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Chapter 1192: Sealing the Changyang Clan (One)

Deep growls and elated cries would reverberate from the quiet mountain range from time to time. There would even be a few magical beasts hunting. Their intense fights created loud roars and chilling cries that rang out far and wide, scaring all the weaker magical beasts back to their dens.

Large group of Class 2 and 3 vultures flew through the air in a circle over a certain area. They constantly scanned across the landscape with their merciless eyes. As soon as they found a suitable target, the entire flock would move and devour the magical beasts.

Although the vultures were not powerful by themselves, they had the advantage of numbers. There were several hundred of them, so even Class 4 Magical Beasts would become their prey.

An elated cry rang out from the distance. A black speck suddenly appeared on the horizon, flying toward the flock of vultures.

All the birds immediately became uneasy and fled in all directions in a hurried manner. They seemed to have encountered something terrifying, scaring them all.

The speck rapidly grew larger. It was a flying magical beast with the body of a snake, four wings, and a pair of sharp claws.

It dove into the flock of vultures. It caught a vulture with its mouth and two others in its sharp claws. The claws punctured the vultures’ bodies, causing them to uncontrollably produce a chilling cry from the excruciating pain.

As the vultures fled in all directions, arrows of energy shot out of their mouths. They quickly flew toward the four-winged magical beast.

The magical beast did not dodge. It looked at the arrows like they were jokes and used its body to resist the vultures’ most powerful attacks.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

The sound of clashing metal appeared since the unimpressive black feathers on the magical beast were actually extremely tough. The most powerful attacks from the vultures were not enough to pose any harm to it.

The magical beast had already reached Class 5. There was a divide between Class 5 and Class 4; the several hundred Class 2 and 3 vultures could indeed kill Class 4 Magical Beasts without much difficulty, but they could do nothing to one that was Class 5.

The four-winged magical beast flapped it wings. It charged toward the other vultures as a black streak of light. It still held a vulture in its mouth, and the two within its claws struggled violently. It spread its wings wide and all the vultures were cleaved in half as soon as they came in contact with the steel-like wings. Blood dyed the air.

In just a few seconds, over twenty vultures had died to the four-winged magical beast, yet it also stopped its hunt at this moment as well. It glanced coldly and viciously at the vultures that fled into the distance as a human-like sliver of disdain appeared in its eyes.

The magical beast seemed to sense something. A gleam of light flashed through its human-like eyes as it raised its head to look up. Afterward, it suddenly began to plummet with a flap of its wings, disappearing into the thicket underneath.

The space several hundred meters up suddenly began to twist violently, before it was ripped open. A colorful Space Gate stabilized in just a few seconds and Rui Jin, Hong Lian, Jian Chen, and You Yue emerged in order.

The Space Gate also rapidly disappeared after they had appeared, and the space there returned to how it had been before.

Rui Jin, Hong Lian, You Yue, and Jian Chen all looked ahead. The World Gate connecting the protector Changyang clan to the outside world was hidden a hundred meters in front of them. The World Gate was hidden extremely well, making it impossible for anyone to notice any signs of it. However, the disadvantage of a world gate was that its location could not be moved.

Rui Jin seemed to sense something at this moment. A weird light appeared in his eyes, and he turned to the thicket beneath him. His ordinary gaze pierced through the vegetation and clearly saw what was hidden beneath.

“I never thought that I’d find a Winged Dragon here. It contains a sliver of the Dragon clan’s bloodline,” Rui Jin said in surprise. To him, this was a complete surprise.

The thicket beneath began to shake slightly and the four-winged magical beast slowly flew out. It was very intelligent, so it did not keep hiding after learning that Rui Jin had discovered it.

The four-winged magical beast did not move quickly. It kept its head very low and steadily made its way in front of Rui Jin. It behaved like a servant and its sharp gaze had completely disappeared now. It was now replaced by respect.

The four-winged magical beast was a Winged Dragon that possessed a sliver of the Dragon clan’s bloodline. Although it was not pure, it could still be considered a close relative of the dragons, which was why it possessed such a sensitivity toward the bloodline of dragon kings.

Now that the Dragon clan had disappeared, Rui Jin immediately felt especially close to the Winged Dragon. He asked, “Are there more dragons other than you?”

The Winged Dragon immediately shook its head and produced several deep growls after listening to what Rui Jin said.

Rui Jin gently sighed and a sliver of despair appeared in his eyes. Afterward, he said to the Winged Dragon, “A great battle is about to erupt here. Leave immediately so you don’t get harmed by the shockwaves.”

The Winged Dragon bid farewell to Rui Jin courteously before leaving. With a flap of its wings, it immediately turned into a blur and shot off into the distance. It moved extremely quick.

After the Winged Dragon’s departure, Rui Jin’s gaze returned to where the World Gate of the Changyang clan was. He heavily said, “I’ll use the absolute secret technique of the Dragon clan to seal up this region of space immediately. Be prepared. As I seal it, there will be great ripples of energy that will definitely raise the attention of the people in the clan. When the time comes, you have to fight in the protector clan, not outside.”

Hong Lian, Jian Chen, and You Yue sternly nodded. Afterward, the light of flames shot into the sky and the surrounding temperature began to increase quickly. Both the Ninerefined Godfire Feathermail and Scorching Godfire Hairpin had appeared on Hong Lian.

With a flip of his hand, Jian Chen drew his Emperor Armament from his Space Ring. He clenched the hilt tightly as his chaotic neidan constantly spat out Chaotic Force, filling up every inch of his body instantly.

You Yue also carried the Bright Moon Divine Hall in her palm. She gently threw it into the air and the divine hall expanded in the incoming wind. It became several dozen meters long in the blink of an eye and the main entrance opened slowly. Immediately, pure moonlight flowed out and enveloped You Yue before sucking her in.

Rui Jin had also pulled out nine stalks of Dragon’s Saliva from his Space Ring. Every single stalk was as tall as a full-grown man, yet they seemed ordinary, just like any old weed. There was nothing special about them.

The million-year-old Dragon’s Saliva hid tremendous amounts of pure vital energy. Similar to the Saints’ Fruit, it had already reached the level of returning to its original simple looks.

The nine stalks hovered in the air and created a formation. Rui Jin then bit his finger and allowed a droplet of golden blood to fall on each of the nine grasses, which was then immediately absorbed. The jade-green leaves of the Dragon’s Saliva slowly turned golden and an extremely pure vital energy pervaded them. The energy seemed to have been activated by the drop of blood.

Rui Jin did not stop at all and immediately began to create hand seals. He used a secret technique of the Dragon clan to activate all the vital energy within the grasses.

Immediately, a vast amount of vital energy, so great that it was enough to disturb Jian Chen, appeared. After the accumulation of over a million years, the energy within the grasses was so vast that no one could measure it.

A huge and majestic divine hall sat on the floating piece of land within the space of the protector clan. In an extremely well-adorned room, Changyang Qing Yun paced around while deep in thought, as if something weighed on his heart. His expression was filled with some worry and anticipation, and he wasn’t as composed as he usually was.

Over the past few days, all he could think of was the Saints’ Fruit. He did not care for the departure of Changyang Zu Xiao and his clansmen at all. Nothing was more important than becoming Saint Emperor. Although the Changyang clan’s strength had plummeted with their departure, Changyang Qing Yun remained completely indifferent.

This was because even if the Changyang clan had become the weakest protector clan out of the ten, their status still could not be replaced by another organization. The heritage they possessed was so deep that no ancient clan could match up against them.

At this moment, Changyang Qing Yunfeng walked in from outside. He was rosy and possessed much vigor, currently in a great condition. He had been injured by Changyang Zu Yunxiao’s Founding God’s Punch, but he had been completely healed with the medicines of the clan.

“Qing Yun, do you think Jian Chen will give up the Saints’ Fruit on of his own accord for the war god of the Hundred Races?” Changyang Qing Yunfeng asked.

Changyang Qing Yun thought in silence and responded soon afterward, “Over the past few days, I’ve specifically investigated Jian Chen. According to what I know, he should be a person who views ties of friendship with great importance. He definitely won’t forsake his friend’s safety for the sake of his own benefits. If the reports describe him correctly, he’ll definitely obediently hand over the fruit because he knows the war god will definitely die if he doesn’t.”

Changyang Qing Yunfeng remained silent for a while. He then sternly said, “Qing Yun, you should know what it means now that the war god of the Hundred Races has appeared. Our Tian Yuan Continent no longer has a sovereign-like figure like in the ancient times. If we let the war god go for the Saints’ Fruit, the Tian Yuan Continent will definitely face disaster in the future after he matures. Not to mention, we’re using him to coerce Jian Chen for the Saints’ Fruit. In the future, he’ll definitely take revenge against us first after he matures.”

Changyang Qing Yun sinisterly smiled with that, “Yunfeng, you don’t need to worry about that because the war god won’t have the chance to become a sovereign-like figure.”

Changyang Qing Yunfeng stared blankly before understanding very quickly. He too evilly smiled, “Are you saying that you’ll leak the war god’s identity as soon as you obtain the Saints’ Fruit?”

“Correct. The war god will definitely become a sovereign-like figure in the future. Even if I used the Saints’ Fruit to break through to Saint Emperor, I won’t be anywhere near his opponent. How can I let such a powerful opponent successfully grow?” Changyang Qing Yun sneered.

“Then I don’t have to worry,” Changyang Qing Yunfeng smiled.

At this moment, Changyang Qing Yun’s expression changed. He heavily said, “Oh no, someone’s attacking our Changyang clan.” With that, he disappeared and reappeared at the entrance of the divine hall.

At the same time, the heavy sound of a bell rang through the entire clan. It was the sound of the Bell of Grand Clarity, but a chilling aura was present, as if it was a war drum.

With the chime, the quiet clan immediately fell into a commotion. More and more people emerged from their residences or flew over from various mountain peaks on the floating piece of land.

The Bell of Grand Clarity had two different chimes. One was peaceful, used specifically to welcome valued guests, while the second one could shock the souls of people. It was filled with a chilling presence, and it was the alarm for battle.

The five remaining great elders stood beside one another in front of the divine hall. They were all stern.

“Through the Sensing Mirror of the ancestral hall, I’ve discovered that there’s someone casting an unknown formation against our clan. Everyone, follow me to face the opponent. Immediately open the World Gate,” Changyang Qing Yun angrily yelled. His face was sunken since he was furious.

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