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Chapter 1122: One Stalking Another

“Zi Ying, doesn’t that mean all these Soaring Ants can evolve into Seven-colored Heaven-devouring Beasts?” Jian Chen asked in surprise. If it were true, then the number of divine beasts would have been just too terrifying.

“Master, that can be the case on paper, but it’s impossible to get them all to evolve into Seven-colored Heaven-devouring Beast, because even in our vast and powerful world, there are extremely few of them. They’re basically miraculous existences, so it’s impossible for there to be too many Seven-colored Heaven-Devouring Beasts,” said Zi Ying.

“It’s a pity that this one only has two lights so far, so it’s not a true Seven-colored Heaven-devouring Beast. Only after it evolves to seven lights does it become a true divine beast. However, the evolutions require vast quantities of energy. It’s already extremely difficult for it to evolve to two colors in a place like this that lacks so many resources. It’s absolutely impossible to evolve to seven colors.” Qing Suo’s voice rang through Jian Chen’s head as well. It was filled with some pity.

“All you can say is that the divine beast was born in the wrong place. If it was in our world, it would probably evolve to seven colors in less than ten thousand years,” said Zi Ying. His voice was also filled with regret, feeling pity for the divine beast.

“Zi Ying, Qing Suo, if the divine beast fully evolves, what level of strength will it possess?” Jian Chen asked. He was curious to know more about the Seven-colored Heaven-devouring Beast since the sword spirits paid so much attention to it.

This was because he knew the sword spirits possessed a very great background. Ordinary things would never pique their interest.

“To the Seven-colored Heaven-devouring Beast, the seven lights are a type of bloodline. It’s the indication of abilities and not a representation of strength. Only by fully evolving will it become a true divine beast. A few beasts with decent talent can reach seven colors in a thousand years, but their strength probably isn’t even at the level of Saint Emperor in this world. Meanwhile, there are some Seven-colored Heaven-devouring Beasts with only one or two colors that can reach the utmost peak through arduous cultivation. Their only weakness is that their natural abilities are nowhere near as powerful as true divine beasts,” explained Zi Ying.

Jian Chen gained an understanding with that explanation. If the Seven-colored Heaven-devouring Beast could evolve into a true divine beast with seven colors, it would be like the white tiger, possessing strength that exceeded its cultivation level and various unbelievable abilities. However, if it wanted to truly become powerful, it still needed to cultivate continuously.

“The Seven-colored Heaven-devouring Beast is evolved from insects. It is not a species by itself. When it is young, it will follow various species of insects through different forms, but as it rapidly evolves and becomes a true divine beast, its final form is all the same.”

“Back in our world, there was a vast number of insect species. Many of the magical beasts in this world are even part of these insect species. Our world is vastly different from the world you used to live in master. The insect species in master’s previous world probably did not even amount to a thousandth of all the species in our world,” said Zi Ying.

“A few king beasts will definitely appear in every species, and the Seven-colored Heaven-devouring beast is one of the kings of the insects,” Qing Suo explained.

Obviously, the Soaring Ants had their own territory. Now that Jian Chen had left their land, the flood-like ants had all dispersed.

Jian Chen gazed at the fist-sized, Seven-colored Heaven-devouring beast from afar. A gleam of light flashed through his eyes.

“Zi Ying, Qing Suo, how likely am I to tame the beast?” Jian Chen asked.

Zi Ying and Qing Suo did not reply immediately. They remained silent for a while before saying, “This Seven-colored Heaven-devouring Beast has already lived for a very long time. I can already sense pulses from a conscience. It already possesses intelligence. Coupled with the fact that it’s no weaker than master right now as well as its natural pridefulness, taming it is almost impossible.”

Jian Chen secretly sighed. The Seven-colored Heaven-devouring Beast was different from the white tiger. The white tiger began following him soon after it was born. They had gone through many hardships together, so a good relationship had been established long ago. It would indeed be very difficult if he wanted to get the divine beast to followed him as easily as the white tiger. It was practically impossible.

“But it’s not completely impossible,” Qing Suo suddenly added. After a moment of silence, she said, “The resources here are far too lacking, so it can’t evolve to seven colors. We may be able to use this fact, but now is not the time. We need to wait until master has the ability to completely suppress it, and only then will there be a sliver of success.”

“The only weakness of Seven-colored Heaven-devouring Beasts are their souls. If you get the Heavenly Enchantress who is good with soul attacks to come along as well, your chances will greatly increase,” said Zi Ying.

Jian Chen knew that it was not time for him to try to tame the Seven-colored Heaven-devouring beast. He traveled far away and detoured around the Soaring Ants’ territory. Afterward, he found a safe place to release Zhou Chuyun and the others from the saint artifact.

Appearing again, all of their wounds had been completely healed. Jian Chen had already secretly ordered the artifact spirit long ago to heal their wounds, so all of them were brimming with vitality. Zhou Ling and the other Heaven Saint Masters were still rather shaken, having not returned to their senses from the fright before.

Zhou Chuyun and Liu Jun both thanked Jian Chen. They knew that if it were not for Jian Chen’s help, they would have been reduced to freezing corpses.

“Senior Yang Yutian, where was that place before? Why did I feel like it was another world? That world was actually filled with extremely-pure Radiant Saint Force that healed me in just a few seconds. It was miraculous,” Zhou Lin asked Jian Chen as she hugged his arm. Her face was filled with curiosity.

“That was a treasure.” Jian Chen gave a simple reply and did not go into detail. Afterward, he continued to follow Zhou Chuyun who was searching for the divine water of the world.

Everyone became much more cautious after the experience with the Soaring Ants. They remained alert at all times, unwilling to be careless.

In the blink of an eye, Jian Chen’s group had stayed in the depths of the divine realm for seven days. They had come across various dangers during that time. Not only were there feral beasts, there were also forces of nature.

Not only did the forces of nature include the corrosive rain and soul-injuring lightning, even huge whirlwinds would also form from time to time. Once sucked into the wind, everything, no matter how tough, would be ripped to pieces. However, what was puzzling was that the whirlwinds would only impact foreign objects and could not destroy anything from the divine realm.

During those seven days, Jian Chen did not find the divine water of the world, but he did obtain quite a few thunderstones. Jian Chen only kept the thunderstones of the 15th or 16th Star, handing the rest to Zhou Chuyun and the others. They became so happy that they struggled to keep their mouths closed.

There were extremely few people in the depths of the divine realm, rarely did anyone set foot there. Jian Chen’s group had only run into less than ten people while they had been there.

During that time, Jian Chen had asked Zhou Chuyun and the others about the spirit sea, but he learned nothing at all. The spirit sea was where the divine water of the world appeared. Finding the spirit sea would equate to finding the origins of the divine water.

Jian Chen’s group had already approached the only tunnel into the depths. The adventurers in the surroundings gradually increased, ranging from Heaven Saint Masters to Saint Rulers. There would even be one or two Saint Kings from time to time.

However, almost all of them maintained a radius of a hundred kilometers. They wanted to try their luck. Other than Saint Kings, very few people dared to venture any further.

“Sigh, I’ve once entered the depths of the divine realm many times despite the hardships in search of the divine water, but I’ve always returned empty-handed. I heard that signs of it have now appeared in the depths, so I wish I can find it and completely heal the injuries of my soul.” A disheveled old man murmured to himself as he walked around nearby.

Jian Chen’s eyes narrowed when he saw the old man. He was a rather powerful Saint King at the Fifth Heavenly Layer, someone who had just reached the 16th Star.

Jian Chen followed Zhou Chuyun quickly as they traveled to the tunnel that connected the two regions. They came across more and more people and could even hear some of them discussing the matter about a supreme expert venturing into the Mountains of the Sleeping Dragon a few days ago.

“I’ve found it, I’ve finally found it.” Suddenly, Zhou Chuyun at the very front excitedly called out. He shot to a hundred-meter-wide hole in the ground nearby.

The hole seemed to have been formed by the residue of a battle between experts, but the surrounding ground was extremely level, as if a battle had never occurred there. A huge tree was planted in the center of the hole.

“This was one of the signs I left behind, and I had even planted a tree native to the divine realm so it would be easier to recognize. In order to prevent people from destroying the signs I had left, I planted quite a few of them, and they all point to the location of the divine water. The other signs should be nearby. Let’s look for them quickly. We still can’t find the location with this sign alone.” Zhou Chuyun explained before immediately heading off to search for the other signs.

Very soon, Zhou Chuyun found the other signs and verified where the divine water of the world was. He immediately hurried off with Jian Chen and the others.

At the same time, Lan Mo had passed through the tunnel with the experts of the Hundred-footed clan. He had used a secret technique to confirm the location of the Blue Sky Adventurers before pursuing.

Right after the people of the Hundred-footed clan had left, the experts of the Huangdao clan appeared nearby. They had discovered the tracks of the Hundred-footed clan long ago, tailing them secretly by completely erasing their presences.

“Looks like we only need to follow the people from the Hundred-footed clan to find where the divine water is. This really does not take any effort at all! Everyone, hide well and don’t get too close,” sneered an old man. They continued to silently tail the people of the Hundred-footed clan from behind.

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