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Chapter 1209: Exposed

After returning to the clan, Jian Chen learned that Changyang Zu Yunkong had already left. He went to Mercenary City all by himself and left behind a single sentence: he would not return unless he became a Saint King.

Jian Chen knew that what had happened in the protector clan must have affected Changyang Zu Yunkong dearly as well. He wanted to quickly increase his strength since only Saint Kings had the right to speak before the protector clans.

Jian Chen spent an entire day in the clan with his brother. Two days had already passed since he had made the agreement to go to the Bloodsword sect in three days, so only one day remained.

The morning of the next day, Jian Chen convinced You Yue to stay in the clan. After that, he asked Rui Jin to construct a Space Gate to the sea before leaving all by himself.

Jian Chen gained his bearings above the boundless ocean before flying toward Three Saint Island as quickly as possible. Shangguan Aojian’s chubby, white face constantly flickered through his head.

Jian Chen still felt that it was unrealistic that he suddenly had a son. Never had he thought that the Heavenly Enchantress would actually give birth to a child of his and that the child would possess the Innate Chaotic Body.

At this moment, Shangguan Aojian currently sat on a white boulder on Three Saint Island. His eyes were closed and he seemed to be amidst cultivation.

Qin Qin, Xiao Qian, Xiao Yue, and the Heavenly Enchantress all stood right in front of him, keeping their eyes on him. Their gazes were filled with affection and unhideable concern.

At this moment, Shangguan Aojian slowly opened his eyes. He could not help but wonder when he saw his three nervous sisters and his mother. He scratched his head and loudly asked, “Mum and sisters, why are you all staring at me?”

Qin Qin, Xiao Qian, Xiao Yue, and the Heavenly Enchantress all became surprised when Shangguan Aojian had opened his eyes. Xiao Qian asked in shock, “Xiao Bao, you just ingested a pill refined from a ten-thousand-year-old heavenly resource an hour ago. Has all its medicinal effects just leaked away?”

“Oh no. The effects of the pills on Xiao Bao have already begun to decline. Back then, Xiao Bao could last for half a day before all the medicinal effects leaked away completely when he ingested a thousand-year-old heavenly resource. Yet now, a pill crafted from a ten-thousand-year-old heavenly resource only takes an hour. This is a pill that can allow utter cripples to undergo a metamorphosis, but it’s actually completely useless to Xiao Bao. Is Xiao Bao fated to spend the rest of his life like an ordinary person?” Xiao Yue sighed.

Shangguan Aojian stood up on the rock defiantly when he heard what Xiao Qian and Xiao Yue had said. With his hands on his hips, he loudly daud, “Sister Xiao Qian, sister Xiao Yue, I’m not a cripple of cultivation. I have the most, most, most strongest Innate Chaotic Body in the world, and the effects haven’t leaked away. I’ve absorbed them all.” With that, Xiao Bao seemed to think of something. He beamed with joy and announced, “And I have a name now. It’s Shangguan Aojian.”

Xiao Qian, Xiao Yue, and Qin Qin all became curious. Xiao Qian said, “The most, most, most strongest Innate Chaotic Body? Xiao Bao, what Innate Chaotic Body? Where did you hear that from? Why have I never heard you say that before? And master didn’t seem to give you the name Shangguan Aojian.”

Xiao Yue pinched Shangguan Aojian’s cheeks playfully. She stared at him with her bright eyes and said, “Yeah, Xiao Bao. Shangguan Aojian definitely wouldn’t be a name from master, or master would’ve told us for sure.”

“Xiao Bao’s so smart. I think you gave yourself the name, right?” Xiao Qian giggled.

“In that case, Xiao Bao also came up with that Innate Chaotic Body.”

The three women chatted around Xiao Bao. They all showed a great amount of affection toward Xiao Bao.

“No, it’s all from dad…” Shangguan Aojian’s cheeks swelled. He wanted to explain to them that the Innate Chaotic Body was something his father told him and that his name was from his father as well. He even wanted to tell his three sisters that he had a father.

“Enough Xiao Bao, eat this ten-thousand-year-old ginseng.” However, the Heavenly Enchantress covered up his mouth before he could finish what he was saying. She then pulled out an ancient ginseng from her Space Ring.

Xiao Bao’s eyes lit up when he saw the heavenly resource. He immediately forgot what he was saying and wolfed down the heavenly resource. He sat down on the rock again after consuming it and entered a state of cultivation.

Although Xiao Bao had never finished what he was saying, Xiao Qian, Xiao Yue, and Qin Qin heard him mention the word ‘dad’ clearly. They all became suspicious.

“Xiao Bao’s actually just mentioned that he has a father. Have I heard wrong? Master, what is this about? Why do I feel that Xiao Bao’s changed so much after your trip out with Xiao Bao and that his name has changed for no reason.” Xiao Yue asked the Heavenly Enchantress. She was extremely curious.

The Heavenly Enchantress’ expression became rather unnatural as the light in her eyes flickered. She became a little fearful of making eye contact with Xiao Yue, so she just turned around and said in an indifferent manner, “I met a great master during the trip and learned through luck that Xiao Bao’s not a cripple, but in possession of the Innate Chaotic Body. At the same time, the master passed on a cultivation method to him. However, his special constitution requires large amounts of heavenly resources to be consumed to create an extremely tremendous amount of energy to cultivate.”

“Oh! Really? Xiao Bao’s really not a cripple? That’s just fantastic.” Xiao Yue and Xiao Qian both became delighted by the news. Only Qin Qin glanced past the Heavenly Enchantress’ back and Xiao Bao’s face from time to time as the light in her eyes flickered.

An hour passed very quickly and Xiao Bao opened his eyes again after refining the heavenly resource. He looked at the Heavenly Enchantress eagerly and said, “Mum, more.”

“Be a good boy, Xiao Bao. You can’t eat too many heavenly resources, so that’s enough for today. You can eat more tomorrow.” Xiao Qian could not help but worry seeing how Shangguan Aojian wanted to eat more. Eating too many heavenly resources would leave after-effects.

The Heavenly Enchantress smiled as she looked at Xiao Bao in love. Just as she was about to pull out some more heavenly resources, her expression suddenly changed and she vanished with a flash.

Ten kilometers away from the island, Jian Chen was stopped by the Heavenly Enchantress who had suddenly appeared. She stared at him cautiously, appearing right in front of his path to Three Saint Island.

“Why have you come?” The Heavenly Enchantress showed no good will, as if she did not welcome Jian Chen at all.

Mixed emotions flooded Jian Chen inside as he looked at the Heavenly Enchantress. After learning that she had given birth to his child before, Jian Chen actually felt like he had no idea how to confront her.

“I’ve come to see my son!” A while later, Jian Chen still ended up declaring his intentions.

“Return. Three Saint Island no longer welcomes you,” the Heavenly Enchantress turned Jian Chen away without any second thought. She did not leave any room for discussion.

Xiao Bao seemed to sense something back on Three Saint Island. He suddenly stood up from the rock and turned to face Jian Chen’s direction. Although he was over twenty kilometers away, he could still clearly see Jian Chen. He immediately began to smile happily.

“Dad dad. I’m here, I’m here…” Although Xiao Bao had only seen Jian Chen once before, he behaved like they were extremely close. He jumped up and down on the rock and waved his hands at Jian Chen, afraid that Jian Chen would miss him.

“Dad, dad. I’m here…” Xiao Bao constantly called out. To everyone’s surprise, his gentle voice could travel extremely far away, actually making it to over twenty kilometers and continuing to spread even further.

Xiao Qian and Xiao Yue became stunned. They stared at Xiao Bao blankly as disbelief plastered across their faces. They had clearly heard Xiao Bao call for his dad. They doubted whether they had heard correctly or not.

The Heavenly Enchantress’ expression changed as well when she heard Xiao Bao’s calls. A sliver of worry flickered through her eyes. She had never thought that Xiao Bao would still be able to recognize Jian Chen from so far away.

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