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Chapter 1136: A Gift

Jian Chen sat on the throne all by himself within the majestic hall. It was silent in there.

Jian Chen sat there lazily. With a flip of his hand, a simple book appeared in it. It was covered with the marks of time, clearly having existed for quite some time already.

“It’s a pity that only members of the Sea race can practice the cultivation method of the Octoterra Emperor. Otherwise, I could have added another great cultivation method to the collections of the Flame Mercenaries,” Jian Chen mumbled as he looked at the cultivation method. His voice was filled with pity.

“Octoterra Emperor, I obtained your divine hall and I found a successor for you, so your cultivation method will not be lost. This can be counted as a form of compensation,” Jian Chen murmured to himself. He did not let Xie Wang take the cultivation method away with him, but he believed that Xie Wang had already memorized the contents.

The cultivation methods from the sea realm were unsuitable for humans and magical beasts. He had originally obtained a Tian Level Saint Technique that was equivalent to the Saint Tier Battle Skills on the Tian Yuan Continent and the Octoterra Emperor’s cultivation method from the divine hall. Nubis had taken the Tian Level Saint Technique and wanted to modify it into his own battle skill. He was still working hard on it today.

Jian Chen could only hand the cultivation method to Xie Wang. Only members of the Sea race could practice it, and he knew very few people in the Sea realm. Xie Wang was undoubtedly one of the best choices.

“It’s a pity that the members of the Turtle clan are limited by their original form. The cultivation methods that suit them the most are those that strengthen the body. The Octoterra Emperor’s cultivation method is not suitable for them since they have better methods to use,” Jian Chen mumbled. He did not want a cultivation method left behind by a Saint Emperor be forgotten just like this. He wanted to find even more outstanding successors for the cultivation method, and just Xie Wang by himself was not enough.

Suddenly, Jian Chen’s eyes lit up. He stood up from the throne and said, “I might be able to find someone who’s suitable. Someone come!” Jian Chen immediately summoned an elder of the Turtle clan. After asking him about a few things, he departed from the Turtle clan.

There was a large tribe several hundred thousand kilometers away from the Turtle clan. There were several hundred thousand people who lived there, and it was rumored to have a 15th Star expert. It was renowned throughout the surrounding radius of several tens of thousand kilometers, and they held supreme power in that small region.

The tribe was called the Kalor tribe. It was rumored that the founding expert shared the same name as the tribe, and those surnamed Kai were part of the leading family of the tribe.

Several Earth Saint Master guards stood straight-backed under the leadership of a Heaven Saint Master outside. They silently guarded the main entrance of the tribe.

At this moment, a streak of light flashed by. A person had shot over from the distance with extremely great speed, arriving there in just a few seconds. The person was so fast that the guards could not react.

The person turned out to be a very handsome young man who seemed to be in his twenties and wore blue a robe. He had erased his presence and none of it leaked out, so he seemed just like an ordinary person.

The guards outside the entrance all became surprised. The young man did not give off any presence, but just the speed he had traveled at was something that other ordinary experts could not match.

“Esteemed warrior, I, Shak, captain of the second unit of the Kalor tribe, would like to express the most sincere welcome to you. Is there anywhere I can help you with?” The Heaven Saint Master arrived before Jian Chen with his head lowered. He spoke politely.

“Is Kai Ya a member of your tribe,” the young man asked nonchalantly.

“Esteemed warrior, Kai Ya is the young lady of our tribe,” responded Shak.

“I want to see your young lady. Please pass on the message,” said the Jian Chen.

With that, Shak became slightly troubled. He carefully inquired, “May I ask how you would like to be referred to? I’ll pass on the message right now.”

“The ruler of the Turtle clan,” replied Jian Chen.

“What! You’re the ruler of the Turtle clan!?” Shak paled in fright. He stared at Jian Chen in disbelief.

Recently, the Turtle clan had become extremely well-known in the territory of the Sea Goddess Hall. It was rumored that an impressive ruler had appeared in the clan. He had first subdued the Taihong clan and then made the three disciplinary elders of the Heaven’s Spirit Hall submit to him. He caused the Turtle clan’s strength to skyrocket, allowing them to regain their former glory.

Also, the Turtle clan had been waging battles everywhere recently. They took over a lot of crystal mines using absolute power, forcing many large clans to work together with the Tao family just so they could contend with the Turtle clan. It shook up the entire territory.

Although very few people had seen the mysterious ruler of the Turtle clan, he had already become an expert that had shaken up the entire sea realm.

Shak never would have believed that the ordinary young man right before him was the legendary ruler of the Turtle clan.

“Ruler, p- please wait. I’ll go pass on the message immediately,” Shak returned to his senses and responded with a trembling voice. Afterward, he ran inside as fast as he could.

Jian Chen did not follow him and instead silently waited there. Otherwise, he probably would have caused quite a disturbance in the Kalor tribe.

Kai Ya currently sat opposite of a middle-aged man with refined facial features in an extremely well-adorned room. They spoke freely.

The middle-aged man was Kai Ya’s father as well as the current patriarch of the Kalor tribe. He possessed a great status.

At this moment, an old man hurried into the room. He hastily said, “Patriarch, someone has reported that the ruler of the Turtle clan has come to our tribe. He’s currently at the main entrance.”

“What? The ruler of the Turtle clan? Elder Zhou, are you sure you’ve heard correctly?” The patriarch immediately stood up as shock filled his face. Mentioning the mysterious ruler of the Turtle clan, who had only appeared recently, was like thunder to his ears.

“It was reported by someone below. Patriarch, we better go check on whether it’s true or not. Just in case it’s true…” Elder Zhou hurriedly replied. He was afraid that they would offend the ruler by making him wait too long.

“Why would the ruler of the Turtle clan come to our Kalor tribe?” The patriarch was filled with suspicion as he quickly walked away.

The patriarch hurriedly arrived at the main entrance with a great group of elders behind him. They saw Jian Chen standing there in the distance, and Kai Ya, who was beside the patriarch, jerked. Her gaze was filled with astonishment as she subconsciously cried out, “It’s actually you, warrior!”

“Kai Ya, do you recognize this person? Is he really the ruler of the Turtle clan?” The patriarch asked through a communication technique.

Kai Ya did not respond since she did not know Jian Chen’s true identity either.

At this moment, the group of people from the Kalor tribe had arrived before Jian Chen. All of them curiously observed and examined him, but Jian Chen kept his presence hidden, so none of them could see his strength. The patriarch immediately clasped his hands, “I am the patriarch of the Kalor tribe. May I ask how I may refer to you?”

“I am the ruler of the Turtle clan, Jain Chen. I’ve actually come this time primarily to find miss Kai Ya,” replied Jian Chen. After speaking, he waved his hand before anyone could say anything else. A mysterious power immediately wrapped around Kai Ya, and he flew away with her.

The sudden actions caused everyone to become stunned. No one had thought that Jian Chen would actually take Kai Ya away in such a straightforward fashion. However, Jian Chen was just too fast, so none of them could catch up even if they tried.

“So is he the ruler of the Turtle clan or not? Why has he taken away Kai Ya?” The patriarch wondered aloud. He was filled with worry.

One of the old men remained silent for a while before walking over from behind. He said, “Patriarch, I recognize this person. When miss Kai Ya and the others suffered in an ambush with me outside Jass City, he was the one who helped us and saved our lives. He shouldn’t do anything detrimental to the young lady.”

Jian Chen stood with his arms crossed on a steep mountain peak a thousand kilometers away from the Kalor Tribe. He gazed at the vast expanse in front of him.

Kai Ya stood behind him as her dress and hair were buffeted by the wind. She stared at Jian Chen’s back with her bright and intelligent eyes. She was strewn between emotions.

“Sir, I never thought you would be the renowned ruler of the Turtle clan,” Kai Ya said rather bitterly. She understood what the identity meant very well. She had never thought Jian Chen’s background would actually be so impressive.

Jian Chen did not have much to say now that he had met Kai Ya again. The two of them had only met by chance originally. Jian Chen turned around and a book appeared in his hand. He said to her, “Miss Kai Ya, this is the cultivation method of the Octoterra Emperor. It’s a pity that it does not suit my clansmen, and I don’t know many people in the sea realm either. You’re probably one of the few I do know, so I want to gift this cultivation method to you. Are you willing to practice it?”

“So you’ve come to find me this time just to give me this cultivation method?” Kai Ya remained abnormally calm. She did not become shocked because of the cultivation method.

Jian Chen nodded and said nothing else.

Kai Ya slowly extended her hand and accepted the cultivation method from Jian Chen. She gently said, “Thank you, ruler!”

“Don’t thank me, because this cultivation method is completely useless when it’s with me, which is why I might as well give it to someone who needs it. Kai Ya, I hope I will see a second Octoterra Emperor in the future,” Jian Chen nonchalantly replied before disappearing into the distance as a streak of light.

Kai Ya held the cultivation method in her right hand. She stared deeply in the direction Jian Chen had vanished and only left after quite some time. She returned to the tribe.

Soon after returning, Kai Ya announced that she would go into a long period of secluded cultivation, causing quite the discussion among the members of the tribe.

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