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Chapter 1139: Vengeful Spirits of the Death Nest (One)

Even though many heavenly resources grew in the Death Nest, no one went there to collect them. Its infamy completely deterred Heaven Saint Masters who were the peak-level experts of smaller kingdoms. Probably only Saint Rulers possessed the ability to protect themselves, but that was in the very outskirts. They needed to be careful as well and not go too far in.

There was a rumor on the Tian Yuan Continent that all the plants that grew within the Death Nest possessed very powerful Yin Qi and grudges that could not be purged. If they were ingested by people, there would be no benefits at all and would instead lead to endless detrimental effects.

As a result, there were extremely few people who entered the Death Nest since ancient times. A few powerful Saint Kings would enter from time to time and seek treasures that had been lost since ancient times.

Suddenly, the space several hundred meters above the Death Nest began to violently distort. A Space Gate slower formed and the robed Jian Chen, the bare-chested Tie Ta, and the black-robed Hei Yu stepped out.

The three of them hovered at an altitude of several hundred meters as they curiously observed their surroundings. Soon afterward, the three of them frowned. A seriousness filled their faces, as well as a little bit of surprise.

“The Death Nest really is worthy of being called the greatest zone of danger on the Tian Yuan Continent. We still haven’t even entered it, yet it’s already pressuring me psychologically,” Jian Chen said.

Tie Ta’s eyes shone as he constantly observed the surrounding area. He would look at the sky sometimes and then look at the forest of death enveloped by a huge formation at other times. He said, “This place is so evil. I seem to be able to feel the wailing of countless souls. No, that’s not it. It feels like faces of ghosts are appearing and brandishing their jaws and claws at us. Those are all vicious ghosts. Jian Chen, this place is frightening.” As a war god, Tie Ta’s senses were greater than Jian Chen, so he sensed it all much clearer.

“Mo Tianyun sure has done a lot to create such an evil place. Just why did he do this? Was it to raise the Saints’ Fruit? Is it really worth it to use the corpses of countless experts just for a piece of fruit?” Hei Yu murmured. He was unsettled. He finally understood the terror of this place after personally witnessing it himself.

“The Yin Qi and presence of grudges here have reached a terrifyingly powerful level. It can shroud the sun and moon, affecting the surroundings as well. Just why did Mo Tianyun do this? Is this an ability that has surpassed Saint Emperor? And I can actually feel a heart-shaking power in the formation. This formation definitely can withstand attacks from Saint Emperors easily. Probably only those who have surpassed Saint Emperor can break through it,” Hei Yu said gruffly.

The three of them remained outside for a while. Afterward, Jian Chen said, “Tie Ta, senior Hei Yu, let’s go in and check out these vengeful spirits. Let’s see just how frightening they are.”

Jian Chen traveled toward the huge formation with Tie Ta and Hei Yu. The formation around the Death Nest only seemed to exist to trap the beings inside. It could not stop the entry out outsiders. As a result, the three of them smoothly passed through and entered the Death Nest.

As soon as they stepped in, they felt cold. Yin Qi that was several times denser flooded them, making them feel like they had stepped into a cavern of ice instead.

“What powerful Yin Qi. This Yin Qi is enough to claim the lives of Earth Saint Masters instantaneously. Even Heaven Saint Masters won’t dare to stick around for too long,” exclaimed Jian Chen.

Currently, the three of them were at the edge of the forest. The black mist in the forest surged and churned unceasingly. The ground was scarlet, making it seem like demonic blood, but it was filled with malevolence. It was sunny outside, yet everything became gloomy inside the Death Nest. Visibility was minimal.

In the forest, red and black mixed together. Countless ancient trees and dense grass swayed in the wind, making them seem like ghosts moving about. Coupled with the wild wind, ghosts seemed to be wailing, which was chilling.

The three of them were especially cautious as this was the first time they had ever come across such a hellish place. Even though they were powerful, unknown dangers lurked right before them, so they dared not to be careless.

Jian Chen attempted to expand his presence, but as soon as it left his body, an abnormally icy presence invaded his soul. It made him feel a stabbing pain in his soul, where even he became rather dizzy.

Jian Chen immediately drew back his presence and was no longer willing to use it anymore. His presence was wondrous, but it was not all-powerful. It would be suppressed in some special environments.

The three of them walked through the gloomy forest as the mist constantly churned. It radiated waves of cold, as if countless claws of ghosts were touching them all over. It was hair-raising, and they became covered in goosebumps.

At this moment, strands of iciness emerged from the mist and clung to Jian Chen’s skin before entering his body.

Jian Chen sensed it, but he did nothing to resist it. Instead, he relaxed and allowed the iciness to enter his body.

At the same time, a weak ripple of energy appeared beside him. Hei Yu and Tie Ta had come across a similar situation as Jian Chen. They started circulating their much-more-powerful energy to erase the invading iciness.

The iciness had entered Jian Chen’s flesh and blood. It wormed into Jian Chen’s organs before beginning to devour all vitality present in his body. He immediately felt his vitality leak away bit by bit through the iciness that had entered him.

“Looks like this iciness contains these properties. It can invade the body and devour vitality. One of Ming Dong’s great-grandfathers had entered the Death Nest with senior Tian Jian in the past, and Ming Dong’s great-grandfather passed away because he was struck with a curse from the Death Nest. Was it this iciness?” Jian Chen thought inside. With a single thought, he yanked back all his vitality that was leaking away. Afterward, with a small tremble, he used his powerful body to shatter the iciness within him.

The three of them continued on their way. They came across quite a few heavenly resources, but it was a pity that all the resources had been contaminated by Yin Qi. They could not be ingested, so they were just a waste.

The three of them traveled a few more kilometers. Suddenly, a huge ghost’s face surged out of the black mist, biting at the three of them with its enormous mouth.

Jian Chen, Tie Ta, and Hei Yu did nothing. They had just come in here, so they had no idea about the dangers. They wanted to use a weak existence like this to test their strength. Then they could find the best way to deal with similar dangers in the future.

The ghost face was completely formed from grudges. It had naturally formed because of the endless amounts of grudges present, and it was equivalent to a Heaven Saint Master.

Biting down, the ghost face devoured the three of them. They felt their vision darken. They had plunged into pure darkness in that moment. An even icier presence wormed its way into their bodies, where even their souls were invaded by the grudges.

After understanding that the ghost face possessed offensive capabilities, they easily dispersed it, causing it to turn back into a black mist that drifted away.

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