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Chapter 1100: Shock of the Hundred Races

The divine hall was the most sacred place among the members of the Hundred Races. It was the pillar of support for the entire continent—the War God Hall!

Currently, a wrinkly, winged, old elven man with pointy ears sat on the ground within a majestic hall of the War God Hall. He glowed with a green light as his vitality rapidly leaked away. His soul was quickly weakening as well, and even his skin was shriveling up.

Hundreds of people with different statuses sat before the elven man. Sorrow filled all of their faces.

“Don’t feel sad, don’t be sorrowful. Life and death are things everyone needs to go through. I am only leaving sooner,” the elven old man indifferently smiled. He was a hall elder of the War God Hall, having reached the Great Perfection of Saint King long ago. He was currently facing the end of his life. His soul would completely dissipate without much longer. All that would be left would be his body.

“Dzohar, go without worry. I shall be accompanying you in a hundred years,” a red-robed old man hoarsely said. His mood was extremely heavy. He too was a hall elder, and his name was Yenson, and he only had a hundred years left.

The elven old man looked at the sky and deeply sighed, “Reaching Saint Emperor is becoming more and more difficult now…” His soul was rapidly dissipating into the surroundings. He had already reached the end of his life, and the moment his soul completely vanished, he would have passed away.

Suddenly, he became surprised. His eyes immediately began to shine with interest as he cried out, “T- t- this is the presence of the war god… I actually feel the presence of the war god. The war god of the Hundred Races has finally reappeared.”

What the elven old man said was shocking, so shocking in fact that the expression of everyone present changed.

“Dzohar, what did you say? You’ve sensed the presence of the war god?” A hall elder with similar strength cried out in astoundment.

Everyone there became shocked. Disbelief flooded all of their faces, but that disbelief was soon replaced by ravishing joy.

The war god of the Hundred Races had disappeared for over a million years. The war god meant a lot to the Hundred Races; not only was he the god to all members of the Hundred Races, he was their pillar of support and a sign for the blossoming glory of the Hundred Races.

The elven old man became extremely excited. He said with a trembling voice, “My soul is dissipating into the surroundings, so it fused with the world for a very short instance. In that moment, I sensed the presence of the war god.”

“Dzohar, are you sure it’s the war god? Are you completely sure?” A white-robed hall elder asked. He too was extremely excited.

The elven old man stood up and gazed into the distance. He confidently said, “I’ve sensed the presence of the war god many times in the forbidden grounds, and this supreme battle intent can only come from the war god. No one can imitate it, so it can’t be wrong. It can’t be wrong at all. It must be the war god. Our war god has finally descended to this world, and the Hundred Races can soar once more,” The old man became extremely emotional as two turbid streaks of tears rolled down his cheeks.

“Can you sense where the war god is right now? We’ll go welcome the great war god immediately,” a hall elder urgently inquired.

The soul of the old man dissipated faster and faster as his vitality leaked away. He became more and more shriveled. He shook his head and said with a face full of pity, “I could only sense the war god’s presence the moment my soul dissipated into the surroundings and became part of the world. I cannot sense where the war god is.”

“We’ll send orders to find the great war god. Even if we have to search the entire continent, we need to find the war god,” a well-respected elder of the War God Hall emotionally said.

“Now that the new war god has been born, we need to collect the remaining beast furs as soon as possible so that the war god can become even more powerful. Otherwise, I worry that the magical beasts and humans will harm him before he fully matures,” said a burly middle-aged man. Although he sat on the ground, he was still five meters tall. He was the patriarch of the giants.

“I’ve just received news that the assassination organization we had secretly developed on the Tian Yuan Continent has been devastated by someone. The difficulty of finding the beast furs on the Tian Yuan Continent has become too great now,” a hall elder said with a deep voice.

“What? The Yama Hall’s been wiped out? Doesn’t that mean the only way for us to find where the beast furs are is to cast the secret technique?”

“The price to cast the secret technique is far too great. It needs the sacrifice of a Saint King at Great Perfection and the activity it creates is just too large. Not only will we find out, even the protector clans will know. We cast the secret technique several times in the past with a few elders, but the furs all ended up in the hands of the protector clans even though we found where they were. It’s almost impossible to take them back once the protector clans get their hands on them.”

“With the searching done by over ten elders in the past, thirteen of the eighteen beast furs have appeared. We are only in possession of four of them. The remaining nine are with the protector clans and Mercenary City of the Tian Yuan Continent as well as the Beast God Hall. We don’t know where the five final beast furs are.”

“If we need to gather all eighteen pieces, we need to get the beast furs in the hands of the protector clans and the Beast God Continent. We need to go to war with them sooner or later, so it’s no problem if they know where the beast furs are.”

The upper echelon of the War God Hall discussed the situation. Today was the day when a hall elder was supposed to pass away from old age, and it was supposed to be a day filled with sorrow. Instead, the atmosphere had reversed because of the news of the rebirth of the war god. Nothing was more important to the Hundred Races than the rebirth of the war god.

The old elf said, “You’re right. Now that the war god has appeared once more, we need to assemble all eighteen beast furs in the shortest amount of time possible. We will end up fighting the protector clans and the Beast God Continent sooner or later, so why should we worry about the remaining beast furs falling into their hands now? My life should be dissipating into the world anyway, so my life is as useless as a feather, but it looks like I can utilize my life for an even greater cause. Why don’t I sacrifice my life and find the remaining five beast furs?”

“We can only do that now. Dzohar, you don’t have much time left, so immediately cast the secret technique to find the remaining beast furs. Jarlie, immediately use the War God’s Order to summon all the Saint Kings of the continent so they can gather at the War God Hall as soon as possible, and then send emissaries to scour the entire continent for the great war god,” the fire-robed Yenson decisively handed out commands.

“Summoning all the Saint Kings of the Hundred Races? Elder, are we declaring war on the Tian Yuan Continent?” Everyone in the hall became shocked.

The hall elder shook his head. At that moment, his eyes became extremely narrowed, as if he could look through space. He seemed extremely terrifying as he coldly said, “No, we are not declaring war on the Tian Yuan Continent. We are declaring war on the protector clans. If the other beast furs appear, people of the protector clans will definitely go forth to collect them for themselves. Their clans will definitely be weakened by this, and we will take advantage of their weakness to attack the protector clans. We will take back the beast furs.”

“Esteemed elder, will we really succeed if we attack the protector clans?” A famed expert among the people asked.

The elder replied, “Our overall strength may pale in comparison to the Tian Yuan Continent by a lot, but our experts have all gathered together this time. Even if the ten protector clans work together, they cannot stop us.”

On the Tian Yuan Continent, the ten protector clans and Mercenary City were the supreme rulers without a doubt, but there were also many ancient clans and large organizations other as well as quite a few hermit experts who resided in desolate regions. As a result, even though the Hundred Races was far weaker than the whole Tian Yuan Continent, they were strong enough to deal with just the protector clans.

With the War God’s Order out, all the Saint Kings of the Wasteland Continent ripped open Space Gates to make their way to the War God Hall. Although many of them were very far away, traversing the distance was just as easy as breathing for the Saint Kings.

Very soon, over two hundred Saint Kings gathered at the War God Hall. It was a huge number, all the Saint Kings of the Hundred Races.

Yenson was a hall elder of the War God Hall. He had reached the Great Perfection of Saint King many years ago and had already lived for six thousand years. He had a hundred years left before the end of his life, which was why he possessed such great prestige on the continent. He was one of the few who stood at the very top among the Hundred Races. He explained the rebirth of the war god as well as the plan to search for the beast furs, informing everyone.

All the experts that had gathered there became extremely excited when they heard that the war god had been reborn. Some of the older members had even begun to uncontrollably cry.

At the same time, the elven hall elder sacrificed his life to cast the secret technique to search for the beast furs. The map of the Tian Yuan Continent appeared in the empty space before him and constantly grew. In the end, a city and an ancient mountain range appeared as two golden balls of light constantly flickered in the two images.

The elven elder’s body quietly turned into ash after casting the secret technique. Even his skeleton was not left behind, but his soul had already dissipated. All that was left was his will.

“Most of my energy has already dispersed, so I could only find two of the five beast furs. The three others have been obstructed by a mysterious force, so I couldn’t find them. However, I am certain that the three of them are together…”

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