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Chapter 1120: Killers of the Divine Realm—Soaring Ants

Jian Chen could not help but let out a breath of relief he had finally slain the violet serpent dragon. Afterward, he flicked his sword up and a bloody object flew out of the serpent dragon’s head. It landed heavily in Jian Chen’s hand.

This was the thunderstone in the serpent dragon. It could store the power of a Ninth Heavenly Layer Saint King and deal an attack at the same level. It was only slightly worse than the Flaming Jadeites he had received from the president of the Radiant Saint Master Union.

Jian Chen put the thunderstone and his Emperor Armament into his Space Ring before sitting down nearby. Streaks of milky-white light radiated from him as he used the remaining half a strand of Radiant Saint Force origin energy to heal. He needed to make a full recovery as soon as possible.

The huge hole in Jian Chen’s chest, which had been created by the dragon’s tooth, healed at a visible rate. His flesh was regrowing.

Far away, Zhou Chuyun and Liu Jun walked over with the other Heaven Saint Masters with mixed feelings. They all paled when they saw the headless serpent dragon on the floor.

This was one of the most powerful beasts on the peak of the Mountains of the Sleeping Dragon. Even though it had not reached the peak of the 16th Star, it was not far off. It was just as powerful as the hall elders of the three factions in the sea realm. They felt extremely great shock when they witnessed its corpse.

“This serpent dragon isn’t weak, and every single part of it is a treasure. Clean it up first. You will have your share of it,” Jian Chen suddenly spoke to them as he healed. He needed to make a full recovery as fast as possible, so he could not bother with the corpse for now.

Zhou Chuyun and the others ravished in joy. They hurriedly thanked him before immediately beginning to carve up the corpse.

However, the serpent dragon’s flesh was just too tough. Even though it was dead, they found it extremely arduous to clean up.

Suddenly, a thunderous rumble rang through the air. The sky of the divine realm began to darken once more and thunder constantly rumbled. A streak of lightning would flicker through the clouds from time to time, shining with blinding light and illuminating the entire sky.

Jian Chen opened his eyes and looked at the dark sky. He immediately frowned and stopped healing. He drew his Emperor Armament from his Space Ring to help clean up the serpent dragon.

With Jian Chen, the clean up process obviously became much faster. Jian Chen pulled out the tendons and dug out its heart. Jian Chen removed every single of its violet scales. The scales were extremely tough. If they were made into armor, the armor would even be able to block attacks from a Saint Ruler. The scales were even resistant to the full-powered attacks from those below the Fifth Heavenly Layer of Saint King, so they were an exceptional treasure to weaker people.

An armor made from the scales would be very tough, but it might not be able to protect the life of the person wearing it. All it provided was a greater defensive strength. A Saint Ruler with armor made out of the scales could be shaken to death by the absolute force of a Saint King, even if the Saint King could not puncture the armor.

Besides those items, Jian Chen also stored up quite a lot of the dragon’s blood using jade bottles from Zhou Chuyun. The jade bottles were similar to Space Rings; they did not seem to be very big, but they contained huge interiors, able to store several thousand liters of liquid.

The blood of serpent dragons was extremely valuable as well, especially when it came from one who had reached the Ninth Heavenly Layer of Saint King. By bathing in it, Heaven Saint Masters and those below could strengthen their bodies, but it was not very effective for Saint Rulers who already possessed tough bodies.

The layer of clouds in the sky sank lower and lower. It was about to pour.

Jian Chen knew he did not have much time left. In the end, he carved up a huge piece of serpent dragon flesh before hiding in the huge cave that the serpent dragon had inhabited.

Rain began to fall soon after that. The acid rain landed on the remains of the serpent dragon, and the remains immediately began to dissolve at a visible rate. All of it disappeared very soon. No residue was left behind.

Jian Chen immediately became perturbed when he saw this. He could still remember last time when he was hurrying along with the Blue Sky Adventurers and their steel shields. At that time, there had been several beasts who thrived in the rain without suffering any injuries. The rain posed no threat to them at all, yet the serpent dragon’s corpse was dissolving. This made him very confused.

Zhou Chuyun gave an explanation after seeing Jian Chen’s puzzled expression, “Esteemed warrior, the rain of the divine realm cannot harm the beasts that live in it, but it can dissolve their corpses. The rain can also dissolve all foreign objects brought in. Only things that are native to the divine realm are unaffected.”

“Does that mean if I chop off a piece of rock and carry it over my head, it will block the rain?” Jian Chen asked.

“Correct. You can do that, but it’s still too dangerous. Virtually no one dares to do that because the rocks here are not indestructible. A battle will occur when you come across a beast, and it’ll become dangerous once the rock shatters. Also, the weather of the divine realm is different from outside. It’s wet and windy here, so some of the water on the ground can even be swept up by the gusts. As a result, it’s not safe even when you hide under a rock. The best method is to avoid the weather in a cave,” explained Zhou Chuyun. Afterward, he painfully watched the serpent dragon’s flesh dissolve and said, “What a pity. So much serpent dragon flesh has just been wasted. It can be sold for quite a lot outside.”

Jian Chen finally understood. He then split a small portion of the blood and flesh he had obtained with Zhou Chuyun and the others, before settling down on the floor by himself to heal.

The rain stopped the next day. Jian Chen lead the Blue Sky Adventurers as they continued on their way through the mountains toward the depths of the divine realm. He had made a full recovery with his Chaotic Force and Radiant Saint Force origin energy, back in peak condition again.

The way down the mountains was much easier. Although they still came across feral beasts from time to time, they were nowhere near as powerful as the serpent dragon. They were almost all of the 14th or 15th Star. The corpses of these feral beasts were relatively ordinary, nowhere near as valuable as the violet serpent dragon. Even the people of the Blue Sky Adventurers did not bother with cleaning them up.

“Zhou Chuyun, where did you find the divine water of the world in the depths of the divine realm?” Jian Chen asked Zhou Chuyun as they made their way down. They had formerly stepped into the depths now.

“Esteemed warrior, it’s best if you let me identify where we are since we entered the depths via a different path this time. I need to find the marks I left behind,” Zhou Chuyun replied.

“Alright, you can lead the way. I’ll deal with the feral beasts that come looking for trouble along the way. When we find the divine water, there’ll be your share,” Jian Chen said to Zhou Chuyun.

All of them continued on their way, but the person in front was now Zhou Chuyun.

At the same time, the Hundred-footed clan from Deorc City had entered the divine realm as well under Lan Mo’s guidance. Lan Mo used a secret technique to detect where the Blue Sky Adventurers were, and he became stunned with that. He mumbled, “How is that possible? They’ve actually reached the depths of the divine realm already. How did they travel so far in such a short amount of time? Isn’t this just too fast?”

“There must be an expert leading their group, or how else can they travel so quickly? We need to speed up since they’ve already reached the depths of the divine realm. Let’s go.” an old man indifferently spoke from within the group before immediately shooting toward the depths.

Soon after the people of the Hundred-footed clan entered the divine realm, the group of experts from the Huangdao clan of Bibo City had arrived as well. They were lead by a 15th Star expert, also heading toward the depths.

In the blink of an eye, three days passed. Jian Chen had moved through the depths with the Blue Sky Adventurers during that time, and they had come close to danger many times. Just the beasts that ambushed them reached a dozen or so. The weakest was of the 13th Star, and there were quite a few 15th Star beasts.

Suddenly, the buzzing sound of wings rang out from all direction. Jian Chen’s group could not help but stop.

“What is this sound?” Liu Jun looked around at his surroundings. He became rather stern. Even 15th Star experts could die in the depths, so they needed to be cautious.

Jian Chen also looked around, but he found nothing. His presence was unfortunately suppressed, so he could only expand it a thousand meters away. It was no further than what he could see.

The buzzing became louder and louder, basically blanketing the entire region. A huge, black mass gradually appeared before everyone. It was present everywhere, surrounding all of them.

“That’s a group of jade-green flying ants. The smallest are fist-sized while some can reach up to the size of grown men.” Jian Chen’s vision was much better than Zhou Chuyun and the others, so he could identify what the black mass was from very far away. He felt troubled. He had discovered that there were far too many flying ants. They were packed together and basically blotted out the sky.

Zhou Chuyun’s and Liu Jun’s expressions drastically changed when they heard that. Deep fear appeared in their eyes, and they involuntarily cried out, “Sh*t, it’s the legendary killers of the divine realm, the Soaring Ants. There’s an endless number of them and their bodies are tough like steel. They feast on energy and are immune to all energy attacks. They can ignore Saint Ruler and Saint King abilities. Retreat, retreat quickly. We need to retreat out of the Soaring Ants’ territory immediately, or even people as powerful as hall elders will be devoured.”

Jian Chen’s expression also changed. Immune to all energy attacks and able to ignore spatial abilities, Saint Rulers and Saint Kings just lost their greatest advantages before these Soaring Ants.

All those below Saint Ruler were ants. The reason why that saying was valid was because all Saint Rulers had a basic grasp on spatial manipulation and possessed the capability to gather World Force, yet these abilities were useless against the Soaring Ants.

All of them turned around and began sprinting off in the direction they had come. However, they had already been encircled by the Soaring Ants, so they came up against a wall of Soaring Ants whichever direction they ran.

The Soaring Ants were not powerful on their own. They were only possessed around the strength of an Earth Saint Master, but there were just far too many of them.

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