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Chapter 1112: The Blue Sky Adventurers

Jian Chen heard their muffled discussions loud and clear since he sat nearby. He looked up at the group of people who had entered the tavern. There were ten people in total, and they all wore tight robes, appearing extremely experienced. The person at the very front was a large man with big eyes and thick eyebrows as well as a full beard. Two old men with peppered hair followed behind him. They were old, but their eyes shined with vigor. All three of them were Saint Rulers, 13th Star experts in the sea realm. The seven people that followed behind them were all 12th star experts, at the Sixth Cycle of Heaven Saint Master.

“The one at the very front is the captain of the Blue Sky Adventurers. They only have nine people in their group, yet two unknown old men have appeared. Are the rumors true? Has the Blue Sky Adventurers really recruited two 13th Star experts and are preparing to enter the depths of the divine realm again?” Someone wondered below their breath.

“The Blue Sky Adventurers are actually all humans. Only one of the old men is a magical beast,” Jian Chen mumbled inside. He could see through the group with a single glance.

Another group of people walked in from outside. They all wore blue armor and all seemed rather impressive. They bore a shiny, purple badge on their chests, and a single word had been sewn onto it in the language of the Sea race—Lanshan.

“It’s actually the people from the Lanshan clan. The Lanshan clan is one of the three great clans within the city. Have they come here because of the divine water of the world?”

“The person at the front is the first young master, Lan Mo. His constitution was improved by heavenly resources when he was young, so his talent is extremely outstanding. He’s reached the 13th Star in just over three hundred years.”

The group of people immediately made their way to the Blue Sky Adventurers. The first young master, Lan Mo, stared haughtily at the captain and said, “Zhou Chuyun, our Lanshan clan wants to enter the depths of the divine realm this time. You should work with us. We can enter the divine realm together, and you can take forty percent of everything we obtain. The rest will belong to us.”

“The young master of the Lanshan clan is going too far. He’s intentionally trying to pull the Blue Sky Adventurers to his side so that they could lead them to where the divine water of the world is, but they’re only going to give up forty percent. This is unreasonable.”

“Too bad. Who let the Lanshan clan become too powerful? They control a whole third of the city, and the patriarch of their clan is a 14th Star expert. There’s not a lot of people in the city who are willing to offend them.”

“It’s rumored that the clan also has an ancestor who is over four thousand years old. He’s a 15th Star expert and has already traveled outside for several decades. I wonder if that’s true or not.”

A few people softly gossiped in the tavern. Some of them were dissatisfied with what the first young master of the Lanshan clan wanted to do while others sighed over the power of the Lanshan clan.

Anger appeared in the captain’s eyes, but he hid it very quickly. He stood up and clasped his hands to Lan Mo. He said, “It is a blessing for my Blue Sky Adventurers that young master Lan Mo has set his eyes on us. However, we have always moved independently, so I can only appreciate your kindness and turn down your offer.”

“Zhou Chuyun, I have never invited a group of adventurers before. You are the first, but I never thought you’d actually turn down my kindness. Are you looking down on me?” Lan Mo’s voice became icy.

Zhou Chuyun remained smiling, “Young master Lan Mo has misunderstood. I have no intentions of looking down on you. We are just used to moving independently.”

An armored guard walked up from behind Lan Mo. He said sharply to Zhou Chuyun, “It’s a blessing for you that young master Lan Mo has invited you, so don’t make the wrong choice. You must join us, or you won’t be able to leave this tavern today.”

The atmosphere of the tavern immediately became nervous because of what the guard said. The people there stopped what they were doing and turned to Lan Mo and the Blue Sky Adventurers.

The members of the Blue Sky Adventurers all paled. Only the two old men remained composed, as if nothing had happened at all.

Zhou Chuyun’s face also sank. Since the situation had already developed to such a point, he would only appear docile if he continued to let them get their way. He coldly said, “Young master Lan Mo, my group may be far weaker than your clan, but we do not fear you. If you want to do things forcefully, we can try it out and see just who won’t be leaving the tavern today.”

The young master coldly sneered as he gazed past the two old men. He said, “Zhou Chuyun, do you really think that you can go up against my clan now that you’ve recruited two 13th Star experts? You overestimate yourself.”

“At the very least, your clan cannot do anything to us before your ancestor returns. Though, your ancestor seems to have been gone for several decades already,” Zhou Chuyun also became unyielding. He felt no fear.

Lan Mo’s face sank and killing intent flickered in his eyes. As the first young master of one of the three great clans in the city, his status was extremely great. He had never been treated so rudely by a mere group of adventurers. He did not worry even though they possessed 13th Star experts.

The young master coldly glanced over Zhou Chuyun and the two old men. Just as he was about to say something, mocking laughter rang in from outside, “I never thought that the renowned young master Lan Mo would bully a group of adventurers, unbelievable. Though, the Blue Sky Adventurers isn’t any small group of adventurers. They’re not an existence that you can bully.”

A white-robed young man who seemed to be in his twenties walked in from outside. He gave Lan Mo a look filled with ridicule as a few middle-aged men followed him. Each and every one of them radiated with a bold presence.

“And who did I think it was? So it’s the first young master of the Kerunk clan, Ke De,” Lan Mo sneered. The Kerunk clan possessed a similar status in the Divine City as his Lanshan clan. They, too, were one of the three great clans.

Ke De paid no attention to Lan Mo. He arrived at Zhou Chuyun’s side and clasped his hands, “Captain Zhou Chuyun, my Kerunk clan currently is allied with the Xie clan. We are about to venture into the depths of the divine realm again. We sincerely invite captain Zhou Chuyun to join us.”

“I just knew that your Kerunk clan had come with similar intentions as me. Whatever, I’ll sit here and watch how you pull the Blue Sky Adventurers to your side. Though, I’ve heard that the large clans from Deorc City have already set off for the divine realm, for the divine water of the world as well,” sneered Lan Mo. Afterward, he looked around the tavern and found that all the tables had been taken.

“Young master, allow me to find you a spot.” A guard behind young master Lan Mo stepped forward. He looked around with his sharp gaze, and in the end, his gaze landed on Jian Chen who sat by himself. Afterward, he walked to the table and loomed over Jian Chen, “Brat, this table is being used by young master Lan Mo. Leave immediately. Don’t waste the young master’s time.”

All the people in the tavern sat in groups, and they were all burly, radiating with powerful presences. Only Jian Chen seemed extremely ordinary, and he seemed relatively slender in the eyes of the guard. As a result, he seemed like the person that was easiest to abuse.

“Young master Lan Mo sure is haughty to forcefully take my spot. It’s been quite a while since this has last happened. You must be sick of living,” Jian Chen said without even raising his head. He dismissed Lan Mo’s group of people as of they were nothing.

All the people in the tavern became shocked by what Jian Chen had said. Lan Mo was the first young master of the Lanshan clan, one of the three great clans in Divine City. He was illustrious in status and also a 13th Star expert. There was actually someone who described him as sick of living, to everyone’s disbelief.

Virtually, at the same time, everyone in the tavern looked at Jian Chen. However, they found him to be extremely ordinary no matter how they observed him. He did not seem like a powerful expert at all.

“Who is he to speak to young master Lan Mo like that? He can’t be a peak-level expert who keeps a low profile, right?”

“That person’s dead for sure for insulting young master Lan Mo. I’m confident that he won’t be able to make his way out of here.”

Similar thoughts cropped up in many people’s heads.

Lan Mo’s face sank. The guard immediately bellowed out, “How dare you speak to the young master like that! Looks like you’re the one sick of living!” Blue light flickered in the guard’s hand and a trident appeared out of nowhere. He stabbed at Jian Chen mercilessly.

Jian Chen sat there calmly without even raising his head. He gently waved his right hand and the metal fork in his hand shot out as a streak of silver. It passed through the spot between the guard’s eyebrows with unbelievable speed.


Blood gushed out from the wound in the guard’s forehead. The fork had completely disappeared into his head, and he collapsed without even making a sound.

The people in the tavern immediately broke out into an uproar. At that moment, countless people loudly gasped. There were many people who did not think that the young man sitting there was an expert keeping a low profile, an expert who was even brave enough to kill Lan Mo’s guards.

“How did that guard die? I actually didn’t see what happened at all.”

“What did he use to kill the guard?”

Many people mumbled inside. They had not seen when Jian Chen had struck out, nor did they see what Jian Chen had used to kill the guard.

Lan Mo obviously became stunned. He had never thought that there would be someone in the city who would be bold enough to kill his guard in front of him. This had never occurred before, but his face became filled with heavy killing intent. He coldly said, “Brat, how dare you kill my guard!”

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