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Chapter 1067: Huang Luan Reaches Saint Ruler

“It doesn’t matter who you are. If you attack me, I’ll kill you without mercy,” Jian Chen coldly said. His impression of the Huanggu clan had completely reversed. He treated them as enemies now.

Huang Tianba had showed great kindness to him before, and he was also Huang Luan’s great-grandfather. It did not matter what happened between Huang Tianba and the ancestor of the Huanggu clan. Jian Chen would always stand by Huang Tianba’s side.

Jian Chen slowly made his way to Huang Tianba’s side with the legless ancestor in his hand. He threw him to the ground mercilessly before squatting down. He asked in concern, “Senior Huang, are you alright? Just what has happened?”

Huang Tianba eyed the ancestor of the Huanggu clan that had collapsed on the ground like mud. He felt extremely delighted inside and was also extremely shocked by Jian Chen’s strength. Huang Tianba’s understanding of Jian Chen’s strength remained at the level from several years ago. He had no idea just how terrifying Jian Chen had become.

“Brother Jian Chen, that mongrel did all this to me all because my precious great-granddaughter is in possession of the rare Water Spirit’s Body. She’s a prodigy with unlimited potential in the future. She is currently trapped by this bastard over a thousand meters underground in a room. Please go save her,” Huang Tianba spoke rather hurriedly. He was extremely concerned for Huang Luan’s wellbeing.

Jian Chen’s face changed with that. He immediately expanded his presence and had indeed discovered Huang Luan trapped in a room underground. The room was enveloped by a powerful barrier.

Jian Chen’s heart ached when he saw Huang Luan’s haggard face. He could not imagine just how much pain she had gone through during these years. A killing intent even more powerful than before erupted from the bottom of Jian Chen’s heart, targeting the ancestor of the Huanggu clan.

“Senior Huang Tianba, I’ll free you from your chains first,” Jian Chen hoarsely said. He grabbed the thick chains with his two hands, and with some force, the chains were crushed to pieces with a few cracks.

Although the chains were made from a special type of metal, they were not unbreakable. Huang Tianba’s strength was sealed up, so he could not use his powers as a Saint Ruler. That was why he was chained up for so long.

Huang Tianba recovered his freedom and teetered as he stood up. He thanked Jian Chen, before arriving in front of the ancestor of the Huanggu clan. He laughed out loud without any restrained before gnashing his teeth, “Never did you think that you would end up like now, did you? I’d like to see how you harm my precious great-granddaughter now.” Huang Tianba’s voice was filled with resentment. He kicked the ancestor’s body as he spoke, but since his strength was currently sealed, as well as the fact that he had been chained up for so long, not only did he fail to hurt the Huanggu clan ancestor, he lost his footing and ended up staggering back.

Jian Chen helped Huang Tianba regain his balance with one hand and said, “Senior Huang Tianba, I’ll leave this person with you to deal with. Your strength is currently sealed. You should enter the saint artifact space where I’ll get someone to remove the seal from you.”

Jian Chen was unable to remove the seal in Huang Tianba as the brutality of Chaotic Force was not something ordinary people could endure. If his Chaotic Force entered Huang Tianba’s body, it would harm him rather than help him.

“No, I have to kill this bastard right now,” Huang Tianba was absolutely furious. Killing intent surged from him. He utterly despised the ancestor of the Huanggu clan inside.

The Huanggu clan ancestor looked up at the furious Huang Tianba. Not only was fear absent in his eyes, he even laughed complacently, “Hahaha, Huang Tianba, I can give a reason why you won’t want to kill me, unless you want your precious great-granddaughter to die.”

Huang Tianba’s expression changed immediately with that. He glared at the ancestor of the Huanggu clan and roared out, “Bastard, what did you do to her!?”

Even Jian Chen’s expression took a turn for the worse with that.

“Hahahaha, Huang Tianba, I’ll tell you since you want to know.” His face was filled with smugness. Even after falling into Jian Chen’s hands, he did not fear losing his life, “I’ve cast an ancient secret technique on the soul of your precious great-granddaughter long ago. I’ve left behind an imprint that entwines our fates in her soul. If you kill me, the imprint will erupt and kill her as well, wiping out her soul. Huang Tianba, kill me if you want your great-granddaughter to die as well.”

With that, Huang Tianba and Jian Chen’s faces both darkened in expression. If that truly was the case, they dared not kill him.

“Senior Huang Tianba, I’ll let you into the artifact space to remove the seal first. I’ll immediately go check on Huang Luan and see if that really is the case,” Jian Chen emotionlessly said to Huang Tianba. He then used the saint artifact to suck him away before he could even object. At the same time, he contacted the artifact spirit to get Hong Lian and Hei Yu to remove Huang Tianba’s seal.

Jian Chen obviously would not let the ancestor of the Huanggu clan go either. He also sucked him away, but his treatment in the artifact space would be a whole different story.

The members of the Huanggu clan stood in the surroundings, stunned. All of them experienced mixed expressions; none of them had thought that their ancestor would actually do something so treacherous to the Huang family, a family they were always on good terms with. All of them were extremely shocked and struggled to accept this, feeling extremely heavy inside.

They dared not show any disrespect to Jian Chen. Although they did not know about Jian Chen as well as their ancestor, they had heard about him at the very least and knew that Jian Chen was not someone their clan could agitate. Not to mention, their strongest member, their ancestor, just had his legs cleaved off, which deterred them from acting recklessly before Jian Chen even more.

With a dark face, Jian Chen’s eyes swept over all of the clansmen of the Huanggu clan. Whoever he stared at felt like a sharp sword was poised against them. They shivered inside, all lowering their heads. They were all completely unsettled.

Jian Chen did not make it difficult for these people. He understood that they had no clue about this matter at all and knew nothing of what their ancestor had done. Afterward, Jian Chen expanded his presence straight into the ground, finding the tunnel leading to the room where Huang Luan was. He then climbed down it.

Huang Luan sat in the middle of the sealed room. Dazzling water-blue light lit up her surroundings, making her seem sacred and dignified, like a god.

The surroundings of the room were filled with droplets of crystal-clear water. Each droplet radiated with a blue glow, dying the entire room a deep blue. It was rather pretty. There were a few droplets of water that drifted about, slowly rotating around Huang Luan. They were like energetic fairies, filled with beauty.

Huang Luan’s presence was countless times greater than before. The five-colored rainbow clouds that had appeared several days ago were because of her. She was no longer a Heaven Saint Master anymore but a Saint Ruler.

The hidden potential of Huang Luan’s Water Spirit’s Body was fully unlocked as she reached Saint Ruler. It was truly the Water Spirit’s Body now. She was like the mother of water, extremely close with the water-attributed energy in the world. She could control it as she wished, at a proficiency that no one could rival.

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