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Chapter 1113: King Ju Ba

“So what if he was killed? He completely deserved it for attacking me,” Jian Chen said with an extremely indifferent tone.

“You…” Lan Mo pointed at Jian Chen as he became speechless with anger. In so many years, there had never been someone who dared to act so arrogantly in front of him. Even the first young masters of the other two clans had never acted so mercilessly.

“How dare you!” A guard bellowed from behind Lan Mo. Another six people rushed forward at the same time, attacking Jian Chen with their own weapons. The six of them were all at the peak of Heaven Saint Master, much stronger than the guard before.

Jian Chen flicked a finger and six strands of sword Qi shot out from the tip of his finger. Before they could even approach Jian Chen’s table, their foreheads exploded, and they collapsed in their own blood.

In the blink of an eye, seven guards had been killed by Jian Chen. This deeply shocked everyone in the tavern.

Jian Chen did not worry about Celestial Decay since that only punished people who conducted massacres, like fiends who killed hundreds of thousands or even millions of people. It was to prevent people at Saint Ruler and beyond from recklessly fighting in packed cities, which would lead to mass destruction. He did not have to worry about just killing a few people.

Lan Mo had become stunned by Jian Chen’s vicious methods, and even the people of the Kerunk clan and the Blue Sky Adventurers were the same. This was the first time someone had ever dared to kill Lan Mo’s guards in the city right in front of him.

“Who is that person? Not only does he look down on Lan Mo, he has even killed several guards at the peak of the 12th Star with a single flick of his finger. He must be terrifyingly powerful, at least at the 13th Star, maybe even the 14th Star,” Ke De contemplated inside as he became a little fearful.

“Hahahaha, what courage! You have my admiration. May I inquire your name?” Zhou Chuyun clasped his hands to Jian Chen from a table to the side. He was extremely bold.

“Yang Yutian!” Jian Chen replied.

“Esteemed warrior Yang Yutian, you must be interested in visiting the divine realm since you have appeared in this city. I was wondering if you would like to come with us. The Blue Sky Adventurers may not be very powerful, but we still have three 13th Star experts. If we face any danger, there’ll be a better chance of surviving.” Zhou Chuyun intentionally tried to pull Jian Chen to his side. He would be of great help.

Lan Mo paled in anger. Zhou Chuyun actually attempted to pull the murderer of his guards without any fear of the consequences. Clearly, he was going up against the Lanshan clan.

Jian Chen hesitated. He did not agree immediately and instead asked, “Zhou Chuyun, may I ask how much you know about the divine realm.”

“I’ve been here for more than two hundred years. I’ve entered the divine realm countless time. Although I can’t claim I know the place like the back of my hand, I can say there are very few people who can rival my understanding in this city.” Zhou Chuyun was rather confident. He was indeed one of the more experienced people in regards to the divine realm.

“Alright, I’ll enter the divine realm with you,” Jian Chen agreed. He had very shallow understanding of the divine realm and just happened to be in need of an experienced guide. Although he was very confident in his own strength, he needed to be cautious in the divine realm where even Saint Emperors had died. At the same time, the locations where the divine water of the world would appear was not fixed; it would be very difficult to find and even many 16th Star experts could return empty-handed.

“Zhou Chuyun, let’s see what happens next. My Lanshan clan will definitely not let the matter end here,” Lan Mo threw out a threat before leaving. He could not tell Jian Chen’s exact strength, so he dared not charge up and begin fighting.

The people of the Kerunk clan also left. Now that the Blue Sky Adventurers possessed at least four 13th Star experts, where one of them was extremely likely to be at the 14th Star, they were powerful enough that even the Kerunk clan needed to treat them with importance. They needed to think through everything before acting.

“Captain Zhou Chuyun, now that there’s an extra person in the group. How will we split the loot?” The human old man who had been recruited by Zhou Chuyun asked. He did not view Jian Chen with any importance.

Zhou Chuyun chuckled, “Of course by the old rules. Whoever does more will get more, so anyone has the chance at getting the most. However, you two also understand that the depths of the divine realm are filled with dangers. Even 15th and 16th Star experts can die, so it’s obviously best if we can grow as powerful as we can. That way, there’ll be a much better chance of staying alive.”

The magical beast who had been recruited earlier glanced at Jian Chen. He said, “It really is as easy as crushing a piece of tofu for Saint Rulers to kill Heaven Saint Masters. It’s nothing. Though, the depths of the divine realm aren’t as peaceful as the outside world. It’s extremely dangerous there. If someone makes a mistake, they can drag everyone down. Brat, keep it down low once you enter the depths. Don’t be too self-righteous.”

Jian Chen’s gaze grew cold after hearing what the magical beast had said. He coldly replied, “I may not purposefully aim to aggravate people myself, but I don’t mind killing again if someone dares to provoke me.”

With that, the magical beast’s face froze. He knew that Jian Chen was talking to him. What he said before was indeed scornful and possessed the intention of provoking him.

At this moment, a great energy pulsed. A huge, pitch-black octopus descended from the sky. It slammed into the streets with its hundred-meter-long body, causing the whole place to violently shake. Its tentacles were all several hundred meters long, and they danced wildly in the air. It seemed like a demon brandishing its fangs.

“It’s the master of the Bottomless Abyss, king Ju Ba. He’s never appeared in Divine City, right? So why has he suddenly come?”

“King Ju Ba’s reached the peak of the 14th star long ago, and he’s only a step away from the 15th Star. It’s said that he has been in seclusion for a hundred years ago. He has suddenly appeared now, so has he already broken through and reached the 15th Star?”

“It’s said that king Ju Ba can only assume a human form after he reaches the 15th Star due to natural limitations. He’s still in his original form, so he hasn’t reached the 15th Star by the looks of things.”

“Don’t tell me he’s come for the divine water of the world as well, that he wants to obtain the water that’s appeared in the depths of the divine realm and reach the 15th Star using it.”

The people in the streets immediately broke into a hubbub with the octopus’ arrival. Although he was only at the peak of the 14th Star, he was one of the few experts in the region. He was extremely well-known, and even the patriarchs of the three great clans needed to show him some respect.

“Who is the captain of the Blue Sky Adventurers? Step forward for me,” a heavy voice boomed out. It was deafening, and it throughout the city. Ju Ba seemed like he was looking for someone in the city, but he just happened to land outside the tavern Zhou Chuyun was in.

All the people of the Blue Sky Adventurers changed in expression. Ju Ba was someone who held supreme power in the region. He was extremely powerful. Barely anyone at the same level at him who could rival him. Only 15th Star experts could keep him at bay.

Zhou Chuyun reluctantly stepped forward. He said, “I am Zhou Chuyun. May I ask if there is anything you want from me?”

“Take me to the depths of the divine realm to find the divine water of the world you’ve discovered,” Ju Ba’s voice boomed out. Afterward, he smashed through the roof of the tavern. A thick black tentacle fell down from the sky, quickly shooting toward Zhou Chuyun.

“King Ju Ba, what’re you trying to do?” Zhou Chuyun cried out. Saint Force surged from his body as he quickly dodged.

However, the tentacle was extremely agile. It closely followed Zhou Chuyun before wrapping tightly around his waist. The powerful grip almost snapped Zhou Chuyun’s back.

Zhou Chuyun roared and forcefully swung at the tentacle with his Saint Weapon. However, he failed to even scratch the tentacle.

“Father!” The only female in the Blue Sky Adventurers involuntarily called out. She was panicking.

At the same time, the two experts recruited by Zhou Chuyun began to move. A five-meter-long spear appeared in the hands of the old man from the Sea race. He stabbed at the thick tentacle with lightning-like speed. The magical beast’s hands instantly turned into a pair of huge, terrifying claws. The sharp claws flickered with a cold light as he viciously swung them at the tentacle.

The two of them were rather powerful, both at the Fourth Heavenly Layer of Saint Ruler. Their attacks were both at full power, something that could not be underestimated.

However, when the spear and claws struck the giant tentacle, they failed to harm it at all. The toughness of Ju Ba’s body was just stunning.

“Hmph, even you two shrimps want to harm me? You overestimate yourselves.” Ju Ba’s voice was filled with scorn. He did not even have the interest in fighting back. He started pulling his tentacle back through the roof with Zhou Chuyun in its grasp.

At this moment, Jian Chen suddenly raised his right hand. A thick sword Qi of azure and violet shot out, turning into a streak of light. It struck the tentacle at the speed of lightning.


Blood immediately rained down on the tavern. The tentacle that had not even been scratched by Fourth Heavenly Layer Saint Rulers was easily severed by a single sword Qi. Zhou Chuyun broke free from the tentacle’s grasp, staring at Jian Chen in disbelief.


Ju Ba shrieked in agony. A powerful killing intent began to surge, enveloping the entire city. He furiously said, “I’ll make you die right here and now for injuring me!” Ju Ba had a total of eighteen huge tentacles. The remaining seventeen immediately fell from the sky, viciously striking at tavern.

Every single tentacle was extremely huge. If they all fell down at the same time, everyone in the tavern would die except for the Saint Rulers.

Jian Chen’s gaze was cold. Although he was in the tavern, he understood the situation outside extremely well. He shot seventeen sword Qi with similar hues into the sky, severing the seventeen other tentacles. Blood fell down like rain from a thunderstorm, dying the entire street red.

Ju Ba was in agony after his eighteen tentacles had been severed. He was like a limbless person now, suffering miserable consequences.

Deep fear pervaded Ju Ba’s heart. He knew he had provoked someone he could not afford to provoke. His tentacles had never been chopped off even in battle against people at the same level of cultivation, yet the person just now had severed all of them with ease. This was what terrified him.

“15th Star, it must be a 15th Star expert! What a terrifying sword Qi…” Ju Ba shivered inside. He was completely overwhelmed by fear and no longer dared to stay a single moment longer. He immediately shot into the sky, leaving Divine City. All he left behind were eighteen huge tentacles, which rested on a large group of stands, and streets filled with blood.

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