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Chapter 120: The Shocking Arrival of the Tiger King

Jian Chen simply had no desire to make contact with the sword of the leader of the Zhou Mercenaries. Narrowly dodging the giant sword of the leader, Jian Chen’s sword disappeared into a blur of silver light once more as Jian Chen stabbed at the leader.

Although Jian Chen’s fighting ability was no weaker than a Saint Master, that was only because of his fighting strength. The Saint Force within his body was still weaker than the one within a Saint Master by quite the amount. So if Jian Chen’s Light Wind Sword were to make contact with the leader of the Zhou Mercenaries, then Jian Chen would be the one at a disadvantage here, making collisions between the two an unwise choice.

Jian Chen’s strongest advantage was his fast swordplay which would allow him to beat anyone within his strength level before they could even react to it. Even for those who were a grade higher than him in strength, they would only be able to see the faint and blurry images of the sword. With his Profound Steps, Jian Chen would even be able to fight against anyone higher than himself provided they weren’t a Wind Attributed Saint.

Against a Saint Force that was stronger than his own, unless it was absolutely necessary, Jian Chen did not want to take any risks and end up facing against his weak point.

Seeing Jian Chen use such an inconceivable speed to attack his throat, the leader’s face became extremely serious as his Saint Force began to frantically circulate within his body. With his body in a peak state of fitness, the man’s body turned around and then leapt to the side in order to narrowly dodge Jian Chen’s otherwise fatal sword.

Although Jian Chen had been fast in his movements, the Peak Saint Master strength leader had only been forced to dodge to the side. Although, at the same time, looking at the shoulder plate of the man, Jian Chen could see the white scar traces from where the Light Wind Sword had grazed by.

With a turn of his wrist, the Light Wind Sword had suddenly moved in a way that made it look like a tiny snake under the skillful hand of Jian Chen. As the sword swished through the air, it pursued the nearby figure of the man who had only just recently dodged the sword.

The leader’s face had never been so serious. Although he could feel that Jian Chen’s strength was nowhere near his own, the speed of Jian Chen’s sword was far beyond what he could do. He could only dodge the sword narrowly, and with the sword relentlessly pursuing his throat, if he were to make a small mistake, then the possibility that he would lose his life was very high.

Without hesitation, the leader brought his giant sword up to block the the sword aimed at his throat. The moment he had brought the sword up to his neck, the Light Wind Sword had already brushed against it. Although the Light Wind Sword had failed to pierce into the leader’s body, the Sword Qi that was coiling around the blade had made the leader extremely terrified. Secretly thinking to himself, “What a sharp Sword Qi! What type of method did this kid use to cultivate, could it be that he used a Battle Skill?” Just thinking about the term Battle Skill had inadvertently fired up the man’s spirits and he couldn’t help but think to spare Jian Chen. He thought that he could wrest away the Battle Skill from Jian Chen. Since Battle Skills were indeed very precious within the Tian Yuan Continent and that it helped ones cultivation improve by leaps and bounds. Even though he was one of the highest ranked member of the Zhou Mercenaries in Wake City, he didn’t have a Battle Skill and neither did the Great Saint Masters in the group.

As his mind wandered about this topic, a fierce crisis was about to overturn him. Seeing that the silver white light was rapidly getting bigger within his eyesight, he realized that this next sword stroke was two or three times faster than the last two strikes. In an instant, the silver sword had evaded his own great sword and arrived at his throat. A small ray of light could be seen as the sharp point of the sword flashed from within the glare.

The leader was terrified beyond belief. In the moment he had reacted, there was only a foot separating him and the Sword Qi enveloped blade but the sword had traveled this distance within a flash. Even though the leader had the strength of a Peak Saint Master, there would be no time for him to dodge it.

Just as the Light Wind Sword was about to pierce into the leader’s throat, an ear piercing sound was heard as another sword came in from the side. Abruptly knocking against the Light Wind Sword, it altered the trajectory of it so that it would go past the leader’s neck without harm.

The sudden appearance of this sword was caused by the second Saint Master of the Zhou Mercenaries.

Even after knocking the Light Wind Sword out of the way, that man didn’t stop there. He immediately attacked Jian Chen fiercely while the leader cried out, “Kasa, for you to not pay attention at a time like this, did you want to die you bastard?”

Although that man was yelling at him, the leader wasn’t angry at all. Instead he felt his neck with his own hand as his face grew pale and his forehead started to drip with sweat. This was because when he felt his neck where his leather armor was, there was a gap revealing where the sword had gone through. If it were not for the intervention of another person, then having a simple cut on his leather armor would had been the least of his worries.

At this moment, Jian Chen had already struck back at the second Saint Master. This man only had Middle Saint Master strength and was weaker than the leader of the Zhou Mercenaries by a small margin. In the few rounds Jian Chen had exchanged with the other Saint Master, he was slowly pushing back the other Saint Master.

“Kasa, why are you just standing there foolishly? Come quickly and help me, this kid’s sword is far too fast for me to continue blocking any longer! Goddamnit, how is his speed this fast?” Looking at the still dazed leader, the mercenary that was fighting Jian Chen cursed out loud at him. Fighting Jian Chen was like fighting against the storming rain and winds itself, and with each series of sword strokes Jian Chen had swung, the more difficult it was getting to defend against. Even his leather armor was starting to have traces of Jian Chen’s sword running across it despite the extraordinary resilience of the leather. He was afraid that very soon, his body wouldn’t have an area without a wound running across it.

Hearing his friend curse at him, the leader’s eyes narrowed as the Saint Force within his Saint Weapon pulsated tremendously. Raising his arm, he immediately dashed forward to slash down on Jian Chen.

As the sword dropped down, a small amount of Sword Qi flickered as it flew toward Jian Chen.

Sparing a sideways glance at Kasa, Jian Chen swayed slightly to the side and dodged the Sword Qi filled blade. The sword continued onwards to smash into a large tree with a resounding boom, allowing everyone to hear and see a large gash being revealed on the trunk.

Afterwards, another ear piercing shriek was heard as the two Saint Masters were already ready to strike once more, their Saint Weapons filling the air with their Saint Force.

Jian Chen’s eyes grew cold as he stared unflinchingly at the two incoming blades. The Light Wind Sword began to release an even denser amount of Sword Qi that seemed to cover the entire sky as the sword made contact with the other two swords.

“Ding ding ding…”

The metallic sounds of swords rang out in the forest as in that moment, Jian Chen had swung out 18 times with his sword, each one accurately hitting the other blades.

Each one of the 18 strikes hit the great swords right on the blade fiercely, causing the blade to shake with a strong vibration with every hit. When the amount of strikes had hit 18, the amount of energy transmitted into the other swords was far too much for the Zhou Mercenaries to handle. Immediately, both of the mercenaries’ right arms went numb, especially the place between their thumb and forefinger.

Feeling the extreme amount of numbness in their arms, the two mercenaries looked at each other in shock. At this moment, the two of them had secretly wanted to flee, although they knew that Jian Chen’s strength wasn’t on par with them, Jian Chen was showing off a fighting strength that was frightening the both of them. His strength was hard to defend against, and against his lightning fast speed, they both had to push their concentration to the extreme or risk seeing each other at the Yellow River. If they were not careful, then their deaths here would be for certain.

“Captain Kasa, the cub is already in our possession.”

The two Saint Masters turned around to hear who had just spoken, only to see an armored mercenary with the struggling cub in his hands. Its claws waved about in midair as it howled unceasingly. While it was a cute sight, it was also quite a pathetic one.

Seeing this, the two mercenaries had a joyous smile on their faces, but then at the same time, Jian Chen’s Light Wind Sword flashed toward the leader’s throat once more. This time, Kasa was neither on guard nor able to dodge in time, and the other Saint Master was in no position to save him like last time. The Sword Qi enhanced sword slashed through Kasa’s leather armor and pierced straight into his throat.

“Kasa!” The other mercenary reached out in shock, but at the moment he saw his leader’s throat pierced through, his eyes bulged out of his eye sockets as he roared. A large amount of Saint Force began to condense within his Saint Weapon as he slashed at Jian Chen with it.

Jian Chen didn’t even bother to spare him a glance as he stamped off the ground. The force propelled him forward like an artillery shell as he rocketed toward the mercenary with the struggling cub.

Seeing the Peak Saint Master Captain Kasa be killed, the mercenary’s eyes bulged as he couldn’t believe that such a strong expert would be killed so easily. However the mercenary wasn’t that stupid and immediately threw the cub at the remaining Saint Master that was fighting against Jian Chen.

“Captain Cross, catch!”

The cub flew into the air in a wild arc before landing perfectly within the arms of the last remaining Saint Master.

Seeing the Class 5 cub within his hand, Captain Cross’ previously murderous face suddenly calmed down as he hesitated before saying, “Everyone move out from here.”


As Cross spoke, the deep growl of a tiger suddenly came loudly from the depths of the forest. Coming through the pitch darkness, the twenty something people there all froze as they realized what they had just heard.

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