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Chapter 1128: Who Dares Challenge Me? (Five)

Jian Chen shot over from the distance as his presence surged into the sky, causing the air to tremble. His eyes were cold and a chilling killing intent flickered in them.

“It’s senior Yang Yutian. Fantastic, senior Yang Yutian’s finally returned,” Zhou Chuyun and Liu Jun both became filled with excitement while they hid in the distance. They seemed to have grasped a ray of hope in their moment of despair.

The battle for the divine water had completely devolved into a fight between Saint Kings. They were in no shape to interfere and even lacked the right to speak. All they could do was watch as many Saint Kings fought over the divine water as if it was theirs already, which caused them to become extremely irritated and feel like they had been wronged. When they saw Yang Yutian return, they immediately became filled with energy.

“Who is this person? What a powerful presence!”

“What an arrogant person. Even Nicholas of the west sea has died. Is he stronger than Nicholas?”

Many people quickly glanced at Jian Chen. A few Saint Kings even sneered. They did not believe Jian Chen could win against the four mysterious old men with the metal swords. They thought he was just running to his death.

The old men stood in a similar posture as before. They seemed to be at ease, but it was a different case in reality. They could use their sword formations at any moment. They all stared at Jian Chen as they frowned slightly and sternly.

“It’s him. He’s actually returned at this moment,” said one of the old men. The four of them knew just how powerful Jian Chen was. He dared to venture into the Mountains of the Sleeping Dragon all by himself and managed to kill one of the most powerful existences on the peak. He was far beyond what they could deal with.

The sword formations used together by the four of them were very powerful, but they were not strong enough to defeat people who were far more powerful than them.

“I can sense a silver of threat from that person. His strength is definitely far beyond what we can deal with. We didn’t come here for the divine water of the world, so we shouldn’t offend an expert like him over something that’s useless to us,” one of the old men communicated through a technique. Fear filled his eyes.

After killing Nicholas, the four of them had subconsciously become the most powerful group present. The divine water of the world was with them now, so they obviously became the center of attention for many people. Many of them watched Jian Chen with a sneer. They seemed to have already witnessed the moment Jian Chen died to the four metal swords.

After all, even Nicholas, who could battle Fifth Heavenly Layer Saint Kings, was dead. They did not doubt the four old men at all, and once they used their powerful sword formations, they could rival experts of the Sixth Heavenly Layer.

Jian Chen quickly approached the area. He glanced around before locking onto the four old men who possessed the divine water of the world. He strode for them. His presence was pressing and with every step, it would constantly increase.

“Senior Yang Yutian, you’ve finally returned. The divine water of the world would’ve been taken away by them if you hadn’t returned.” Zhou Chuyun and Liu Jun ran over obsequiously and followed Jian Chen like servants. They were in high spirits and smiles plastered their faces.

Jian Chen coldly stared at the four old men and said, “I spent so much effort to lead away those two feral beasts at the peak of the 16th Star, so the divine water didn’t end up with them. It sure was easy for you to take advantage of others’ work.”

A spectating Saint King immediately broke into laughter when he heard what Jian Chen had said. He mocked, “Brat, aren’t you going a little too far with your jokes? Do you really have the ability to lead away two peak 16th Star beasts?”

Jian Chen’s presence was powerful, but it was only at the Third Heavenly Layer of Saint King without the Emperor Armament. Many Saint Kings obviously saw his strength since he was not hiding it, so they did not treat him with any importance. Only the four old men were exceptions. They weren’t tricked by the strength Jian Chen currently displayed.

“He’s still a little off from the peak of the 15th Star. He’s not even as great as me. Brat, let me witness your supreme techniques and see just what you used to lead away those two 16th Star beasts,” sneered a man who seemed to be in his twenties. He was very burly, like a huge bear. He was four meters tall and his eyes were filled with scorn. A huge, two-headed axe appeared in his hand, and then he swung it. The axe immediately began to expand, becoming a hundred meters long instantly. It traveled toward Jian Chen’s head with an almost unstoppable force.

“You dare to be arrogant even when you’re just at the Fourth Heavenly Layer! You’re courting death!” Jian Chen coldly said. The Emperor Armament immediately appeared in his hand. Swinging out, he used his sword, which was a little over a meter long, to receive the hundred-meter-long axe.

The two weapons that did not match in size collided in the air. With a boom, the axe was actually sent flying by Jian Chen’s sword, breaking free from the man’s grasp. The supreme force actually shook the man’s hand numb after passing through the axe, and he stumbled a few steps back.

Many people’s mouths were agape once they registered what had happened. It was unbelievable. The burly man was at the peak of the 15th Star, yet he could not even withstand a single blow.

The man had attacked with everything he had, and it would have been very difficult for Saint Kings at the Third Heavenly Layer to receive. As a result, Jian Chen did not plan on letting him go. He coldly stared at the man and took a step forward, reappearing a hundred meters away. He seemed to have arrived before the man instantaneously as he thrust the Emperor Armament toward the man’s head.

The man was surprised. Jian Chen’s attack was just too fast, so fast he could not dodge. He immediately roared and a shield completely condensed from energy appeared in front of him.

The Emperor Armament struck the shield and the shield immediately shattered. The Emperor Armament passed through it like a hot knife through butter, stabbing through the man’s head under his terrified gaze. His soul was wiped out then and there.

A Fourth Heavenly Layer Saint King had actually been killed in a single attack. Without any doubt, the Saint King had become the one who had died the quickest.

Jian Chen pulled out the Emperor Armament like it was nothing. Blood dripped from the sharp tip of the sword as he coldly looked around. He emotionlessly said, “Is there anyone else who wants to challenge me? Come at me.”

All the spectating Saint Kings’ expressions changed with that. They all took a few steps back. At that moment, their opinions of Jian Chen finally changed. Shock flooded their faces as their gazes became filled with fear. They dared not meet Jian Chen’s eyes.

The battle between the Hundred-footed clan and Huangdao clan stopped as well because of the changing situation. They all stared at Jian Chen in shock as deep fear appeared in their eyes.

Zhou Chuyun wiped away the blood from the corner of his mouth. He pointed at the Saint Kings and complained about them, reporting everything that had happened before.

No no no, that was definitely not the case. Senior, it was all a misunderstanding before, and we didn’t touch your people. I hope you can verify that,” a skinny old man hurriedly explained. He would definitely not admit what he had said before, and the other Saint Kings all hurried to explain themselves as well. None of them dared to show any arrogance after personally witnessing Jian Chen’s strength.

“Where did the wounds on the two of you come from?” Jian Chen turned around and asked.

“F- from the ripples of battle.” Zhou Chuyun and Liu Jun became rather red in the face, feeling embarrassed.

Jian Chen did not delve into the matter. Instead, he turned to the four old men and killing intent flickered in his eyes.

“The water was taken by us from Nicholas of the four seas. If we didn’t stop him, he probably would’ve ingested it long ago,” said the old man who held the divine water of the world. Afterward, he tossed the jade bottle to Jian Chen without any unwillingness.

Jian Chen caught the battle before glancing over the metal swords used by the old men. A sliver of light flickered through the depths of his eyes as he committed them to memory. After that, he opened the bottle cap to check and found that the water had indeed remained the same.

Jian Chen put the bottle away before giving an order to Zhou Chuyun, “Call Zhou Lin and the others. We’re leaving.”

Zhou Chuyun immediately went to find Zhou Lin and the others. The Heaven Saint Masters were very smart; as soon as they noticed something was wrong with the situation, they fled twenty kilometers. They avoided all the ripples of battle and returned with Zhou Chuyun unscathed.

As Zhou Chuyun went off to get them, Liu Jun took advantage of the moment to check through all the corpses of the beasts. He had found a few thunderstones in the end and had removed all the Space Rings of the Saint Kings that had fallen in battle. Afterward, he passed all of them courteously to Jian Chen.

The surrounding Saint Kings could only watch as Liu Jun removed all the Space Rings. Although they were tempted, they did nothing.

Jian Chen left with the people of the Blue Sky Adventurers, leaving behind a large group of people who had failed to obtain the divine water of the world. They still stood their, mouths agape.

The four old men stared deeply at Jian Chen’s back as he walked away. Only when Jian Chen had completely disappeared from their vision did they look at each other. As if their minds were connected, they walked in Jian Chen’s direction in unison.

Afterward, all the Saint Kings that had gathered there left. All of them were filled with pity since they had just watched divine water of the world get taken away.

“Pay for Gus’ life!” Suddenly, the remaining Saint King of the Huangdao clan bellowed out. He quickly charged toward the heavily-injured grand elder of the Hundred-footed clan who was missing an arm, but he was blocked by the other Saint King. The two of them began to fight once again.

Lan Mo did not participate in the battle between the two clans. Instead, he had backed far away long ago. He was currently pale-faced as his legs shook.

“H- h- he’s actually a 16th Star expert. I- I’ve actually provoked a 16th Star expert.” Lan Mo was filled with lingering fear and a cold sweat flooded his forehead. Only now did he understand exactly what he had provoked.

A 16th Star expert was an existence that could easily wipe out his entire clan.

“It’s fortunate that expert isn’t petty.” Lan Mo felt lucky as he thought to himself.

“Young master Lan Mo, I seem to have forgotten about you.” At this moment, a cold voice rang from afar. Lan Mo immediately gave a violent jolted when he heard the terrifyingly familiar voice. He turned around in fear.

All he saw was Jian Chen, Zhou Chuyun, and the others. They had actually turned around and were making their way to him.

“S- senior…” At this moment, Lan Mo dared not to be prideful anymore. The arrogance he had displayed in Divine City had vanished long ago. He wanted to apologize, but he could not help but tremble under Jian Chen’s sharp and cold glare. He did not even have the courage to speak.

“I had spared your life before, but you did not repent or change. You asked for it,” Jian Chen coldly said. Afterward, he extended a finger and an Azulet sword Qi shot out. It pierced Lan Mo’s forehead and wiped out his soul. He then turned around and walked off. Liu Jun quickly scurried over to his corpse and removed the Space Ring on his finger before immediately chasing after Jian Chen.

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