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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 108
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Chapter 108: How Much Is it?

“This is…” Seeing the expression on Jian Chen’s face, the stall owner had a look of hesitation. Although he knew that this white stone was not an ordinary item by any means, he still didn’t know what use it had. In order to understand the history behind this white stone, he had dove into multiple books about ancient treasures, but found nothing. He had even asked many close friends only to come up empty handed. So after thinking it over, he had finally set a concrete price for this white stone.

It was a shame that on this Tian Yuan Continent, there weren’t many people that knew about this strange white stone, nor did anyone ever show this much curiosity toward it. But for those who were still curious enough to buy it, the moment they heard the price, every single person had put down the stone and immediately left. For while the stall owner knew this stone wasn’t regular, he didn’t know its use, but he still wanted to sell it for a decent price. So the moment everyone heard his price for the stone, they didn’t hesitate to drop the stone and forget about it.

When Jian Chen had asked about the price for this white stone, the stall owner felt undecided once more. He was really in need of money right now, so it could be said that this white stone was his sole way of earning money. If he set the price too high, then he was afraid that this Jian Chen would drop the stone and walk away like the other customers, but if he set the price too low, then he would feel uneasy in his heart. So with the price in question, his heart and mind were in contradiction with each other and didn’t know what price to give.

After hesitating, the stall owner opened his mouth, “Honored customer, if you are really interested in this white stone, then please state your price for it.”

Hearing this, Jian Chen looked at the man with an amused smile, “This is obviously your item, so it’s only right for the price to be decided by you, why would you want me to name a price?”

The stall owner became embarrassed as he listened to Jian Chen and laughed awkwardly, “Honored customer, it isn’t that I’m unwilling to say the price, rather it’s because I’m afraid that if I say a price, you’ll be scared away. I’ve had many people express their interest in this white stone, but the moment they heard my price, they all put it down and left.”

“Oh, then how much do you think this white stone is worth?” Jian Chen asked with interest. He was already completely determined to buy this white stone regardless of the price or the true use of it. If it could provoke such a strong reaction from the azure and violet glow in his dantian, then this was no ordinary item. He couldn’t say for sure, but this white stone could possibly solve the mystery about his dantian problems.

So for that reason, Jian Chen was very determined to win this object.

The stall owner bit his lip as he looked at Jian Chen, “Honored customer, if you are this adamant in buying the white stone, then I shall tell you the price. Look here, will this much do?” With that said, the stall owner held out five fingers on his hand as if to give Jian Chen a high-five.

Seeing this movement, Jian Chen couldn’t help but have a joking expression on his face as he said uncertainly, “Could it be you’re selling this for 50 Gold Coins?”

Hearing this, the stall owner grew red in the face from the paltry amount, as if the amount Jian Chen had offered differed from his by thousands of coins.

The stall owner sighed and spoke, “Honored customer, I will be straightforward with you and be clear. I want to sell this stone for 500 Purple Coins, do you still want it?” As he spoke, the stall owner’s eyes stared at Jian Chen closely.

“What! 500 Purple Coins! Are you joking?” Jian Chen cried out in shock as he looked at the stall owner in disbelief. The moment he had heard the words “Purple Coin”, Jian Chen’s lips felt especially heavy. 500 Purple Coins was equivalent to 50,000 Gold Coins.

The stall owner’s face grew even redder as he understood the look on Jian Chen’s face. He knew that 500 Purple Coins was a price that would not have any buyers.

“Th-that is…honored customer, if you can offer up a price that I can agree to, then at the very least I can sell it to you.” The stall owner said in an agonized tone.

With this, Jian Chen sucked in a deep breath as he sized up the white stone in his hand with uncertainty.

After a long time, Jian Chen finally made up his mind. “My highest price will be 100 Purple Coins, whether I buy it or not, it’s up to you.” With that, he stared at the stall owner with a heavy glance, but even he was quite nervous within his heart. Jian Chen was determined to get this white stone, if he could easily buy it here, then it would be for the best. Even then, 100 Purple Coins was not a small amount at all for a stall owner.

Jian Chen had already seen what this 30 year old stall owner was like. Since the stall owner had such a shrewd mind, there was no way Jian Chen could reveal how interested he was in the white stone. Otherwise, if the stall owner found out how much he wanted it, who knew how high the price would go up.

Not only that, but Jian Chen wasn’t willing to let others know how much money he had on him. If it was found out, then those with sinister purposes would possibly come track him down looking for trouble. Although, with his strength, he wasn’t even afraid of enemies at the Saint Master level, but he wanted to avoid as much trouble as he possibly could.

The moment the stall owner heard Jian Chen’s offer of 100 Purple Coins, he grew happy but then immediately grew embarrassed. “Honored Customer, could you possibly add a little more to that?”

Jian Chen chuckled as he shook his head. Seeing the happy glint in the stall owner’s eyes, Jian Chen understood what the man was thinking of.

Seeing how Jian Chen wasn’t going to go any higher with his price, the man looked a little disappointed. But after thinking it over while biting his lips, he nodded his head, “Okay, 100 Purple Coins it is, we have a deal!”

Taking out the 100 Purple Coins from within his Space Belt, Jian Chen slowly counted them out for the stall owner and then took the white stone for himself to store into his Space Belt before departing from the stall.

Jian Chen had really wanted to study this strange white stone and its purpose, but in this busy street where people flowed like water in a river, this was not the best place for it.

However, as Jian Chen left the area, two people had noticed him. These two people both looked to be 20 years old and both had a weak stature.

“Xiao San, it looks as if we’ve stumbled across an easy target.” The shriveled youth on the left watched Jian Chen leave the area as he spoke with an excited voice.

The one called Xiao San nodded their head, “Right, that person doesn’t seem too old, so his strength should be quite weak. Since he’s also by himself, this is a good opportunity. Seeing him grab that many Purple Coins, I’m willing to bet that, that person will have more on him. Huang Hou Er, you go follow him while I go notify the rest.” With that, Xiao San quickly disappeared into the crowd while Huang Hou Er began to follow Jian Chen.

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