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Chapter 1077: Trapped in Yama Hall (Two)

Bi Dao chased the eleven black-clothed men, leaving Hellfire City very quickly. Although they had only clashed twice in the city, the disturbance was undoubtedly great. Everyone in the city was alerted. There were even quite a few Heaven Saint Masters who quickly flew over to where the Bloodcloud clan had been, wishing to witness a battle between experts to assist them with their future cultivation.

However, they were fated to see nothing. When they arrived at the ruins of the Bloodcloud clan, no one was present. Even the descendant of the Bi clan who had always remained there was gone.

For some time, the fighting that rang through the city along with the disappearance of the Bi family descendant sent clouds of suspicion into the minds of the citizens of the city. The occurrences also lead to the proliferation of various rumors.

“The descendant of the Bi family killed Imperial Protector Mo Jian’s disciple. The Imperial Protector has gathered his friends to capture him…”

“The descendant of the Bi family has aggravated a great expert by wiping out the Bloodcloud clan and has been taken away…”

“It’s probably because the Bi family descendant has gained the attention of some expert of the continent through the beast fur, leading to another intense conflict. He can not win, so he has already fled…”

“I think it’s extremely likely that the people who wiped out the Bi family all those years ago have appeared again. After fighting, they realized they weren’t his enemy, so they fled. The descendant pursed them…”

“The descendant of the Bi family is so strong that even Imperial Protector Mo Jian could do nothing to him. I don’t think there’s anyone on the continent who would want to provoke him. I think it’s because his enemies have appeared…”

Various rumors filled every inch of the city. The matter had already gained the attention of everyone in the city, but no one knew the truth. All they could do was guess.

Outside Hellfire City, Bi Dao pursued the eleven people in a threatening manner as wild gusts of wind blew past him. He was so fast that he seemed to have become a faint blur.

Before him, the ten Ninth Heavenly Layer Saint Rulers seemed to have fused together. They used a special secret technique to merge all their powers, maintaining a distance from Bi Dao throughout the pursuit. Every time Bi Dao was about to catch up to them, their speed would skyrocket and widen the distance between then in an instant.

Very soon, Bi Dao had already pursued them at full speed for one whole day and night. They moved extremely quickly, traversing several hundred thousand kilometers in just a day.

“Brat, this doesn’t look right. They seem to be intentionally drawing you in with how they’re acting. Be a little careful.” Venerable Poisonsword’s voice rang out in Bi Dao’s head.

“Don’t worry, I’m not an idiot. I know exactly what I should be doing,” Bi Dao coldly replied. Now that his enemies were right before him, his killing intent boiled inside. He knew that he could finally return the debt of blood from fifty years ago.

In the blink of an eye, another three days passed. Bi Dao had already traveled more than a million kilometers as he pursued the group of people. It was late, and thick clouds blanketed the sky, completely obscuring the light of the moon. Thus, the night was extremely dark, so dark that vision was severely limited.

After chasing them for four days, Bi Dao continued to tail them with no intention of giving up. His gaze was extremely determined as he thought, “The people who devastated my Bi family are much stronger than I had imagined. They actually have a Saint King and ten Ninth Heavenly Layer Saint Rulers. If I want to take revenge, I need to borrow venerable Poisonsword’s power. It’ll be impossible otherwise with my talent.

“Hmph, the venerable elder’s soul shares my body. I do know that you are rapidly growing accustomed to my body, and once you have completely adapted, you’ll probably forcefully take over my body and devour my soul. At that time, it doesn’t matter if I’ve successfully taken revenge. The outcome will all be the same, so why shouldn’t I use everything I have? It’s not like my life belongs to me anymore.”

Bi Dao continued to chase down the eleven people without any fear with a mindset like that. Nothing could stop his advance, not even immense danger, because he knew that it would be the venerable elder’s problem if he came across great dangers, not his own.

Right now, all Bi Dao thought about was revenge!

The eleven people entered a desolate mountain range with Bi Dao. They quickly made their way through the dark mountains, before fleeing into a pitch-black palace.

Bi Dao saw the giant palace, but he did not hesitate at all. He continued into the palace without slowing down at all.

“Brat, stop! Don’t go in there, it’s a trap!” The venerable elder’s panic-stricken voice rang out in Bi Dao’s head. The light in Bi Dao’s eyes also fluctuated in brightness as the venerable elder attempted to forcefully take control.

“Venerable Poisonsword, the strongest of my enemies is only at the Fourth Heavenly Layer of Saint King. They pose no threat to you, and this is their lair. I will completely flip the lair upside down and turn it into a river of blood and corpses,” Bi Dao roared out inside. His flickering eyes quickly stabilized, replaced by a cold determination.

The body belonged to Bi Dao after all. Bi Dao successfully suppressed venerable Poisonsword’s attempt to steal his body.

“Bastard! Bi Dao you brat, don’t be carried away by your hatred. Return to your senses! Stop, it’s a trap inside! Don’t go in! If you want to die, just don’t drag me to my death as well!” The venerable elder was utterly exasperated as he roared out.

Bi Dao completely ignored what he said, entering the palace in the form of a black blur.

As soon as he made his way in, the main entrance immediately slammed shut. It was pitch-black inside, where nothing could be seen.

Suddenly, a scorching presence surged in. The temperature of the palace began to skyrocket and black flames appeared on the ground. It formed an odd formation, trapping Bi Dao.

“God dammit! This is a formation, brat! You’ve been trapped in the formation!” The venerable swore angrily as his hatred for Bi Dao seeped into his bones.

“Hahahahahaha! Survivor of the Bi family, welcome to the Yama Hall of the three great assassination organizations of the continent! You are our first guest in the past thousand years, so please enjoy the scenery of our hall!” A horrible voice appeared out of nowhere. It sounded like the sobs of a ghost, while it laughter seemed extremely sinister.

“God dammit, it’s actually the Yama Hall of the three famed assassination organizations of the continent! I’ve been trapped by them! Bi Dao you brat, you sure have brought disaster to me!” The venerable elder wailed powerlessly. If he was at his peak, he could try adventuring into the Yama Hall, but he was nowhere as powerful as he had been before in his current form as a soul. There was almost no hope for him to escape after being trapped here.

“So what about the Yama Hall? Venerable Poisonsword, you were a person who once stood at the apex of the continent. You didn’t even fear the ten protector clans, so how can a mere assassination organization stop you. I’ll let you take control of my body and take revenge for me,” Bi Dao said to the venerable elder. He could not help but think of his sister, and he sighed inside, “Sister, I’m useless. I might not be able to take revenge for you.”

“Brat, is there still any use if you let me gain control of your body? The Yama Hall is infamous. It has stood on the continent for over a hundred thousand years, so how can they be easily dealt with? Especially with how you intentionally entered their lair. Y- y- y- you drive me crazy,” venerable Poisonsword swore as he took control of Bi Dao’s body. Wielding the Heaven-quaking Sword in his right hand, he sternly stared at the surging black flames surrounding him.

“Heaven-quaking Sword, Heaven-cleaver!” Suddenly, he roared out and the sword immediately erupted with surging energy. With the sword raised up high, he stabbed at the ceiling of the palace.

With a loud boom, the entire structure began to violently tremble. However, his devastating strike did nothing to the palace. Not even a crack had appeared.

“Hahahahaha, you still want to break out of this divine hall? I’d suggest you give up on that thought. This divine hall was created by a Saint Emperor, so unless you can deal a strike as powerful as a Saint Emperor, you can’t break through it.” The sinister laughter rang out from the dark room once more.

“What! It’s a divine hall!?” Venerable Poisonsword became ashen from the great shock. He lost all hope while his resentment for Bi Dao reached a limit. He was tempted to rip Bi Dao into pieces and eat him alive.

A person wrapped in black robes sat on a throne in a hall at the very top of the structure. Below him sat ten black-clothed people in two rows dressed in the exact same fashion as him.

“Yama, the survivor of the Bi family has been trapped in the divine hall now. Should we kill him right now and take the beast fur from him?” A person below asked. His voice was icy-cold and completely emotionless.

The person on the throne was the Saint King who fought against Bi Dao with a dagger in Hellfire City and was repelled by venerable Poisonsword. He was one of the people who held the greatest power in the Yama Hall.

The ten people below him were the ten Protector Kings of the Yama Hall, only standing below the Yama in status.

“There’s no need to hurry. The survivor of the Bi family is very strong. He’s at least at the Sixth Heavenly Layer, so even though I can kill him, it’ll cost me quite a lot of effort. It’s not worth it. Since he has been trapped in the divine hall, he can’t escape. It’s a pity that the primary control of the divine hall is still in the hands of the former Yama. I can only use a small part of the divine hall’s power, so I can’t activate all the formations of the divine hall. Otherwise, would there still be a need for me to personally kill him? Just the power of the divine hall would be enough.”

“The former Yama’s been heavily injured and has been in seclusion for a thousand years already. I think he should have roughly recovered after a thousand years, so let’s wait for the former Yama to execute him.”

The Yama had no other choice. In the battle a thousand years ago against the Bloodsword sect, their organization was heavily damaged. They lost many experts and had yet to fully recover even now. Although they could kill Bi Dao right now, it would exhaust many experts, which was something they did not want to risk. All they could do was leave Bi Dao and the venerable Poisonsword alive, leaving them trapped within the divine hall.

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