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Chapter 1089: Guihai Yidao (Two)

“This is the Emperor Armament that has existed in our Tyrant’s Blade School for more than a million years. Can anyone give me an explanation on what is happening?” A great elder said in shock as disbelief filled his face.

“Who is this person? Why is the Emperor Armament of our school so close with him? This has never happened before…”

“Has the Emperor Armament come out just for this person?”

The great elders of the Tyrant’s Blade School were all frightened. The Emperor Armament was just too important to the protector clan. They could not afford to lose it. They all felt very uneasy when they saw how the Emperor Armament was floating so close to an outsider.

“The Emperor Armament was left behind by our founding ancestor. No one has been able to control it in all these years, yet the Emperor Armament’s behaving in such a strange way now. Has it been controlled by an outsider?”

“The Emperor Armament cannot fall into the hands of outsiders. If it really reaches that point, we’ll kill this person,” an older great elder sternly said. His voice was filled with killing intent.

“Let me retrieve the Emperor Armament.” One of the middle-aged men took a step forward. His hand was protected by a thick layer of Saint Force and World Force as he grabbed at the hilt.

However, as soon as his hand approached the glow of the Emperor Armament, blood was thrown into the air. His hand was reduced to a bloody mess. If he had not pulled it back so quickly, his hand would probably have been destroyed.

“I- impossible… impossible. I’ve actually been injured by the Emperor Armament, and this isn’t because of the backlash from the Emperor Armament.” The man stared at his bloody hand. He felt astounded.

The other great elders of the Tyrant’s Blade School were all shocked as well. They struggled to believe what had just happened. When they touched the Emperor Armament before, they would only suffer a backlash from the great power of the Emperor Armament. This was the first time an injury from the Emperor Armament had occurred.

The great elders did not understand what was happening to the Emperor Armament, but they could not approach it. As a result, all they could do was stand there and slowly wait.

Jian Chen and Huang Luan approached the island very quickly. They saw what was happening there clearly. Jian Chen recognized the weapon as an Emperor Armament of a protector clan, so he secretly raised his guard.

“Jian Chen, do you know what they’re doing?” Huang Luan leaned on Jian Chen as she asked a question out of curiosity while pointing her finger at the island.

Jian Chen shook his head as he stared attentively at the Emperor Armament and the man who had suffered earlier. He too felt extremely curious.

The great elders discovered Jian Chen as he approached them and recognized him with a single glance. A sliver of fear appeared in their eyes as they looked around cautiously before relaxing a little.

“Jian Chen, the Tyrant’s Blade School has matters here. I hope you do not approach us just in case it leads to a misunderstanding.” An elderly man clasped his hands at Jian Chen from afar.

Jian Chen and Huang Luan did not get any closer, watching on from afar in amusement.

“So it’s the Emperor Armament of the Tyrant’s Blade School. By the looks of it, the Emperor Armament seems to have lost control and has come here by itself. Though, who is that person, and why has the Emperor Armament suddenly seeked him out?” Jian Chen deduced inside.

The great elders all formed a circle around the middle-aged man who was breaking through to prevent him from suddenly fleeing after rousing from the breakthrough.

The Emperor Armament levitated above the burly man as a layer of blinding white light enveloped the man from above. This was an extremely powerful type of light, able to easily injure Saint Kings. Clearly, it was protecting the middle-aged man who was in the middle of his breakthrough.

This lasted for six whole hours before the man completed his breakthrough. He slowly opened his eyes.

In that instant, two bolts of lightning seemed to shoot out of his eyes. His eyes became abnormally bright, like two bright pearls in the dark night.

All the great elders of the Tyrant’s Blade School shuddered inside under the gaze of the man. At that moment, they discovered in shock that they seemed to have been seen through by the middle-aged man, as if nothing was a secret to him.

The great elders all became extremely astounded. They were all people who had stepped into Saint King for many years, yet they had just been seen through by someone who had just reached Saint King. They found this unbelievable.

The heavy gaze of the middle-aged man vanished very quickly and returned back to normal. His pitch-black and profound eyes seemed to contain a whole different world, as if it was a vast and boundless universe.

The man slowly raised his head toward the sky and faintly smiled. He produced a deep sigh, “Tian Yuan Continent, I, Guihai Yidao, have finally returned. I never thought that the energy of the world would have become so thin after being gone for so long.” The man was melancholy. He gently waved an arm and the Emperor Armament floating above him immediately and obediently flew into his hand. The glow of the blade actually failed to harm the man.

“I have already returned successfully. I wonder if you guys have returned.” Reminiscence flooded his eyes as he stared at the sky.

The great elders all witnessed what the Emperor Armament did. They felt utterly dumbfounded. The Emperor Armament had existed for so many years in the Tyrant’s Blade School, yet there was no one in all of history who could wield it in such an easy fashion.

“Sir, who are you? In your hand is the Emperor Armament of the Tyrant’s Blade School. Please return it immediately, just in case it leads to a misunderstanding,” The elderly great elder said.

The man leveled his gaze at the great elders around him. He said, “Are you disciples of the Tyrant’s Blade School? I never thought the Tyrant’s Blade School would become weaker and weaker.”

“What did you say!?”

The great elders’ expressions all drastically changed. Their eyes narrowed, and they seemed to be ready to fight over the next disagreement.

As one of the ten protector clans of the continent, the Tyrant’s Blade School was an overlord without a doubt. No one had ever dared to speak to them like that.

The man smiled scornfully, “My name is Guihai Yidao. I wonder if there’s still anyone who remembers me after so many years.” As he said that, he gently swung the Emperor Armament and cut through the space like a hot knife through butter. A Space Gate formed and he directly left through it. However, the landscape beyond the Space Gate seemed the same as the space where the Tyrant’s Blade School dwelled.

The great elders all stood there astounded. Disbelief flooded their faces as their hearts churned. They struggled to calm down.

“Guihai Yidao, Guihai Yidao… I- i- is he…”

One of the great elders said with a trembling voice as shock filled his face.

“Impossible, it can’t be him…”

The great elders all involuntarily cried out. None of them were able to remain calm.

“He can actually return to our independent space without going through the World Gate. Let’s return quickly.” The elderly great elder hurriedly said as he watched the man disappear.

Afterward, the great elders all split open the space and left, returning to the protector clan as fast as they could.

From afar, Jian Chen stared deeply in the direction where the great elders had disappeared. A gleam of light flashed through his eyes as he began to ponder. He felt extremely curious about the middle-aged man’s identity.

“Guihai Yidao. That person’s called Guihai Yidao. Who is he?” Jian Chen gently murmured. However, before he could obtain an answer, he left with Huang Luan, continuing his way to the territory of the Sea race.

Soon, Jian Chen arrived in the air above the sea realm with Huang Luan. The sea goddess’ illusionary figure appeared almost the moment he arrived.

“Your majesty, Luan’er possesses the Water Spirit’s Body. I want to leave her in the sea realm to cultivation,” Jian Chen clasped his hands to the sea goddess in an extremely courteous manner.

The sea goddess slowly nodded. She turned her blurry face to Huang Luan, “Jian Chen, the secret technique that entwines your friend’s fate with someone else has been removed, but another secret technique has been planted in her by someone else.”

“What? Another person’s planted a new secret technique in Huang Luan’s soul?” Jian Chen paled in fright. He seemed to have been struck by a bolt from the blue.

Huang Luan’s face also began to sink. A sliver of paleness appeared on her face as she tightly clenched her fists. She remained silent.

“Correct, and this secret technique has been recently planted. It has completely fused with her soul, so it hides extremely deep. If it weren’t for my powerful soul, probably no one would have realized it,” said the sea goddess.

Jian Chen’s face began to darken. He gnashed his teeth, “Changyang Qing Yun! It must be Changyang Qing Yun that old fox.” Jian Chen’s face was cold as killing intent flooded him inside.

“Jian Chen, I can sense that this secret technique cannot pose any harm to your friend for now. Leave your friend in the Sea Goddess Hall. I’ll get the hall master to think of a method and see if she can remove the seal or not. However, the secret techniques of the protector clans are extremely profound, and those that target the soul are especially complicated. Even I am helpless before them,” said the sea goddess.

Jian Chen clasped his hands in gratitude before leaving Huang Luan there.

“Jian Chen, I will come and find you after I become a Saint King.” Huang Luan cried out as she tearfully stared at Jian Chen’s back. She knew that there she wouldn’t see Jain Chen for a very long time.

In the Tyrant’s Blade School, the Emperor Armament had been returned to the forbidden grounds. It was stabbed into the ground in a hundred-meter-long form as it radiated with powerful blade Qi. The bare-chested Guihai Yidao sat on the giant hilt with his eyes closed.

The great elders returned from outside and excitedly stared at Guihai Yidao with a group of Saint Rulers.

“Are you really the founder of our Tyrant’s Blade Sect?” The elderly great elder asked with a trembling voice. His eyes were filled with hope.

“So many years have passed. I didn’t think you bunch of juniors would still remember me. Looks like I didn’t found this school for nothing,” Guihai Yidao said with his eyes closed. His voice was extremely indifferent, giving off an unfathomable feeling.

The group of expects immediately rejoiced when they confirmed Guihai Yidao’s identity. However, all of them were filled with endless suspicion at the same time.

“Founder, it’s been over a million years since that age. H- how is it possible for you to still be alive?” A great elder asked.

“When I reached the end of my life, I used an absolute secret technique to seal my memories into the Wave-breaking Blade and threw my soul into samsara at the same time. Once the circumstances are right, my memories sealed in the Wave-breaking Blade will sense it and control the weapon to come find me. The weapon will return my memories, allowing me to remember my past life. I have only just recovered my memories right now.” Guihai Yidao explained.

Note: Guihai Yidao translates roughly to ‘a stroke (of the blade) to the sea.’

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