sighed Changyang Zu Yunxiao.

“I don’t care how rigid the protector clan’s rules are. I will never let them take anything from Yue’er. Though I do hope you don’t end up helping them with that,” Jian Chen replied.

“You don’t have to worry about that. You’re a member of the Zu faction, so the faction will never make things difficult for you, including your great-grandfather Changyang Zu Xiao,” Changyang Zu Yunxiao sternly explained.

“Jian Chen, great-grandfather Yunxiao, you’re actually worrying too much. Even if I offer up the divine hall and the cultivation method, they can’t do anything with them. The divine hall is still controlled by master’s hands. I only have partial control over it. The cultivation method is even more so the case. Even if they obtain it, they can’t use it for cultivation since they need a specific constitution, which can only be obtained through the personal modifications of master,” said You Yue.

“They might not believe that. Fairy Hao Yue may still be alive, but she’s reduced to a soul. Her capability of deterrence is no longer as great as before.” Changyang Zu Yunxiao said after some thought. He hesitated slightly before continuing once more, “Jian Chen, the seal in Kong’er mind still has not been released. The protector clan wants you to return, and then the seven great elders can work together to release the seal. I hope you can make some time to visit the protector clan regardless of how you feel about them, so you can release Kong’er from his thousand years of pain.”

Jian Chen agreed after a pause, “I’ll visit the protector clan in three days. It’ll all be for great-grandfather though.”

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