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Chapter 1179: Xiao Bao the Cripple (One)

The quiet Changyang clan was completely illuminated in an instant. Several figures flickered everywhere and all the guards surged out from the rooms as quickly as they could. Many of them had been roused from their sleep, but none of them showed any drowsiness. All of them were in high spirits and possessed sharp gazes.

It had only been ten seconds since the war drums began beating. Several hundred figures suddenly emerged from the Changyang clan.

All the guards gathered in the front courtyard, radiating with powerful presences. Before they could even inquire about what was happening, all of them sensed the extremely bright moonlight in the sky. They immediately looked up and became temporarily stunned when they saw what was in the sky.

A huge divine hall surrounded by a dense layer of moonlight hovered firmly a hundred meters above the clan. It blotted out the entire sky.

“What’s happening?” A heavy and authoritative voice rang out. Changyang Ba had emerged from his room in luxurious robes. He seemed even more dignified than before.

Changyang Ba looked up at the sky because of the bright moonlight as soon as he took a step past the door sill. He too became stunned.

Afterward, all the members of the upper echelon were alarmed as well. They all emerged from their rooms and stared at the divine hall in the sky in doubt and surprise.

“T- that seems like the Bright Moon Divine Hall mentioned by Yue’er!” Changyang Ba stared fixedly at the divine hall and softly murmured. He had learned that You Yue had obtained the Bright Moon Divine Hall long ago, but he had never seen the actual structure.

At this moment, the divine hall’s entrance flung open. Jian Chen flew out as he carried the heavily-injured Changyang Zu Yunxiao while Tie Ta and You Yue followed close by his side.


“It’s young master…”

Jian Chen was immediately recognized as soon as he touched down. At first, there were a few soft cries filled with serendipity, but all the guards dropped to one knee in unison soon afterward. They all called out loudly, in excitement and admiration, “We greet the young master!”

In the blink of an eye, only Jian Chen’s seniors remained standing among the large swathe of people.

Changyang Ba quickly walked over. He became furious and surprised after seeing how Jian Chen was covered in blood. Without even greeting him, he directly asked, “Xiang’er, what’s happened? Why are you so heavily injured? Who injured you?” Changyang Ba’s voice was filled with concern as well as some worry.

For Jian Chen to be reduced to such a horrible condition with his current strength, Changyang Ba really had no idea just how powerful the opponents his talented son had come across.

“Xiang’er…” With a sob, Bi Yuntian hurried over. She glanced at the various injuries on Jian Chen, and she could not help but jerk. She was heartbroken to see her precious son in such a chilling condition.

“Great-grandfather Yunxiao, t- this… Xiang’er, how did great-grandfather Yunxiao become injured like this? He’s a great elder of a protector clan. Is there anyone bold enough to injure a great elder of a protector clan on the continent? Xiang’er, just what has happened?” Changyang Ba paled in fright and hurriedly asked.

“Mother, father, let’s talk about this tomorrow. I’ll take great-grandfather Yunxiao with me to heal.” Jian Chen was rather gloomy. With that, he carried the unconscious Changyang Zu Yunxiao to his residence.

You Yue and Tie Ta followed beside Jian Chen, leaving behind Changyang Ba and a great group of people standing there sternly. There were no sounds other than Jian Chen and the others’ footsteps, which made the atmosphere extremely grim.

Rui Jin, Hei Yu, and Hong Lian arrived at the clan not much later. They said nothing and all returned to their own residences. They possessed extremely great statuses in the clan, so they all possessed their own places to stay.

The Bright Moon Divine Hall was not put away by You Yue. It remained hovering a hundred meters in the air to prevent any accidents from happening. Right now, You Yue had become especially alert as well. She was afraid that the experts of the protector clan would attack, so she left the Bright Moon Divine Hall outside to cover the clan.

The night was dreary to the Changyang clan of Lore City. They all felt heavy-hearted as to what had happened to Jian Chen.

For Lore City, the night was a sleepless one. The descent of the divine hall shook up the entire city, causing it to become bustling from its initial silence. Even the city lord had personally rushed to the clan to visit them, but he was turned away at the doorstep.

The next morning, in a huge mountain range several hundred thousand kilometers away, an expanse of simple, wooden huts stood silently in a beautiful little valley. It was filled with the bleak presence of time.

This was a small village secluded from the world. The scenery there was beautiful and the energy of the world was extremely abundant where it formed a thin mist in the sky. Various herbs and invaluable heavenly resources grew in the surroundings. Heavenly resources of thousands of years of maturity could be seen everywhere, with countless heavenly resources of several hundred years of maturity.

The village was rather large. Several hundred wooden huts and buildings of various sizes stood around in a certain arrangement, but no one could be seen. The entire village was dead silent.

A great hall completely constructed from ten-thousand-year ironwood stood in the center of the village. Although it was ancient and old-fashioned, it was filled with a grandeur that invoked respect.

A few people sat within the hall. The most eye-catching person was a woman in azure clothes. She carried a zither in her bosom and her face was concealed by a veil. Although her appearance was not visible, her bearing gave away her supreme beauty.

Three old men with long eyebrows sat politely in front of her. Their appearances were rather striking, and the central old man held a perfectly-sealed embroidered box.

“Esteemed Heavenly Enchantress, the Heaven’s Heart Lotus you gave us has already been refined into a pill of mild properties. It’s refined from a ten-thousand-year heavenly resource, but even ordinary people will remain fine if they ingest it. There’s no need to worry about its potency that might lead to people imploding.” The old man passed the box to the Heavenly Enchantress. He spoke rather politely but also with some dread.

The Heavenly Enchantress accepted the box and opened it. A perfectly-round, thumb-sized pill lay in there silently as a layer of mist encircled it lazily. It gave off a heavy fragrance.

The Heavenly Enchantress’ plain eyes finally showed some change when she saw the pill. She said, “The Ancient Medicine Village sure is worthy of its name, to use so little time to refine a ten-thousand-year heavenly resource.”

The Ancient Medicine Village was an ancient organization that had existed for over a hundred thousand years. They were one of the more powerful ancient clans and specialized in refining medicine and using medicine to cultivate. They used an extremely different method of cultivation, so they had already reached great mastery over the refinement of pills. They remained secluded most of the time, so they were not known at all. There were not many people who knew of its existence even in most ancient clans.

“Esteemed Heavenly Enchantress, we have already fulfilled your request. I just wonder about the grand elder’s injury…” An old man carefully inquired. He was extremely fearful of the woman seated in front of him.

The Heavenly Enchantress put the box away and said in ordinary voice, “It’s fortunate that your grand elder’s Qi deviation is not too severe. I’ve already used the Soul-nurturing Melody to heal the wounds of his soul, so he will wake up in three day’s time. He just needs to take good care of himself, and he will make a full recovery.

The three old men rejoiced with that. They all thanked her, “Thank you for helping out. We will never forget your kindness.”

The Heavenly Enchantress left the village with the pill. When she left, the three elders who possessed extremely great status within the village immediately exhaled in relief. They felt lingering fear when they thought back to the moment she had first arrived in the village.

“Just who is this Heavenly Enchantress? She’s so terrifying. Just a flick of the finger and everyone in the village fell asleep. Even the Saint Rulers weren’t able to resist…”

“It’s fortunate that she was not hostile, or destroying our village with her strength would have been a piece of cake…”

“Her skills with the zither are just far too terrifying. She specializes in affecting the soul. Even with our strength as Saint Kings, we struggled to resist three notes she played. Just what level of cultivation has she reached to be this strong…”

“When the grand elder suffered Qi deviation in his cultivation, he had injured his soul and has remained unconscious for several decades. The injuries of the soul are the hardest to heal, yet the Heavenly Enchantress has healed his injuries with just a single tune. Is that really all that she’s done…”

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