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Chapter 1127: Who Dares Challenge Me? (Four)

Something suddenly happened. A middle-aged man silently appeared before the grand elder. He chopped off the grand elder’s arm with the jade bottle and grabbed it before quickly retreating into the distance.

At a crucial moment, one of the Saint Kings, who had been spectating from afar, finally ran out of patience and decided to interfere.

With his arm severed, the grand elder of the Hundred-footed clan cried out miserably. He yelled furiously, “You must be sick of living for stealing something of our Hundred-footed clan. We’ll wipe out your entire clan.” As he said that, he used his remaining arm to pull out two quaking thunders, and he threw them at the middle-aged man who had stolen the divine water of the world.

They were all 15th Star quaking thunders. Although the Hundred-footed clan had brought many quaking thunders with them this time, they only possessed one at the 16th Star. The rest were all at the 15th Star, so they were bluffing earlier.

The Saint King who had stolen the divine water was at the Fourth Heavenly Layer. He stood at the 15th Star and was only a step away from the 16th. Unless he was caught off-guard, it would be very difficult to injure him with 15th Star quaking thunders. After setting off the quaking thunders from afar, he continued to flee into the distance without even looking back.

“My soul is injured and I need this divine water of the world to recover. Sir, you should give it to me.” At this moment, a disheveled old man silently appeared. He just happened to block the middle-aged man. His shriveled hand gently shot out with a layer of energy.

The palm strike did not seem to possess any power, but all Saint Kings could feel an extremely forceful and tough energy present inside.

The middle-aged man’s face grew cold. He hurled a punch with vast energy, striking the palm of the old man. However, he felt like he had hit cotton when his fist made contact. The supreme energy in his fist had nowhere to go. It had mostly been absorbed by the old man’s palm strike, and after that, a brutal energy leaked out of the palm. It struck the middle-aged man and knocked him away, where his entire hand had almost been shattered.

“The Heaven-ending Palm! You’re the tyrant of the west sea, Nicholas.” The middle-aged man’s face slightly changed. Although they were at the same level of cultivation, the middle-aged man became extremely afraid.

Nicholas was a famed expert. Not only was his cultivation method special, reaching the level where firmness existed within softness, he could display supreme battle prowess. He himself was an extremely powerful sea beast of antiquity as well, possessing extraordinary talent and great strength.

There was even a rumor in the past that he had killed a Fifth Heavenly Layer Saint King when he was only at the Third Heavenly Layer, causing countless people in the sea realm to fall into an uproar. His strength in the sea realm was basically unparalleled among people of similar cultivation levels.

“Since you know my name, why don’t you leave behind the divine water?” Nicholas asked with a husky voice.

“You’re renowned in the west sea. I’m obviously not your opponent when you were at your peak, but your soul’s injured now, so your strength had been greatly affected. Why should I fear you?” The middle-aged man responded with a deep voice.

“Hehe, my soul may be injured, but my strength is unaffected. You’re unwilling to hand up the divine water, so it looks like I can only retrieve it from you myself,” Nicholas coldly chuckled before quickly charging toward the middle-aged man.

On another side, the experts of the Hundred-footed clan and Huangdao clan remained locked in battle. They hadn’t stopped fighting because of the divine water. Their resentment for each other had slowly overcome their reasoning.

The divine water had already changed hands, so the surrounding Saint Kings obviously stopped paying any attention to them. They all turned to Nicholas and the other person as their eyes flickered with a gleam of light.

Zhou Chuyun and Liu Jun had retreated to several kilometers away long ago. Blood dripped from the corner of their mouths, having been injured by the ripples of battle. The current situation had already developed to a point where they could not change it.

Although Nicholas possessed an injured soul, he was still extremely powerful. He clashed with the Fourth Heavenly Layer Saint King a hundred times already, beating the middle-aged man to the point where he was heavily-injured and bloodied. A visible hole had even appeared in his chest, created by a palm strike from Nicholas.

Killing intent had already grown densely in Nicholas’ eyes. He immediately appeared before the middle-aged man, and he struck his head mercilessly as a dense layer of soft energy coated his hand.

“Nicholas, I’ll give you the divine water since you want it.” The middle-aged man finally gave in and threw the divine water near the crowd of people.

With that, Nicholas immediately gave up on his fight with the middle-aged man. He shot after the divine water with lightning-like speed, crossing a hundred meters instantly and grabbing the jade battle.

Three Saint Kings began to move. Vast energy wrapped around them as they attacked Nicholas in unison, beginning an intense battle with him.

Nicholas was extremely powerful. The power of his Heaven-ending Palm was unparalleled. Even while fighting equally with three Saint Kings, he vaguely appeared to have gained the upper hand.

A few other Saint Kings watched the fight from a distance. They all became rather tempted to interfere when they saw this.

Nicholas glanced around and sneered, “You’re looking to die if you want to fight me with just your strength!” Suddenly, Nicholas’ eyes became filled with malevolence. Red light immediately glowed from his eyes, enveloping two of the people he was fighting and temporarily stunning them.

“It’s said that Nicholas’ original form is a Daemonic Dragon. That’s his natural ability. It targets the soul and is impossible to guard against,” a Saint King said with a deep voice as he watched from afar.

With a flash, Nicholas suddenly appeared beside the two stunned Saint Kings. His shriveled hand struck their heads and smashed them in, wiping out their souls.

The remaining Saint King immediately became utterly terrified. He had no interest in the battle anymore and turned around to flee.

Nicholas did not pursue. He gazed at the Saint Kings who watched on rather threateningly before opening the bottle cap to drink the divine water.

Many Saint Kings did nothing, having been stunned by Nicholas’ strength. However, there were still some people who did not fear him. At that moment, the four old men stepped forward in unison. Pitch-black metal swords appeared in their hands. These were swords forged from an extremely tough meteorite that possessed odd inscriptions. They then swung out at the same time, sending four sword Qi toward Nicholas. The sword Qi was extremely sharp and possessed a presence that surged into the sky, vastly different from any ordinary sword Qi.

Nicholas’ eyes grew cold. He shattered the sword Qi with his palm strikes and sneered, “You four want to fight me? You’re overestimating yourselves.” Scorn filled Nicholas’ eyes. The four old men were only at the Third Heavenly Layer. Their sword Qi was very powerful, but it was nothing noteworthy to him.

The four old men said nothing. They stood in a formation and charged up, embroiling in a great battle with Nicholas. They assisted each other in both attack and defense, retreating and advancing perfectly. They were extremely rhythmic—nowhere near as powerful as Nicholas yet able to fight him to a stalemate. They could even vaguely suppress him.

“I never thought that you four would actually know formations for joint attacks. I sure have underestimated you four,” sneered Nicholas. His eyes became evil-looking once more and two streaks of red light shot out.

“Infinite Sword Formation!” The four old men yelled and their metal swords layered upon each other to form a square. Their power actually joined together and a shocking sword Qi shot out form the center of the square, obliterating the red light from Nicholas’ eyes. It continued toward Nicholas without weakening at all.

Nicholas dodged the energy that was enough to destroy soul attacks. He stared at the four old men in disbelief and involuntarily cried out, “How is this possible? Your sword Qi can repel my innate ability.”

Nicholas’ innate ability was an attack that targeted the soul. It could catch people off-guard, and in so many years of life-and-death battles, he would always use his innate ability to turn the tides. He had never suffered defeat. He had fought many battles against people with much greater cultivation than him and had killed so many experts who were stronger than him just with his innate talent. There was no one who could come out unscathed from the ability.

The four old men remained cold and silent. They looked at one another and immediately changed their formation. They encircled Nicholas from four different locations and all launched an attack with their full power at Nicholas. They actually forced him to retreat, and soon many vicious slashes littered his body.

Nicholas also used everything he had. Surging energy leaked out of his body, but whenever he wanted to use his full strength to kill off one of them, the three others would strike out with a fatal attack, forcing him to give up on the offense and take up the defense. It was extremely annoying for him.

“This is a very powerful sword formation.” some of the Saint Kings in the distance saw through the attacks and cried out in surprise.

“The sword formation is extremely profound. If they didn’t have the sword formation, it would have been impossible for the four of them to fight Nicholas even-handedly. Nicholas is a sea beast of antiquity who has killed people above him before after all,” said the bloodied, middle-aged man. He was the same person who had stolen the divine water of the world and then had been injured by Nicholas.

“Supreme Sword Formation!” One of the four old men cried out. They worked together very succinctly, pulling back their swords in unison. A powerful sword formation radiated from their bodies before surging into the sky.

At that moment, the four of them seemed to have become swords that stood upright in the world. An eternal glow radiated from them, and in unison, their presences began to skyrocket. They reached the peak of the Fourth Heavenly Layer in the blink of an eye, almost reaching the Fifth.

This was not their strength, but the strength of combining their powers through the sword formation. It allowed their powers to erupt for a short moment.

Suddenly, the four of them moved. They left behind an illusionary afterimage where they had been standing and shot toward Nicholas at the same time with unbelievable speed.

Spurt! Spurt! Spurt! Spurt!

The four metal swords stabbed into Nicholas at the same time as a brutal sword Qi erupted from the swords. It reduced Nicholas’ body to a bloody mess.

Just as Nicholas’ soul wanted to flee, a terrifying suction appeared from the four metal swords. It actually drew his soul toward the metal swords before it was quartered and absorbed by the swords.

“No!” Nicholas’ terrifying howl of despair could vaguely be heard, but there was no more sound afterward.

The old men remained as cold as before, slowly withdrawing their bloody swords. Afterward, they pulled out a towel to carefully wipe off the blood. The divine water of the world with Nicholas obviously entered their hands as well.

Fear filled the eyes of the spectating Saint Kings. Nicholas’ death had affected them greatly at a mental level.

Nicholas’ present strength was at the Fourth Heavenly Layer of Saint King. He was strong enough to rival some new 16th Star experts, yet he had actually been slain so easily by four old men of unknown origins. The four of them had even killed him unscathed, to everyone’s disbelief.

The experts of the Huangdao clan and Hundred-footed clan remained locked in a death battle. They had completely given up on the divine water as their battle became extremely intense. It had reached a point where they would not stop until one side completely died.

“Leave the divine water!” At this moment, a furious roar rang out from the distance. Jian Chen had finally returned. He left behind a blur as he ran, moving extremely quick.

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