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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 1155
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Chapter 1155: A Struggle Between the Strong (Five)

At this moment, the four great elders from the Shenxiao sect became the center of attention. Many human experts watched them from the corner of their eyes as they fought with the vengeful spirits. The legendary God’s Heavenly Thunder from the Shenxiao sect was a powerful secret technique that had already approached the limits of the Saint Tier and even exceeded other Saint Tier Battle Skills. It had reached a whole different domain that was even more profound.

The secret technique had rarely been used through history since using it was exhausting and would bring about a powerful backlash. It was almost a forbidden technique, but once it was used, the power could be described as devastating.

The four great elders sat together in the air. They all formed seals with their hands as the wisps of mist around them surged into the sky. They used the mist to resonate with the world and summon a mysterious and powerful energy from beyond the heavens.


Suddenly, a deafening boom exploded. A huge bolt of lightning descended from the sky, falling toward Hong Lian with unbelievable speed.

There were no dark clouds. It was a bolt from the blue. The sound of thunder filled the air and reverberated across the sky. The bolt of lightning glowed with extremely bright light, illuminating the surroundings.

At that moment, the bolt of lightning seemed to have become the only thing in the world. Its blinding light made the sun darken.

Hong Lian raised her head toward the sky. A stern light flashed through her eyes as she murmured, “Quite some trick, but it’s still not enough to injure me.” She had already been locked on by the lightning, so she could not dodge. All she could do was receive it head-on.

White flames roared around the Scorching Godfire Hairpin before it was thrown into the air by Hong Lian. Immediately, it morphed into a ten-meter-long hairpin from its original size, turning into a white streak of light as it shot toward the God’s Heavenly Thunder with an unstoppable force.


The hairpin collided with the bolt of lightning and an extremely clear boom erupted. Terrifying waves of sound caused the ground to gently tremble. Many Saint Kings were deafened.

The bolt of lighting had actually been shattered. The huge bolt of lightning had been smashed into countless, smaller sparks that shot in all direction by the hairpin, so it seemed like the blooming of a beautiful flower in the sky. It actually created a rather special scene.

“What a powerful origin energy weapon. It actually destroyed the Shenxiao sect’s absolute technique without any difficulty…”

The Saint Kings that saw this broke into a hubbub. Many of them even revealed greed in their gazes. They had become interested in such a powerful origin energy artifact. If they obtained it, they would be invincible below Saint Emperors, and they would have the abilities to contend against Saint Emperors as well.

The four great elders of the Shenxiao sect all became rather ugly. Some paleness appeared on their faces. They remained silent, clenching their teeth to summon more bolts of lightning.

Hong Lian did not give them the chance to continue. Roaring flames enveloped her as she shot toward the four of them with lightning-like speed, like the descent of a fire goddess.

The Saint Kings that covered the four great elders all stepped forward. They sternly stared at Hong Lian and immediately struck out with a palm. Immediately, surging energy erupted toward Hong Lian with a great force.

The Scorching Godfire Hairpin immediately spat out a stream of terrifying white flames. The fire seemed to be able to melt everything in the world, and the energy sent out from over ten Saint Kings was actually burned to a crip by the fire.

The flames had even spread along a sliver of their presence, tainting their arms. Their limbs immediately began to burn as their flesh slowly turned to ash.

The Saint Kings all grunted. They could not put out the flames, so they all made a ruthless decision. They all severed their arms, which stopped the fire from spreading.

Their severed arms were instantly burned to a crisp.

There was no one obstructing Hong Lian now. They all feared the white flames since once it got to them, they would lose a layer of skin even if they didn’t die.

Hong Lian aggressively continued toward the four great elders. Their expressions drastically changed. Without bothering with anything else, they used their final secret techniques to escape.

With a wave of her hand, the Scorching Godfire Hairpin immediately trembled. Four finger-sized sparks flew out, shooting toward the four great elders with lightning-like speed. Afterward, she collapsed two vengeful spirits that floated over in the surroundings using the hairpin again.

Among the four great elders, one of them used a vengeful spirit beside him to block the spark. Another one was struck in the leg while the two others were struck in the chest. The white flames immediately began to flair up, burning from their chests and quickly spreading in all directions.

The three great elders all wailed out painfully. One of them severed his leg without any hesitation while the heads of the other two exploded. They abandoned their bodies and their souls flew out. They quickly traveled toward the uninjured great elder before being sucked away into a gourd.

Vast pressures descended from the sky. They brutally tried to crush Hong Lian, almost as if an invisible mountain was descending. Around a dozen Saint Kings in the surroundings had all begun to use Saint Tier Battle Skills, targeting Hong Lian. Some were from protector clans while the others were ancestors of ancient clans.

Hong Lian produced a clear phoenix’s cry that was sent to the sky. The flames around her surged ten meters high as several flame pillars as thick as an arm shot in all directions like scattered flowers. To no surprise, they targeted the Saint Kings who were using Saint Tier Battle Skills.

If one observed carefully, it was not difficult to see that every single pillar of fire contained a long, fire-red feather. The flames all originated from the feathers.

The situation had completely developed into a battle between three parties. One side included Rui Jin, Hei Yu, and Hong Lian; another side included several hundred vengeful spirits; and the final side was the human Saint Kings.

Hong Lian took on the attacks from many Saint Kings and vengeful spirits all by herself. She attracted the attention of all the Saint Kings. Many people from the protector clans and the ancient clans began to fight against Hong Lian. They feared her flames very much, but that did not mean they were afraid.

The great elders from the Changyang clan became uncertain. They knew the connection between Jian Chen and Rui Jin, Hong Lian, and Hei Yu, so they were hesitating about treating them as enemies or not.

They could not allow outsiders to take the Saints’ Fruit since it belonged to humans.

At this moment, Rui Jin and Hei Yu finally approached the Saints’ Fruit under the encirclement of so many vengeful spirits. The saint artifact hidden in Rui Jin’s bosom immediately flew out, and with a golden flash, Jian Chen silently appeared. He used the Illusory Flash and arrived before the Saints’ Fruit in a single motion.

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