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Chapter 1090: Devastating the Yama Hall (One)

All the experts of the Tyrant’s Blade School became utterly astounded when they heard this story that was sounded like a fairytale. Their horizons had been broadened.

“The founder really is remarkable to know such a heaven-defying technique.” All the experts began to curry up to him. All of them felt extremely emotional. Their founder had actually revived and could masterfully wield the Emperor Armament. This was a blessing for the protector clan.

Many of them could even see a future where the Tyrant’s Blade School would surpass the nine other protector clans.

“My nine other good friends chose the same method as me to be revived. Has there been any disturbances with the nine other protector clans lately?” Guihai Yidao questioned.

“Founder, it has all been peaceful with the nine other protector clans. It’s just that an unprecedented genius has appeared in the Changyang clan, reaching Saint King in less than a hundred years,” the elderly great elder politely replied.

Guihai Yidao snapped open his eyes as he thought inside, “He really is an unprecedented genius to reach Saint King in less than a hundred years. He would be a genius even in the Saints’ World. Though, I feel like he can’t be that friend of mine.”

Guihai Yidao sat in silence for a while before he then said, “I’ve only just reached Saint King. All of you leave. I need to go into seclusion over the next period of time and recover my strength from before as soon as possible.”

“Yes, founder!” All the experts of the protector clan replied together before slowly leaving.

Soon after that, the World Gate of the Tyrant’s Blade School closed, completely cutting off all connection from the Tian Yuan Continent. The revival of the founding ancestor was an extremely important matter to the protector clan. To prevent it from being leaked, they sealed the entire realm, just in case there was anyone who wanted to harm the founding ancestor before he recovered his strength.

A small valley that barely anyone knew about existed at the edge of the Cross Mountains. The entire valley was covered by a faint barrier, while simple and honest villagers lived their lives there. They farmed for their own food, passing their days steadily and away from worldly affairs.

Today, a Space Gate suddenly appeared outside the barrier in the quiet little valley. The white-clothed Jian Chen emerged with the black-robed Hei Yu, before entering the valley.

The barrier outside the valley was used to repel attacks from magical beasts, so the two of them easily passed through it.

Longevity Valley seemed the same as before. Jian Chen made his way down the familiar path of the village. A few farmers in the fields saw Jian Chen. They greeted him enthusiastically, while Jian Chen responded with a smile and some light responses.

Jian Chen found uncle Xiu Mi in the village spinning a new wicker basket. Half of Xiu Mi’s hair had already turned gray since the last time Jian Chen saw him, even his eyebrows had grayed a little.

“Jian Chen, you’ve finally returned.” Xiu Mi was not surprised at all with Jian Chen’s return. He stopped what he was doing, dusted off his hands, and stood up.

“Uncle Xiu Mi, your hair…” Surprise and doubt filled Jian Chen’s eyes as he stared at Xiu Mi’s white hair.

Xiu Mi freely smiled, “It’s nothing. I’m just approaching the end of my life, that’s all.”

Jian Chen’s heart trembled when he heard that. He said, “Uncle Xiu Mi, what did you say? You’re approaching the end of your life? How much more time do you have?”

“Heaven Saint Masters only have a thousand years of life. I’ve lived for more than a thousand years already. If it weren’t for the ten-thousand-year heavenly resources from father, I would have died long ago. I have roughly thirty or forty years left,” Xiu Mi sighed. His face became filled with indescribable melancholy.

“Uncle Xiu Mi, don’t you worry. Before that time, I will do everything I can so you can reach Saint Ruler,” Jian Chen sternly said. When his Saint Weapon had shattered back then, it was uncle Xiu Mi who had brought him to Longevity Valley, thus saving his life. He definitely could not just watch uncle Xiu Mi approach the end of his life.

Xiu Mi shook his head, “Jian Chen, I thank you for your kindness, but don’t waste your efforts. I can never become a Saint Ruler.”

“Impossible. That can never be the case. I will definitely find a way,” Jian Chen swore.

“Jian Chen, he’s congenitally incomplete. He can never reach Saint Ruler,” Hei Yu spoke from beside Jian Chen.

“What! Congenitally incomplete!” Jian Chen became stunned. He asked, “Uncle Xiu Mi, what is this about?”

Xiu Mi gently sighed, “I need to start the story with my mother. A thousand years ago, my mother died in the battle between the Bloodsword sect, the Yama Hall, and the Underworld sect. At that time, I was still a fetus and not born. Originally, I was supposed to die in my mother’s belly, but I was saved by my father in the end. Although my life was left intact, I was not born normally, so I have always been congenitally incomplete. I don’t have any birth defects, but my talent is horrendous, and it can’t be altered even with heavenly resources. I can’t reach Saint Ruler either. My father had even once said that for me to reach Heaven Saint Master had caught him by surprise.”

“Isn’t there any other way to make up for this incompletion?” Jian Chen asked urgently.

Xiu Mi shook his head and gently smiled, “Actually, everyone will face death. Even great Saint Emperors only have a lifespan of ten thousand years. I am only leaving first, and everyone will end up like me sooner or later. I have already gotten past death.”

Jian Chen fell silent as he struggled to accept the situation inside.

Xiu Mi pulled out a divine hall from his Space Ring and passed it to Jian Chen. He said, “Jian Chen, my father has already gone into seclusion. Before he left, he specially made me give this divine hall to you. This divine hall is the foothold for the Bloodsword sect on the continent. It’s controlled by the sect masters of every generation, and now that you’ve become the sect master, this divine hall should be yours.”

Jian Chen accepted the divine hall as he stared at Xiu Mi with mixed emotions. He solemnly said, “Uncle Xiu Mi, it doesn’t matter if there’s no hope. I will try to find methods to help you.”

Xiu Mi shook his head, “Jian Chen, I am destined to not reach Saint Ruler, so don’t waste your efforts. Now that my father doesn’t have much time left either, if he departs as well, there’ll only be Little Fatty and his mother left. If you want to help me, help me look after Little Fatty and Shelly.

“Shelly used to be the young lady of a great clan. After marrying me several decades ago, she has spent her time with me in this valley that completely cuts us off from the rest of the world. It’s been too hard on her.” Xiu Mi felt ashamed.

For Xiu Mi to not feel any regrets, Jian Chen swore to look after Little Fatty and his mother. He then asked Xiu Mi where the Yama Hall was located.

“Jian Chen, have they offended you since you’re looking for them so suddenly?” Xiu Mi immediately brightened up when he heard about the Yama Hall. He stared at Jian Chen in interest.

“Correct,” replied Jian Chen.

“The location of the Yama Hall is always extremely well-hidden. It changes often, so they have no fixed location. However, they can’t hide it from the investigators of our Bloodsword sect no matter how they try. The matters of the Bloodsword sect used to all be handled by me, so I just happen to know where they’re located.

“A thousand years ago, my mother died to the combined attacks of the experts from the Yama Hall and Underworld sect. I’ve never seen my mother’s face. My father still holds extremely deep hatred for the two organizations even though he’s stepped away from the continent over the past few years. It’s just that he swore to my mother in the past, so my father’s been enduring the hatred within him and did not wipe out the two organizations. Jian Chen, if it’s possible, I hope you can wipe out the Yama Hall for us and take revenge for me mother.” A cold light flickered in Xiu Mi’s eyes.

“Don’t worry, uncle Xiu Mi. Since you can’t take revenge personally, leave it to me,” Jian Chen swore.

After learning the location of the Yama Hall, Jian Chen left Longevity Valley with Hei Yu. However, Jian Chen remained heavy-hearted due to uncle Xiu Mi reaching the end of his life.

If he had not brought Jian Chen into Longevity Valley back then, Jian Chen probably would have been reduced to a cold corpse long ago. It would have been impossible for him to still be alive and attain such great accomplishments. Although he did not care about his own death at all, Jian Chen did not want to watch him just die from old age.

“Senior Hei Yu, is there really no method for uncle Xiu Mi to reach Saint Ruler?” Jian Chen asked Hei Yu.

Hei Yu shook his head, “He’s congenitally deficient in his soul, so he can’t comprehend the mysteries of the world. Naturally, he can’t reach Saint Ruler either. Honestly, it’s already extremely surprising that he could reach Heaven Saint Master with his current circumstances.”

Jian Chen’s mood grew even heavier, and he said nothing more.

Jian Chen summoned Rui Jin, Hong Lian, and the white tiger from the artifact space, before passing through a Space Gate to Flame City. He called all the Saint Rulers that had joined the Flame Mercenaries, only leaving behind Jiede Tai to watch over the city.

Jian Chen left with Rui Jin, the five Saint Rulers, and the others through another Space Gate that took them to where the Yama Hall was located.

The assassins of Yama Hall had once made an attempt on Jian Chen’s life. They were also the murderers of uncle Xiu Mi’s mother, people who owed a blood debt to uncle Xiu’s family. As a result, Jian Chen needed to wipe out the Yama Hall whether it was for his own revenge or for uncle Xiu’s revenge. However, if he did it under the name of the Flame Mercenaries, it would make them even more famous.

Jian Chen’s group of nine along with the Winged Tiger God arrived through a Space Gate. They traveled threateningly toward the Yama Hall, and just as they arrived, the news that the Flame Mercenaries wanted to deal with the Yama Hall of the three great assassination organizations quickly spread through the Flame Mercenaries. The news immediately caused a very large disturbance in Flame City, before spreading like wildfire. Every single person who heard the news became astounded.

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