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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 1205
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Chapter 1205: Changyang Hu’s Arrival (One)

Feng Yixiao was an obstinate, unruly, and prideful person. Coupled with his dignity as a Ninth Heavenly Layer Saint Ruler, how could he hold himself back against the provocation of an ant-like existences in his eyes? Even though he was very fearful of the Flame Mercenaries, he could not bear with being laughed at by an ant.

“Gu Tu, do you really think that I will let you go just because you’ve joined the Flame Mercenaries? You’ve underestimated me far too much. If I want to kill someone, that person is dead for sure,” Feng Yixiao icily said. With that, all that was left was an afterimage. He charged toward Gu Tu at an extremely great speed, arriving by his side instantly. He used his right hand to reach for Gu Tu’s neck. Saint Force surged in that hand, so it seemed to have become an extremely sharp wolf’s claw.

Gu Tu had never expected Feng Yixiao to actually attempt to touch him. He paled in fright and retreated as quickly as possible, using all he had to avoid Feng Yixiao’s lightning-fast attack.

The disparity between their strength was just far too great. It could be described as a chasm, so Gu Tu could only dodge when faced with Feng Yixiao’s attacks. He did not even have the ability to fight back.

Blood scattered through the air. Even though Gu Tu had used everything he had, he was still unable to dodge the attack. His neck had been reduced to a bloody mess while a large chunk of flesh had been clawed away. It was a vicious wound.

Warm blood spurted from Gu Tu’s neck like a fountain. It shot into the air like the blooming of a beautiful flower. Gu Tu clenched his wound tightly as he shot back. Fear filled his eyes. The wound on his neck would have already been fatal to a Heaven Saint Master, but as a Saint Ruler, he would be fine even if he lost his body since his soul would be fine.

“Wolf king… y- you are declaring war on the Flame Mercenaries. Our great captain will never let you go,” Gu Tu cried out desperately as he flew back in a panic. His voice had become extremely hoarse due to the injury of his neck.

Feng Yixiao said nothing. His face was sunken and filled with icy-cold killing intent. He shot past the four other Saint Rulers with a slight motion and pursued Gu Tu.

“Wolf king, you are acting far too brazenly to declare war against the Flame Mercenaries. Great protectors, please immediately punish him to protect the power of the mercenaries. Our dignity and honor cannot be sullied like this by the wolf king, or none of us will be let off easily when captain gets around to punishing us,” Gu Tu cried out urgently in attempt to persuade the four other Saint Rulers to keep Feng Yixiao busy.

The four Saint Rulers immediately shivered inside when they heard the captain mentioned. The light in their eyes began to flicker, and they became hesitant. They possessed both fear and respect for their Saint King captain. They really could not afford to be punished by the captain.

Feng Yixiao suddenly sent an icy-cold gaze toward the four of them, perhaps due to the fact that he had sensed that they had changed their minds. The four Saint Rulers leapt in fright inside from the glance. At that moment, all four of them seemed to feel like they were suffocating, greatly shocking them.

This was not the first time the four of them had experienced something like this, but this was a feeling that could only be caused by Saint Kings, yet they had actually sensed it from Feng Yixiao right now, which they found to be quite unbelievable.

“Looks like Feng Yixiao will be able to break through to Saint King very soon.” At that moment, similar thoughts crossed all of their heads with some envy.

“Protectors, listen to me. This is the enmity between Gu Tu and me. It has nothing to do with you. However, if you interfere, you cannot blame me for not showing some respect to your captain,” Feng Yixiao coldly said before continuing to pursue Gu Tu.

The four Saint Rulers remained exactly where they were. They did not move no matter what Gu Tu said. Feng Yixiao’s strength filled them with fear, and he had even said what he would do if they did interfere. They were not stupid enough to seek their own deaths.

Gu Tu could not fight Feng Yixiao at all. He was littered with wounds now. Other than the injury on his neck, Feng Yixiao had caused a fist-sized hole to his chest where his heart was. Thus, his heart had been reduced to mush in Feng Yixiao’s hand while one of his arms was severed as well. He was in a miserable state.

“Gu Tu, I’d like to see how you flee this time. But don’t worry, I won’t kill you immediately. I’ll torture you viciously first and then let you die in excruciating pain.” Feng Yixiao sneered. His right hand seemed to have transformed into a sharp wolf’s claw, constantly raking Gu Tu’s body and clawing away blood and flesh.

Heavily injured, Gu Tu was like a lamb waiting to be butchered. He could not help but cry out in a chilling fashion from the pain. He roared, “Wolf king, the captain will not let you go! You kill me today, and you’ll end up the same as me not much later! I’ll be waiting for you in hell!”

With that, Gu Tu grunted again. A piece of flesh near his waist had been carved away by Feng Yixiao.

“Stop! A great protector of the Flame Mercenaries is not someone you can humiliate like this.” An old but clear voice suddenly rang out from the city lord’s estate. Afterward, an old man furiously shot into the sky as a heavy and powerful presence wrapped around him.

Feng Yixiao glanced at Bi Hai who flew over from below. He said, “Another Saint Ruler at the Seventh Heavenly Layer, but that’s still not enough to stop me. Gu Tu, I originally planned to let you live a little longer, but looks like I need to finish you off immediately to prevent any unnecessary problems.” Feng Yixiao no longer tortured Gu Tu. With a thought, the space around Gu Tu froze, completely immobilizing him.

Even in his peak condition, Gu Tu would have to use several attacks at full strength to break through the frozen space of a Ninth Heavenly Layer Saint Ruler. Now that he was heavily injured, he could not even use thirty percent of his full strength. He was completely helpless against the frozen space. He was only left helplessly watching as Feng Yixiao approached him in an aggressive manner.

“Save me, Bi Hai!” Gu Tu called for help in panic. Faced with the threat of death, he was filled with fear. Unfortunately, Feng Yixiao’s right fingers had already stabbed deep into his head right after what he had said.

Gu Tu’s body suddenly froze before becoming limp, as if he had lost all power over his body. His wide open eyes quickly lost their light as well. His soul was unable to escape in time, being dissipated by Feng Yixiao.

“How dare you! Sir, you are the first person who has ever killed a great protector of the Flame Mercenaries out in the open,” Bi Hai roared out. He was utterly furious, and at the same time, a huge sword that was the width of a palm appeared in his hand. Pure and powerful water-attributed Saint Force wrapped around the sword as the surrounding space shook slightly from the terrifying energy. It began to twist.”

“Fourth Miracle Water of Bi, Soul Chaser!”

Bi Hai knew that Feng Yixiao was very powerful. Yelling out, he used a Saint Tier Battle Skill to deal with him. Immediately, a vast pressure descended from the sky, squashing him like an invisible mountain. The pressure was so great that Feng Yixiao sank slightly in the air.

There were four forms to the battle skill of the Bi family. Each form belonged to a specific level: the Human Tier, Earth Tier, Heaven Tier, and Saint Tier. There were two techniques for the Saint Tier Battle Skill. One was an attack, Soul Chaser, while the second was a fleeing technique, Absolute Rebirth.

Bi Hai was bathed in a dense water-blue light. He raised his sword high up into the air before swinging it with lightning-like speed. The sword easily cut through space, which was ripped apart like a piece of paper, extending toward Feng Yixiao at an unbelievable speed.

Looking closer, it would not have been difficult to sense the pulse of a sword, invisible to the naked eye, hidden within the rapidly-expanding crack. It was the movement of the pulse that cracked the space. Although there was no earth-shaking commotion, its power was evident.

Feng Yixiao drew his right hand from Gu Tu’s head. Without even glancing at the corpse, he allowed it to fall to the ground. He said, “I never thought that you would know a Saint Tier Battle Skill. It is indeed powerful. With your strength at the Seventh Heavenly Layer, it is more that enough to deal with a Saint Ruler at the Ninth Heavenly Layer, but it’s a pity that your opponent is me, the wolf king of greed, Feng Yixiao.”

Feng Yixiao remained composed in front of Bi Hai’s Saint Tier Battle Skill. He hurled a fist and surging energy poured from it. It instantly turned into a wolf, colliding with Bi Hai’s Saint Tier Battle Skill.

The wolf collided with the sword pulse and the two of them silently disappeared. There was no shockwave at all. Both were reduced to the energy of the world.

Bi Hai’s eyes widened as disbelief plastered across his face. His Saint Tier Battle Skill had actually been nullified by such a casual counterattack. He found it rather difficult to accept.

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