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Chapter 1129: Information on the Spirit Sea

Jian Chen walked around the divine realm aimlessly with Zhou Chuyun and the others. They had no plans of leaving.

“Esteemed senior, you’ve already obtained the divine water of the world and more shouldn’t appear in such a short amount of time.” Zhou Chuyun spoke from behind Jian Chen. He had already ingested the Class 6 Radiant Spirit Pulls from Jian Chen, so he had recovered from almost all of his injuries. He was mostly fine now.

After a moment of silence, Jian Chen passed a small portion of the divine water to Zhou Chuyun and Liu Jun. He also gave them a few 15th Star quaking thunders and said, “I don’t want to leave for now. Your lives will be threatened if you follow me around in the depths of the divine realm, so you should return first.”

“No, senior Yang Yutian. We’ve followed you for the entire journey, and we’ve already benefited greatly. How can we take something that belongs to you?” Shocked by the unexpected action, Zhou Chuyun and Liu Jun dared to not accept the items from Jian Chen.

“Take it. If it weren’t for you leading the way, I wouldn’t have been able to obtain the divine water of the world. Plus, we already agreed to split things with you before.” Jian Chen shoved the divine water of the world and the 15th Star quaking thunders into their hands before bidding farewell to them. He had obtained far too little divine water. It was probably only enough for Hong Lian to recover her strength. The several dozen elites of the Flame Mercenaries also needed divine water of the world to increase the quality of their souls and their talent so they could reach Saint Ruler.

As a result, Jian Chen needed to find more of the water.

Zhou Chuyun, Liu Jun, and the other Heaven Saint Master reluctantly separated with Jian Chen. They embarked on their trip back. During the few days they were with Jian Chen, they had experienced a delight they had never experienced before while crossing through the divine realm, filling them with enthusiasm. The entire experience would become something they would cherish. However, they also knew that this feeling was not permanent because their relationship with Jian Chen was not very deep. They were just cooperating.

“Senior Yang Yutian, I will remember you forever.” Before they separated, Zhou Lin stared at Jian Chen in admiration and respect. Her eyes were filled with reluctance.

Jian Chen watched them disappear into the distance. He had silently helped Zhou Chuyun so much only because they were both of the same race.

Jian Chen seemed to have seen his past self in the people who worked so arduously to become more powerful in this foreign land.

Jian Chen dismissed his thoughts. He suddenly said, “The four of you have stalked me for so long. It’s about time you appear.”

With that, four old men silently emerged from the bushes behind him. They did not make any sound, like ghosts.

Jian Chen turned around and calmly looked at the four of them. He coldly asked, “Why are you following me?”

The four old men did not respond. They calmly stared at him and only after quite a while did someone talk, “Sir, it seems like you’ve only come to the divine realm in search of the water.”

“So what if that’s the case?” Jian Chen remained the same.

“Sir, we might be able to cooperate if you want to obtain even more of the water,” the old man continued.

“Cooperate? Have you seen traces of more water?” A gleam of light flashed through Jian Chen’s eyes and his interest was immediately piqued.

“We haven’t seen other traces, but we know the source,” said an old man.

“What? The source of the divine water?” Jian Chen was shocked. He could no longer keep his composure, “Tell me what the source is like.”

“Many years ago, we once ventured into the depths of the divine realm and caught sight of a lake bathed in rainbow light from afar. Divine water of the world poured out endlessly from the middle and most of it dropped into the lake. Only a very little amount hovered above the lake, floating about aimlessly through the entire divine realm,” said the old man. He did not give any information as to where the lake was.

“A lake that shines with the colors of the rainbow. I- is that the spirit sea?” Jian Chen was greatly shaken. According to what they had said, it was extremely likely that they had seen the spirit sea. Once he found the spirit sea, the water would no longer be a problem.

“We can work together. What are your conditions?” Jian Chen agreed without an hesitation. The information they had revealed was just too great of a temptation to him.

“We have no conditions. We only wish to travel together because there’s extremely powerful formations that protect the source. It’s very difficult for the four of us to break through, so we need helpers. Once we get through the formations, you can take the divine water, and we’ll take what we need,” said the old man.

Pausing slightly, Jian Chen looked at the four of them as his eyes lit up. He gently smiled, “The item you four need must be very valuable, right?”

“It is indeed valuable to us, but it is useless to you.” A metal sword appeared in the old man’s hands as he continues, “This is the weapon the four of use. It is not condensed from energy. It is instead forged from meteorites over several years. The item we need is a material for the sword, which can make it even more powerful.”

Jian Chen stared fixedly at the metal sword. He had been in this world for so long, yet all the weapons used by the experts he had come across were condensed from energy. Even Emperor Armaments were the same. They were the solidification of energy, yet the four old men actually used metal swords as their weapons, clearly misfits compared to the rest of the world.

“Quite an extraordinary metal sword, I can actually feel the souls of many living beings in it,” Jian Chen praised. The four old men before him were not simple. They took a different path of cultivation, which could be understood just from their weapons.

Jian Chen agreed with the four old men. He was very curious about their cultivation method, but he did not ask about it so boldly. Everyone had their secrets.

The four old men lead the way, bringing Jian Chen in the direction of the source. After a conversation, Jian Chen had learned their names. They were very odd names—A’Da, A’Er, A’San and A’Si. These were their real names.

TL: The reason why their names are regarded as weird (other than the funky combination with the apostrophes) is that the ‘A’ at the start of names is usually used for a nickname, such as calling a character both you and I know, Changyang Hu, as A’Hu. The other parts of their names, after the apostrophe, compounds the strangeness because it basically means ‘one,’ ‘two,’ ‘three,’ and ‘four’.

Jian Chen had even learned that the four of them were actually brothers with the same parents.

The three middle-aged men Jian Chen had killed in the cave a few days before were not connected to the four of them at all. They were only followers they had come across by chance.

Jian Chen and the four of them did not discuss many things in detail. They were silent people and did not have much to say, always maintaining a cold face.


Suddenly, an earth-shaking roar rang out. It caused the ground to shake as a hundred-meter-tall ape with an axe on its shoulder furiously charged at Jian Chen.

Jian Chen’s face slightly changed. He said, “He’s coming for me. I never thought he’d still be able to find me. Let’s go.” With that, Jian Chen and the four old men quickly ran off. They pushed their speed to the limit, throwing off the ape very soon.

“The ape’s one of the most powerful existences in the divine realm. It’s reached the 16th Star and possesses extremely terrifying power, but fortunately, speed is his weakness, or we’d be in deep trouble,” A’Da said with a deep voice as fear appeared in his eyes. He understood the situation of the divine realm extremely well.

However, the ground far away began to tremble again without much time. The huge ape had actually caught up again.

Without any choice, the five of them began to run once again, shaking off the huge ape.

This time, they stopped after running over a hundred kilometers. A’Si could not help but ask, “Yang Yutian, how did you provoke that ape? Why’s it sticking to you and unwilling to let you go?” The four of them looked at Jian Chen. They felt victimized. They had done nothing at all, yet they had to suffer with Jian Chen and face the pursuit of a terrifying ape.

“Before you started fighting over the divine water, I took away their child. Their child must have returned to them already. I just never thought that the ape would harbor resentment and would keep chasing after me,” replied Jian Chen.

The four old men looked at each other. They needed to hand it to Jian Chen for recklessly taking away the child of the two apes.

A’San pulled out a bag of powder from his Space Ring. He said, “This is the powdered bones of feral beasts from the divine realm. Sprinkle it over you, and it should cover your scent. It’ll prevent the ape from smelling you.”

Jian Chen accepted the powder with doubts. After a quick examination, he gently picked up a little of it and sprinkled it over him after confirming there was nothing wrong with it.

He soon realized that A’San’s bone dust really was effective. The ape had indeed stopped pursuing after Jian Chen had sprinkled the powder on him.

“The sense of smell of these beasts is very sensitive. The bone powder can only cover our scents temporarily. It won’t hide us completely from the feral beasts, so we need to erase our presence as we travel and alert fewer beasts. The road ahead is relatively long. Very few people come to these depths to cull the feral beasts, so many extremely powerful existences have appeared after some time. They’re very hard to deal with,” explained A’Da as he carefully made his way to the very depths with Jian Chen.

The four of them had clearly entered the depths often. They possessed an extremely great understanding of the place. Not only could they tell what powerful feral beast was active in a certain region from a few small hints, they could even deduce what special and powerful types of feral beasts lived there depending on the environment and geography, allowing them to avoid many problems.

There was even one time when they had entered the territory of the Soaring Ants. The four old men saw a few hints and backed out as soon as possible, avoiding the dangerous ants.

Jian Chen admired the four old men for their rich experience. He had even began to wonder whether or not the four of them had been born in the divine realm because they knew the place too well. They virtually had the power to avoid disaster.

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