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Chapter 1109: The Saints’ Fruit

Jian Chen sucked in a deep breath and no longer bothered with the troublesome problem. He only hoped that he had the power to stop the two of them if a situation like that really developed.

He did not ask Tie Ta about the future. The world was in constant motion, so no one could decide what they would do in the future. Matters promised today might end up suddenly changing the next day.

Jian Chen stood on a low mountain peak as he stared in the direction of the Lunastron Pit for a while. He sighed, “Let’s return.”

Due to Tie Ta’s personality, he failed to notice the sliver of worry present on Jian Chen’s face. He talked and laughed excitedly with Jian Chen as they made their way out.

“Jian Chen, my strength has increased a lot this time. Do you think I still need to be locked up in Mercenary City by senior Tian Jian…

“Jian Chen, how powerful are the ten protector clans? Is my current strength enough to match up against them…

“Once we get back, I’ll visit home first. I haven’t returned in many years. I miss my family…

Tie Ta completely forgot about the sorrow and pain he felt for Aergyns’ death. It quickly dulled. He returned to how he usually behaved.

Jian Chen, Tie Ta, and Hei Yu did not stick around Dragon Island. They appeared outside the independent space again.

“Jian Chen!” A cold but feminine voice suddenly rang out. The sea goddess’ illusionary body suddenly appeared in empty space. Her face was hazy, as if it was covered by mist. It was impossible to see her appearance.

“I greet your majesty,” Jian Chen immediately clasped his hands and bowed after being slightly surprised.

“I greet senior!” Hei Yu and Tie Ta dared not tarry behind. They also courteously bowed to the sea goddess.

The sea goddess did not even glance at Hei Yu. Her gaze stopped on Tie Ta for a moment before returning to Jian Chen once more. She said, “The Saints’ Fruit of Death’s Nest is about to appear once more. This fruit is something that gathers the fortunes of the world and can assist people in reaching Saint Emperor. It grows over the course of ten thousand years, blooms over the course of ten thousand years, bears fruit over the course of ten thousand years, and ripens over the course of another ten thousand years. In total, forty thousand years gives birth to a single fruit, and it only exists for three months once matured. It will disappear after three months are up. This fruit is about to mature, so you can’t miss it.”

“What!? The Saints’ Fruit can allow people to reach Saint Emperor? There’s actually such a wondrous piece of fruit in the world!?” All three of them became astounded as disbelief flooded their faces. They would never have believed such a thing existed if it were not for the sea goddess.

The usefulness of the fruit sounded a little too exaggerated since it could allow people to reach Saint Emperor. Even hundred-thousand-year-old heavenly resources did not possess such great effects.

“The existence of the Saints’ Fruit is an absolute secret on the Tian Yuan Continent. Only a limited number of ancient clans know about it, but all major organizations will focus on it whenever it appears. There have been Saint Emperors who have once taken part in the fight to obtain it,” the sea goddess explained.

Jian Chen immediately became stern, “Your majesty, may I ask where exactly in Death’s Nest the fruit grows? Do you know the exact location?”

“It’s in the very depths of Death’s Nest. It’s extremely dangerous there, so be very careful when you go. Even Saint Emperors can die there,” replied the sea goddess.

“What? Even Saint Emperors can die?” Both Jian Chen and Hei Yu became stunned. They struggled to believe that.

“Death’s Nest is a grave from ancient battlefields. During ancient times, many human, magical beast, and Hundred Races experts died there. The ground had once been dyed red with blood while corpses formed whole mountains. The amount of resentment that’s piled up there is just shocking, and there’s no lack of Saint Emperors who have fallen in the ancient battlefield. Afterward, Mo Tianyun arrived there and personally cast down an extremely powerful formation to envelope the land. He then moved all the corpses into there through his great abilities. He turned the land into a catacomb.

“During that age, Saint Emperors appeared more often than Saint Kings nowadays. Countless Saint Emperors of all three races had fallen while Saint Kings and Saint Rulers reached to an even higher level. With the burial of so many experts, the region slowly underwent some gradual changes, giving birth to many vengeful spirits and death curses, before becoming the most dangerous region of the Tian Yuan Continent, becoming Death’s Nest.” The sea goddess’ voice was filled with melancholy. All of it had happened just far too long ago.

“In other words, the formation of Death’s Nest was all because of senior Mo Tianyun?” Jian Chen felt oddly shocked inside. He felt admiration for Mo Tianyun’s abilities once more.

Death’s Nest was the most dangerous place on the Tian Yuan Continent. He had never thought that it had personally been constructed by Mo Tianyun.

The sea goddess slowly nodded, “Mo Tianyun’s action of constructing the catacomb was rather odd. Although there were mountainous piles of corpses, he had no need to deal with all of them in such a fashion. He had poured quite a lot of effort into the land where Death’s Nest sits, and he even used a droplet of his essence blood to irrigate the land. He must have had other intentions. Was it really to plant the Saints’ Fruit that can allow people to reach Saint Emperor?” The sea goddess’ voice was filled with some confusion as well. She was very puzzled by Mo Tianyun’s actions.

Jian Chen and Hei Yu both realized something from what the sea goddess had said. They shuddered and a sliver of surprise appeared in their eyes. Hei Yu cried out, “Does that mean the Saints’ Fruit in Death’s Nest has to do with the experts who had fallen in ancient times? Have they formed the Saints’ Fruit?”

“Correct. It is a special plant formed from the blood and essence of the corpses. The reason why it’s known as the Saints’ Fruit is because it can allow people to reach Saint Emperor. Otherwise, it would have been called the Demons’ Fruit,” said the sea goddess.

Jian Chen was shocked. He had never thought that the Saints’ Fruit would have origins like this. It was just unbelievable.

“The Saints’ Fruit contains the essence of those Saint Emperors from the ancient times as well as the truths of the world from a level of Saint Emperor. Saint Rulers cannot digest it, so only Saint Kings can ingest the fruit. Over a hundred thousand years ago, a human Saint Emperor obtained the fruit and fed it to his son who had just reached Saint King. In the end, the son reached Saint Emperor within a hundred years. However, most of the fruit has been consumed by those who have reached the Great Perfection of Saint King many years ago and who have struggled to reach Saint Emperor. In the end, all of them reached Saint Emperor except for one failure, and they all managed to break through three to five smaller realms of cultivation, reaching the Third to the Fifth Heavenly Layer of Saint Emperor,” explained the sea goddess. She had witnessed the birth of over twenty Saints’ Fruit as they would appear once every forty thousand years. She had an even better understanding regarding the fruit than the ancient protector clans.

“There are countless vengeful spirits in Death’s Nest. All of them are people of the three races that fell in battle. Fortunately, they’ve been trapped by Mo Tianyun’s great formation, or the entire world would be in danger if they break out, except for Mercenary City and the sea realm I watch over.

“Death’s Nest is divided into three floors. The first floor only has Saint Ruler vengeful spirits while the second floor has Saint Ruler and Saint King vengeful spirits. They shouldn’t be too much of a threat. The true danger lies on the third floor where Saint King and Saint Emperor vengeful spirits exist. There is quite a lot of them, and once trapped, even Saint Emperors face the possibility of dying. There is also a powerful existence in the depths of the third floor. However, it is dormant most of the time and rarely awakens. You have to be careful and never disturb it. The Saints’ Fruit grows on the third floor. I’ve said everything I need to say. Whether you go to Death’s Nest or not is up to you,” the sea goddess’ figure slowly faded away. She came and left with no signs, such that no one could track her.

Jian Chen and Hei Yu did not notice that the sea goddess had already left. They only thought about what the sea goddess had said at the end. An unbelievable existence was hidden in the depths of the third floor.

“Is it a peak Saint Emperor?” Jian Chen pondered with a hoarse voice. He felt rather cold inside. He understood just how powerful peak Saint Emperors were inside. Fairy Hao Yue was a very good example. She could trap a group of Saint Kings with a single formation where even Hei Yu could not break free.

“The sea goddess herself is an expert of the Origin realm. Even she is described as a powerful existence, then this vengeful spirit must be a big deal. It must have been a peak Saint Emperor before it passed away,” Hei Yu said with a deep voice. He was stern. The difference of strength between Saint Emperors was vast, like the difference between the First Heavenly Layer and Great Perfection of Saint King.

“Jian Chen, are you going to Death’s Nest?” Hei Yu turned to Jian Chen after a period of silence.

Jian Chen silently lowered his head as he thought about grand elder Tian Jian. Tian Jian had once helped him several times, showing great kindness to him. Now that he was running out of time, it was extremely difficult for him to reach Saint Emperor just by himself in this age.“I’m going. I have to go,” Jian Chen’s gaze became determined at that moment. He would not exist if it were not for Tian Jian’s assistance.

“I’ve been able to make my way up all because of senior Tian Jian’s secret and selfless help. Yet, I’ve never done a single thing for him. If I can help him this time, is it really such a big deal that I risk my life?” Jian Chen clenched his fist and became determined.

“I’ll come with you. I’d like to see this Death’s Nest filled with vengeful spirits. Hehe, I’ve lived for quite some years, but I’ve never seen something like it before,” laughed Hei Yu.

Afterward, Jian Chen entered the artifact space and found Rui Jin and Hong Lian. He told them everything the sea goddess had said, without hiding any information.

“I never thought that there would actually be such a divine item like the Saints’ Fruit that can take from the fortunes of nature. Mo Tianyun really is skillful,” Rui Jin and Hong Lian became astounded as well once they learned about the Saints’ Fruit. Disbelief flooded their faces.

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