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Chapter 1126: Who Dares Challenge Me? (Three)


The quaking thunder exploded thunderously the moment it struck the Saint King from the Huangdao clan. It was so loud that it temporarily deafened everyone present and a terrifying energy immediately erupted, striking the Saint King like a heavy hammer.

A 16th Star quaking thunder contained the full-powered strike of a 16th Star expert, and its power would vaguely exceed the strength of the person who had charged it up since it had been suppressed. Only experts at the same level of cultivation could withstand a quaking thunder.

Blood shot out of the Saint King’s mouth. He immediately paled and was blown back by the violent energy. He landed several kilometers away in a horrible condition.

“I’ll cut down a pillar of the Huangdao clan today. Gus, you shouldn’t have come here,” the grand elder sternly said. Killing intent flickered in his eyes as he rushed over with his lance. He wanted to finish off the 15th Star expert.

“Gus, we can’t hold back anymore.” The other old man of the Huangdao clan called out as he fought against a Saint King of the Hundred-footed clan.

With that, a sliver of determination appeared in the eyes of Gus, who had been injured by the quaking thunder. As the grand elder charged over, he pulled out a fist-sized quaking thunder from his Space Ring and immediately triggered it. The quaking thunder began to flash with light as a terrifying energy unsteadily pulsed out.

“What! You actually have a 16th Star quaking thunder as well!?” The grand elder’s expression changed, and he came to a screeching stop. He immediately retreated.

At the same time, Gus threw the quaking thunder. It shot towards the grand elder as a streak of light with lightning-like speed.

The grand elder dodged as hard as he could, but the sliver of presence from Gus within the quaking thunder had already locked onto him. It tailed him, and he could not shake it off. There was the unstable pulsing of powerful energy in the quaking thunder as well, so even freezing space could not stop it. The unstable pulsing was more than enough to break through any frozen space.

In the end, the grand elder clenched his teeth and the lance in his hand exploded with a blinding light. He stabbed at the quaking thunder as hard as he could.


Another deafening sound rang out. Although the quaking thunder had failed to land on the grand elder, it was still not pleasant to fend off a full-powered strike from a 16th Star expert. He became quite injured as residual blood clung to the side of his lips.

“Imperial Sword Qi!” With a furious roar, the Saint King of the Huangdao clan stood up. The giant sword in his hand shined with a blinding light, illuminating the surroundings. It was as dazzling as the sun. At the same time, a pressure from the surroundings descended from the sky, falling onto the grand elder like a mountain.

“The Tian Level Saint Technique of the Huangdao clan!” The grand elder’s face changed, and he became extremely stern. The Tian Level Saint Techniques of the sea realm were equivalent to Saint Tier Battle Skills on the Tian Yuan Continent. This one was being cast by a Saint King, so the power was enough to completely annihilate the surroundings.

Gus pointed with his sword and a golden sword Qi immediately shot through the air with a terrifying force. It radiated with destructive energy as it flew toward the grand elder.

The sword Qi glistened with a golden light, dying the entire world a cold color. It possessed vast power and was almost unstoppable since it was filled with supreme force.

The grand elder roared at the sky as his hair danced about despite the absence of wind. He immediately turned into a centipede-like sea beast that had several hundred feet. He was coated by a layer of pitch-black scales as nine sharp spikes extended form his back.

Suddenly, one of the spikes broke off and quickly shot at the golden sword Qi.

This was his greatest trump card. He had basically used a powerful attack by mutilating himself. Each spike was forged by his essence blood and was extremely powerful. They were much stronger than his own strength and could easily injure a Saint King that was one cultivation level higher.

Although the grand elder of the Hundred-footed clan was a Saint King, he did not possess any Tian Level Saint Techniques. All he could do was use something like this to face the attack head-on.

Tian Level Saint Techniques could not be comprehended with strength alone. They relied on the comprehension level of the person and that person’s compatibility with the saint technique. A few clever and talented people could grasp Tian Level Saint Techniques at Saint Ruler while there were others who could not comprehend a single one even after spending most of their lives as Saint Kings.

Creating Tian Level Saint Techniques was even more difficult than comprehending one. Since ancient times, countless Saint Kings have appeared, but an extremely low number of them ever created a Tian Level Saint Technique. They could be described as virtually non-existent.

The Imperial Sword Qi was a Tian Level Saint Technique near the stronger end, so its power was not something that the grand elder’s trump card could rival. When the golden sword Qi and spike collided, the two of them became locked in a stalemate. After some time, the spike turned to dust, and the golden sword Qi continued toward the grand elder.

The grand elder bellowed and another two spikes shot toward the golden sword Qi. The sword Qi finally disappeared, in the end, after the three spikes.

“I’d like to see how many times you can block it. Imperial Sword Qi!” Gus sneered and cast the Tian Level Saint Technique a second time. A golden sword Qi shot out again.

“Casting Tian Level Saint Techniques will exhaust you. I’d like to see how many times you can cast it.” The grand elder did not give in and gave a cold response. Without any hesitation, he shot out another two spikes at the sword Qi. After cutting down most of the sword Qi’s power, he dispersed the weakened sword Qi with a full-powered attack in the end.

He had now used five of his spikes, only four remained.

The grand elder and Gus had already become fully drawn into the battle. They began to fight in an attempt to take each other’s lives without holding anything back. Their battle was the most intense out of all the ones present.

The other two Saint Kings from both clans had always been fighting while the Saint Rulers clashed with one another.

Originally, the enmity between the Huangdao clan and Hundred-footed clan was already irresolvable. Their two ancestors were currently in seclusion since they were heavily injured. Since the two parties had met, they naturally began to blaze with hatred and began to try to take each other’s lives.

Gus had already cast the Tian Level Saint Technique four times in a row. His heavy wounds deepened and rapidly worsened. He could not help but vomit a mouthful of blood. He was running out of power.

The hundred-meter-long grand elder had already used up all of his nine spikes. He returned to human form and sneered with a pale face, “You’ve finally run out of power to cast your Tian Level Saint Techniques. You will die now.” With that, the grand elder pulled out three quaking thunders from his Space Ring and threw them at Gus.

These were 15th Star quaking thunders. They were not as powerful as a 16th Star quaking thunder, but they still could deal an attack from a 15th Star expert. The heavily-injured grand elder could no longer display his peak strength, so he could only make it up by using the quaking thunders.

“Gus!” The other Saint King of the Huangdao clan called out. He wanted to help Gus, but he was obstructed by his opponent. He was unable to break free from the battle.

With a massive explosion, Gus was reduced to a bloody mess. One of his arms had broken, and the jade bottle which contained the divine water shattered. All of the water inside splashed out, but it did not fall to the ground. Instead, it floated in the air, having broken into countless droplets, like rain, by the violent ripples of energy.

The grand elder of the Hundred-footed clan took advantage of this moment to attack again. His lance turned into a streak of silver light as he stabbed toward Gus’ forehead. He wanted to wipe out Gus’ soul.

The other Saint King of the Huangdao clan roared out in sorrow, but he was in no situation to consider for others. All he could do was watch helplessly as Gus was killed.

Killing off Gus, the grand elder immediately began to collect the scattered divine water, returning it all into a single jade bottle.

Something suddenly happened. A middle-aged man silently appeared before the grand elder. He chopped off the grand elder’s arm with the jade bottle and grabbed it before quickly retreating into the distance.

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