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Chapter 1208: Jian Chen’s Worry

Changyang Hu became stunned as well when he heard the extremely familiar voice. Instinctively, he looked toward Jian Chen and recognized the handsome young man at first glance. The young man was his youngest brother that he had not seen in quite a few years. His eyes immediately became filled with surprise, and he asked in astonishment, “Brother, how is it you?” However, he soon understood everything once he saw the huge city walls completely forged from tungsten alloy. He had never thought that he would arrive at the Flame Mercenaries den by chasing Feng Yixiao.

Jian Chen rushed over to Changyang Hu’s side with a long step as he looked at him in excitement and doubt. He asked, “Brother, didn’t you go to the Pure Heart Pavilion? Why have you suddenly appeared, and why are you in such a horrible shape? Did the Pure Heart Pavilion…” Jian Chen paused there, but the meaning was self-evident. Everyone present understood what he meant. Jian Chen suspected that Changyang Hu had been booted from the protector clan, or how could he have ended up in such a miserable state? Even his clothes were not in one piece.

Feng Yixiao immediately became shocked by what Jian Chen had said. Never did he think that the interesting kid that he had come across during his journey would be a disciple of a protector clan. Other than that, Changyang Hu’s identity shocked him even more. He was actually the elder brother of the Flame Mercenaries’ captain, Jian Chen, which filled him with disbelief.

Changyang Hu obviously guessed what Jian Chen meant as well. He shook his head gently and said, “Brother, it’s not what you think. Let’s talk about it later.” Changyang Hu paused and glanced at the heavily-injured Feng Yixiao in excruciating pain. He said, “Brother, just why did you and senior Feng fall out? Why have you beaten to senior Feng to such a degree?”

Jian Chen glanced at Feng Yixiao with some mixed feelings. He asked, “Brother, do you know each other?”

Changyang Hu examined Feng Yixiao’s wound as he said, “Brother, senior Feng has saved my life before, so can you let him go for your older brother?”

Jian Chen agreed without a second thought before striding over to Feng Yixiao’s side. He gently pressed his hand on Feng Yixiao’s shoulder, sucking away the residual strand of Chaotic Force.

Feng Yixiao’s face loosened immediately once he was free from the torture of the Chaotic Force. However, he still felt shocked because of the energy used by Jian Chen. The energy was just too terrifying. If it remained within him, he probably would have passed away without anyone else taking part.

The four Saint Rulers looked at each other. They had never thought that they would witness something so dramatic. The wolf king of greed who had rushed over aggressively to kill a Saint Ruler of the Flame Mercenaries had actually known Jian Chen’s elder brother, Changyang Hu. They were speechless.

On the other hand, Bi Hai was very calm as well. He did not seem to care that Feng Yixiao had slain a great protector of the Flame Mercenaries.

With a flip of his hand, Jian Chen drew three thumb-sized pills from his Space Ring and passed them to Feng Yixiao. He said, “Since you’ve saved my brother’s life before, I will no longer pursue the death of the protector. Here are three Class 6 Radiant Spirit Pills. They won’t be enough to completely heal your wounds, but they can allow you to recover some strength for battle.”

“I have my own medicine.” Feng Yixiao did not accept Jian Chen’s pills and instead pulled out a jade bottle from his own from his Space Ring. He poured all the pills in it into his mouth before immediately circulating his energy to heal.

He was extremely heavily injured. Although the Chaotic Force had been sucked back by Jian Chen, he needed to stabilize his condition as soon as possible, or it might even lead to future side-effects if it continued to worsen.

Jian Chen put his pills away awkwardly before turning to Changyang Hu, “Brother, I’ll take you back to Flame City. We haven’t seen each other in quite a few years, so let’s catch up properly.”

Changyang Hu wanted to catch up as well. It had indeed been quite a long time since he had last seen Jian Chen, so he had a lot he wanted to say. However, when he looked at Feng Yixiao, he became hesitant again. He said, “Brother, I’ll watch over senior Feng. Once he recovers, I’ll come to Flame City.”

Jian Chen nodded before telling the four Saint Rulers to return themselves. He stayed behind with Changyang Hu while Bi Hai had returned to the city after greeting Changyang Hu.

Four hours later, Feng Yixiao opened his eyes. He was still rather pale. Although he did not make a full recovery after four hours, he had regained some strength.

Jian Chen and Changyang Hu spoke during those four hours, so he finally understood Changyang Hu’s current circumstances. However, as soon as he thought about the fact that his brother might end up forgetting about their brotherhood in the future, Jian Chen felt pained.

In reality, Jian Chen had discovered what was happening with Changyang Hu several years ago. Back then, when Changyang Hu was limbless, he had already begun to display an abnormal mental state. He had never thought that after so many years, Changyang Hu would have traveled further and further down that path. He had already severed most of his seven emotions and six desires, and all that was left was his sentimental feelings.

“Senior Feng, you’ve woken up. How has the recovery gone?” Changyang Hu stopped talking with Jian Chen when he saw Feng Yixiao open his eyes. He arrived by his side and asked in concern.

Feng Yixiao’s opinion of Changyang Hu had undergone some minute changes now. He could not help but laugh aloud when he heard Changyang Hu ask about his well being in such a concerned manner. He stood up and said, “I’ve recovered thirty percent and can run now. Kid, I never thought that your identity would be something so impressive, truly catching me off-guard. A few days ago, I saved your life, and now you’ve saved mine, so we no longer owe each other anything. Alright, I won’t say anything more. Farewell. I hope that you will still remember me the next time we meet,” Feng Yixiao walked away as he spoke. By the time he finished talking, he had already left.

“Senior Feng, I will definitely still remember you the next time we meet,” Changyang Hu cried out to Feng Yixiao.

Jian Chen frowned slightly when he heard that, and he became more and more worried. He had no idea how many years it would be when the two of them would meet again, nor did he know if Changyang Hu would still treat their brotherhood and his connection with his family with importance.

“Brother, why don’t you stop going down that path and choose another cultivation method? I can help you find a suitable, pure cultivation method,” Jian Chen suggested in some worry. He did not wish for his brother to change.

Changyang Hu sighed gently. He said, “Brother, I can’t stop now. I feel like I have no other paths other than this one, and even if I don’t want to proceed down this path, a mysterious force will push me along.”

Jian Chen fell silent. He could already sense that his brother’s fate seemed to have been determined by the heavens. It could no longer be changed.

The two of them became rather depressed because of fate. They both subconsciously stopped talking and arrived at the city lord’s estate at the same time.

“Brother, I heard that you let that troublemaker go. Is that true?” Bi Lian asked as she clung to Jian Chen’s arm back at the estate.

Jian Chen nodded, “It’s because Feng Yixiao is the savior of my brother, so I let him go.”

“Brother?” Bi Lian became doubtful, but when she saw Changyang Hu beside him, she became stunned. and her small mouth immediately fell wide open. She looked up and down to examine Changyang Hu as disbelief flooded her eyes.

“Brother A’Hu, how is it you? W- w- w- why are you like this…” Bi Lian asked in surprise as her mouth hung agape.

You Yue walked in from outside as well. When she recognized that the disheveled man was Changyang Hu, she too became surprised.

Changyang Hu glanced down at his tattered clothes and indifferently smiled. He said, “What’s wrong with this? I feel this is rather nice.”

Bi Lian stumbled back with what Changyang Hu had said and almost fell down. Even You Yue became speechless.

Jian Chen could not help but laugh aloud as well. He dismissed all the worry inside him and said, “Lian’er, get some people to prepare some food and alcohol. I want to drink a few solid cups with my brother.”

“Alright, I’ll go get that organized immediately. Oh right, why didn’t you save great protector Gu Tu, brother? Why did you only move after he had died?” Bi Lian asked in curiosity.

“Lian’er, you need to understand that my Flame Mercenaries is not an asylum where people can seek refuge as soon as people encounter problems and thus break free from the problems. Gu Tu had no good intentions for joining our mercenaries. He wanted to use the Flame Mercenaries to deal with his enemy, and after his enemy was dealt with, he would probably have left us as well. What I did today was give warning to people who think like that. Just be more careful when you accept people in the future,” said Jian Chen.

“Okay, brother…”

Jian Chen left Flame City earlier than planned because of Changyang Hu’s arrival. The Space Gate constructed in the city when it had been captured by the Extinguishing Alliance was completely fixed as well. At noon on the same day, Changyang Hu put on a set of new clothes and left through the Space Gate to return to the Changyang clan with Jian Chen and You Yue.

The return of the first young master made Changyang Ba and Ling Long extremely excited. Ling Long, who thought about her son all day and night, had even thrown herself at Changyang Hu’s chest uncontrollably and burst into tears. Ever since Changyang Hu had left the clan several years ago, Ling Long felt like she was living in pain everyday. The words of the pavilion master of the Pure Heart Pavilion from that day rang through her head like a curse everyday. She really did fear that her precious son would forget her as a mother.

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