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Chapter 1130: A Mystical Space

Relatively fewer battles occured along the way. They had chosen to avoid almost all the feral beasts they came across, so head-on battles happened very rarely. They spent more time traveling.

Jian Chen and the four old men approached the end of the divine realm. They had traveled for three days and had finally arrived before a big, surging river.

“The pathway to the place is beneath the river. We discovered it accidentally. Follow us and don’t get lost,” said A’Da. After that, the four of them all jumped into the river and disappeared, quickly sinking to the bottom.

Jian Chen did not hesitate either. He allowed Chaotic Force to surge through his body, pushing his defenses to the extreme before jumping in as well.

The river was very deep. Following the four old men from behind, Jian Chen sank for ten thousand meters before finally approaching the bottom. He endured the pressure from several dozen tons of water. It was enough to pulverize a normal person, but it was nothing to an expert like Jian Chen.

It was not pitch-black at the bottom of the river. A layer of drifting sand glowed with a faint blue light, dying the bottom of the lake blue and making it seem like a wonderland. It was extremely pretty.

A type of mutated fish lived down there. They were extremely powerful, and some of the more powerful ones could even threaten Saint Rulers. They attacked Jian Chen and the four old men from time to time.

The four old men had already drawn their metal swords. They slashed the fish in half and a blue liquid flowed from the dead fish. The fish did not possess red blood but blue blood.

Jian Chen would also send Azulet sword Qi toward the fish that attacked him from time to time. The fish were not powerful, so the sword Qi was enough.

Jian Chen and the four old men traveled upriver. After traveling several thousand meters, a five-meter-wide hole appeared in front of them. The hole was completely hidden by the river and could only be discovered at the bottom.

Jian Chen followed A’Da and the others into the hole. There was still a lot of drifting sand that glowed with blue light there. The sand was neither metal nor rock, but the particles were much larger in size, around thumb-sized.

Jian Chen picked up a handful of the particles and examined them. Afterward, he said to the four old men through a communication technique, “You should collect some of this. It’s a material for forging weapons. If you add in some of this, it can greatly increase the power of your swords.” Jian Chen had already secretly asked the sword spirits and confirmed that the blue sand particles were a type of material. However, their quality was just far too low and would not be helpful when forging the Azulet swords. However, it was a high-quality material to their metal swords.

The four of them became stunned by Jian Chen’s message. They looked at him in shock. They never would have thought that Jian Chen would understand more about forging weapons than them, which was the reason why they became shocked. The four of them did not say much. All of them collected some of the pebble-like sand before continuing on.

The deep-blue hole was filled with water, so Jian Chen and the four of them could not speak. All they could do was communicate using techniques.

“We’ll reach our destination after we pass through here. It’s a brand new world in there, so be careful,” A’Da informed Jian Chen. When they reached the end of the hole, there was not a rock face but a region of twisting, blurry space.

It was not the first time the four old men had come here. They passed through the blurry space with much familiarity before vanishing.

Jian Chen hesitated slightly and secretly made some preparations. Afterward, he entered the distorted space as well and vanished from the tunnel.

Stepping out, Jian Chen’s vision suddenly returned. He quickly glanced around and discovered that he seemed to have come to another world to his shock. However, before he could observe anything in more detail, he suddenly felt weightless. He actually began to fall.

Jian Chen stabilized himself very quickly. He discovered that he had actually appeared at an altitude of several hundred meters after passing through the tunnel. There was an extremely slippery rock face below him, and he just happened to emerge in the center of it. The tunnel he had emerged from was blurry and unclear.

“This is our destination, where the divine water of the world is sourced.” A’Da and the others levitated at the same altitude as Jian Chen. There was no joy on their faces, only seriousness.

Jian Chen looked forward and immediately became overjoyed. A huge lake lay over ten kilometers away from him and water constantly shot out of the center. It created a ten-meter-tall spray. Some slightly-multicolored divine water floated atop the lake before falling back into it.

An extremely small portion of the divine water drifted from the lake and then weirdly disappeared.

“A spirit sea! This is a spirit sea!” Jian Chen rejoiced inside. He had heard about the spirit sea from the sword spirits, so he obviously recognized it at first glance.

“Obtaining the divine water of the world will definitely be difficult. A powerful layer of formations surround the source and a group of extremely powerful beasts cultivate on the outer layers. These beasts have all ingested the water and possess intelligence, so they are much harder to deal with than the ones outside,” A’San said with a deep voice.

Jian Chen glanced over and his joy disappeared very quickly. It was gradually replaced by a sternness. He had discovered that the spirit sea was just as A’San had described, covered by a powerful formation. Over thirty mountainous feral beasts gathered outside the formation and every single one of them radiated with vast presences. Even the weakest one was at the Seventh Heavenly Layer of Saint King while the strongest was at the Great Perfection of Saint King and there were multiple at each layer.

Suddenly, Jian Chen’s heart skipped a beat. He stared at a smaller and unimpressive beast in shock as his heart surged.

“A Class 9 feral beast! There’s actually a Class 9 feral beast here!” Jian Chen exclaimed inside. He was filled with disbelief. There was actually a beast as powerful as a Saint Emperor among them.

Jian Chen became grim. With so many terrifying beasts guarding the area, it was impossible for them to venture into the spirit sea.

“Looks like I need to get Rui Jin and the others to help out,” Jian Chen sighed inside. He had come across powerful foes he could not overcome himself.

“Don’t worry. These beasts may be very terrifying, but they are not without weaknesses. The four of us once stayed here in secret for several centuries, so we know their habits like the back of our hands. Every hundred years, the formations here will become unstable. It will disturb the surroundings and isolate the area, making the region extremely unstable. At that moment, the beasts’ senses and smell will be affected. That will be the perfect time for us to enter.”

“There’s not just one layer of formations here. There’s another two layers hidden inside. The three layers divide the area into three regions. The region where the beasts stay is only within the first layer of formations. They inhabit something like an alternate space, so they can’t discover us unless we enter the first layer of formations.”

“All we need to do now is wait for the formation to become unstable. Then we will take advantage of when the senses of the beasts are at their weakest and quickly pass through the first and second layer of formations. These beasts can’t pass through the second layer, so it’s impossible for them to injure us.

“How much time is there until the formations become unstable again?” Jian Chen asked.

“We’ve calculated it accurately. There should be half a month to a month left. No longer than three months.”

With that, Jian Chen temporarily gave up on the idea of letting out Rui Jin and the other two. If he could, he wanted to use his own efforts to obtain everything he needed. He did not want to rely on others too much.

Afterward, Jian Chen, A’Da, and the other three waited for half a month, finally witnessing the instability that occurred once every century. Wild streams of energy suddenly appeared as the three layers of formations up ahead violently pulsed.

The space up ahead became extremely distorted, such that one’s line of sight became completely obscured. One’s vision was reduced to a blurry, chaotic world, where all senses were nullified by the distorted space.

“It’s now! Let’s go!” A’Da yelled out and quickly charged toward the formations with his three brothers. The instability of the formations would not last long, so they did not have much time. They needed to use every single second they had.

Jian Chen used the Illusory Flash to tail them closely. They crossed over ten kilometers in the blink of an eye, quickly approaching the first layer of formations. The four brothers then began to advance using an odd sequence of steps. This was the key to the formation. It had been invented by the four of them after years of intensive study.

Jian Chen had been warned long ago. He did not recklessly charge around as he entered the formation, and instead he followed the four brothers’ rhythmic pace. In the end, they passed into the first region of space without any obstructions, entering the same world as the beasts.

The beasts were greatly affected by the instability of the formations. They had lost all sense of the situation around them. They could not see or smell, possessing no idea that other people had already entered the region.

However, the five of them were exactly the same. They held hands with each other as they advanced, afraid that they would be separated.

“We still have roughly ten minutes,” A’Da said through a communication technique. Afterward, the five of them formed a straight line as they made their way to the second region purely by instinct.

At this moment, A’Da who was at the very front suddenly stopped, almost causing the people behind him to crash. A thunderous roar rang out from ahead soon after, causing the entire place to shake.

“Sh*t, I’ve collided with a beast!” A’Da could not help but swear. Everyone was affected by the distortion of space, so they could not see anything at all. They had determined their route outside, so once they deviated even slightly, it would be very easy for them to collide with a beast.

All of their expressions changed before they immediately traveled around the beast they could not see. They continued to run to the second region since they would be safe once they entered it.

Furious roars rang out behind them as the ground constantly trembled, causing the space to distort even more violently. The beast that A’Da had crashed into before had already gained self-consciousness and was fairly intelligent. It immediately reached the conclusion that outsiders were intruding and became angered.

Violent attacks began to permeate the first region. The beast had began to attack the surrounding area extensively in attempt to find the intruders. Some of its attacks struck the first and second layers of the formation, causing them to violently pulse.

The furious roars of the beast shook the earth. Even though all their senses were affected by the unstable formations, some nearby beasts still managed to hear the loud sounds. Furious roars immediately began to ring out one after another. They were communicating with the beasts around them using a special method.

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