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Chapter 1069: Huang Luan Surrenders Her Body

“Your majesty, why have you appeared here?” Jian Chen asked in surprise. He was in great shock.

“If I didn’t appear now, your friend would be completely doomed. Once the energy within her and the potential of her Water Spirit’s Body leaks away, she will become a mortal. It would be a waste for a great Water Spirit’s Body,” the sea goddess said with a gentle but dignified voice as she stared at Huang Luan.

Jian Chen immediately began to panic when he heard that Huang Luan could become a mortal as well as the fact that energy was leaking out of her body unceasingly. He hurriedly requested, “Your majesty, please save Luan’er.”

The sea goddess pointed with a finger. There was no earth-shaking presence that erupted. It just seemed to freeze time; as she extended her finger, the pure water-attributed energy in the room immediately froze. Even the energy leaking out of Huang Luan seemed to be obstructed by a mysterious power, sealing it firmly within her.

Huang Luan’s face immediately changed when she sensed the change in her body. She was astounded. She felt like all the energy within her belonged to someone else in that instance. She had no control over it.

Although she had been losing control over the energy before, she still maintained some authority. She was just unable to stop it from leaking out. Now, she had completely lost all authority, as if all the energy she had gathered arduously from cultivation in the past years had become someone else’s.

Freezing the pure energy with a single gesture, the sea goddess looked to Jian Chen, “Jian Chem, I can only forcefully control some of the power with my soul and prevent it from leaking out anymore. If you want to save her, it’ll all depend on you yourself.”

Jian Chen could not help but feel relieved now that Huang Luan was temporarily out of danger. He said, “Your majesty, just how do I make it so that Huang Luan retains her strength? Is it finding the correct cultivation method?”

The sea goddess shook her head, “I know a little about the Scripture of the Aquatic Sunflower she cultivates. It was created by a prodigy several hundreds of thousands of years ago. In the very beginning, there was only one version. It was a water-attributed cultivation method that belonged to the upper levels, extremely wondrous in nature. The prodigy reached Saint King in just a thousand years using this method.

“Afterward, he came across a woman who possessed the Water Spirit’s Body. The speed at which she practiced water-attributed cultivation methods completely astounded the prodigy, so he became interested in her. Approaching her intentionally, he quickly became her cultivation partner.

“As he came in contact with the Water Spirit’s Body many times, the prodigy gained an even clearer understanding regarding the special constitution. He used his supreme talent to create a second version of the Scripture of the Aquatic Sunflower in a few decades and then passed it onto his cultivation partner to practice.

“The woman did not doubt him at all and began cultivating the second version of the cultivation method. However, what she never realized was that the second version was not a powerful cultivation method, but a cultivation method that was made for the Water Spirit’s Body. After practicing it, she lost control over all the energy within her and even the potential from the Water Spirit’s Body was taken from her. She became just like your friend right now.

“The prodigy absorbed all the pure, water-attributed energy from his partner as well as the potential of the Water Spirit’s Body, turning it into his own. Not only did his strength skyrocket, even his talent in cultivation greatly increased. He became a Saint Emperor on the Tian Yuan Continent in the end.”

“As for his partner, she lost all her powers and turned into a mortal. She was reduced to an old, white-haired woman from her beauty before and committed suicide from heartache.”

The sea goddess paused slightly there. She looked at Jian Chen before continuing, “You should understand now. Your friend has practiced the second version of the Scripture of the Aquatic Sunflower. The person who gave it to her wants to use the same special method as that prodigy to absorb your friend’s energy and potential and turn it into his own.”

Jian Chen and Huang Luan both fell silent because of what the sea goddess said, and they remained silent for a very long time. They felt greatly influenced by the sea goddess’ story. They all felt sorry for the woman who was harmed by her husband, feeling deeply sympathetic.

At the same time, Jian Chen’s killing intent for the ancestor of the Huanggu clan grew even denser. It reached an absolute limit, except he did not unleash it here.

“Your majesty, what happened to the prodigy in the end?” Jian Chen inquired. He cared for the answer very much.

“After reaching Saint Emperor, the prodigy became embroiled in a large-scale battle and was killed,” said the sea goddess.

Jian Chen was satisfied by the outcome of the prodigy. Although he possessed great talent, he was evil-hearted. He ruthlessly harmed his wife who trusted him. He deserved more than death.

“That woman is so pitiful.” Huang Luan was filled with sympathy. Also as a woman and in possession of the Water Spirit’s Body, she felt deep pain for what the woman had gone through.

“There is nothing pitiful if you live in this world,” the sea goddess said. Her voice was gentle, but it was emotionlessly cold. She was one of the four champions from ancient times and had emerged step by step from a ruthless past. She had just seen too many things like this.

The sea goddess continued after some silence, “Jian Chen, there’s only one method to save your friend, to let her keep her Water Spirit’s Body and her current strength.”

“What’s the method?” Jian Chen gathered his attention and quickly threw the story regarding the Scripture of the Aquatic Sunflower to the back of his mind. He had a deep understanding regarding the brutality of the continent, so it was difficult for his mental state to be affected by a few stories. At most, he would just form some feelings for it.

Huang Luan also turned to the sea goddess. She did not know the sea goddess’ true identity right now, but she clearly paid much attention since the sea goddess could resolve her problem.

Although Huang Luan had opened her mind a lot more and no longer viewed her strength with much importance, she also understood very well that she needed to have enough strength to stay beside Jian Chen. Her lifespan would greatly decrease if she lost all her powers and became a mortal, and she would age as a result. If it was possible, she also wished to retain her strength so that she could be with Jian Chen forever.

The sea goddess did not reply immediately. Her gaze became rather complicated, and she only spoke after hesitating, “Jian Chen, if you want to resolve the problem with your friend’s body, you need to use an even greater force to suppress the potential that’s being stripped away, and then you will redeposit it into her with my assistance from the side, thus rebuilding the Water Spirit’s Body.”

Jian Chen became a little troubled, “Your majesty, the power I use is too great. Huang Luan’s body may not be able to withstand it.”

“Your power is indeed very great, something that ordinary people cannot withstand, but don’t worry. I have a way of weakening your power. The Water Spirit’s Body is no ordinary constitution. If the two of you come together, you can control the power so that it enters slowly from the lower body and then have it pause in the dantian of the Water Spirit’s Body. The pure water-attributed energy will neutralize your brutal energy. Coupled with my help, she should be able to endure your power,” the sea goddess explained.

“What? We have to use a method where we come together?” Jian Chen immediately became surprised as disbelief flooded his face. He doubted what he heard right now.

Huang Luan also became bright red in an instance. She peeked at Jian Chen from the corner of her eye before quickly burrowing her head into Jian Chen’s chest. She hugged him even tighter.

“That’s the only method I can think of. There’s nothing else other than that.” The sea goddess stared deeply into Jian Chen’s eyes.

“B- b- but that’ll harm Luan’er.” Jian Chen hesitated as he wavered. He could not make up his mind. At the same time, he could clearly feel Huang Luan against his chest, and he felt like he was rapidly heating up.

Huang Luan slowly raised her head. Some affection filled her bright eyes as she glanced at Jian Chen in an infatuated manner. She said, “Jian Chen, I belong to you. Both my body and my soul belong to only you. In this world, only you are worthy of me. I’m not afraid of being harmed.” Huang Luan’s breath became rather haggard as she spoke and her heart beat even heavier. She slowly unbuttoned her dress and it immediately slid down her body, revealing her white skin.

“Luan’er…” Jian Chen bit his lip as he looked at Huang Luan’s enchanting, hour-glass figure. Although he knew that Huang Luan was deeply in love with him, he felt like he was just taking advantage of the situation and the circumstances to become one with Huang Luan.

“Jian Chen, I only have you in my heart. I’ve belonged to you since a very long time ago. I love you very much. Take me. I want to truly become your woman.” Huang Luan stared at Jian Chen with deep affection as she slowly began to take off Jian Chen’s clothes.

Huang Luan was clearly extremely straightforward with her emotions. She did not suppress or avoid them purposefully, completely different to ordinary girls.

Jian Chen slowly closed his eyes. He seemed to be in a great dilemma inside, but when he opened his eyes once more, they was no longer any hesitation, only determination.


With a jolt, a powerful force erupted from him and turned his clothes into shreds, revealing his almost-perfect figure. He then tightly hugged Huang Luan’s burning body. At the same time, he brought his lips to meet Huang Luan’s cherry lips.

Two naked people coiled together a thousand meters underground.

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