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Chapter 1210: Father and Son

Jian Chen’s face immediately lit up in joy and excitement when he heard Xiao Bao. He immediately used the Illusory Flash. He took a step and hurried toward the mountain, leaving behind only an afterimage.

The Heavenly Enchantress realized what he was doing and watched him rapidly approach the island. A struggle appeared in her eyes. She was confident that she could stop Jian Chen from reaching the island, or even stop him from getting anywhere near the island. However, that would mean that she had to fight Jian Chen. At the same time, she was unable to bring herself to stop Jian Chen. In that moment, the Heavenly Enchantress felt rather conflicted.

Jian Chen moved very fast, traversing over twenty kilometers in an instant. While the Heavenly Enchantress hesitated, Jian Chen reached the island, so now it was impossible for her to stop him even if she wanted to.

“Dad, dad, you’ve finally come. I miss you so much,” Xiao Bao happily exclaimed. He jumped off the rock in a nimble fashion and ran over to Jian Chen with his arms open. He said, “Huggie!”

A sliver of never-before-seen tender affection appeared on Jian Chen’s face as he stared at Xiao Bao’s chubby and extremely cute face. He picked him up in one stroke and was so excited that he was left speechless.

Qin Qin stared at Jian Chen and Xiao Bao with mixed emotions. Although she had once guessed that Xiao Bao’s identity would be like this, it was only a guess. She felt a dull ache at the bottom of her heart now that it had become a reality.

Jian Chen’s arrival should have been something worth smiling for Qin Qin, but the outcome was the exact opposite. Qin Qin could not raise her spirits now matter how hard she tried, and she became depressed instead.

Xiao Qian and Xiao Yue failed to notice Qin Qin’s change. They had been stunned by what Xiao Bao had said as they stared who he was calling Jian Chen ‘dad’ so affectionately. All their thoughts had stopped.

Only a long while later did Xiao Qian finally return to her senses. She would never have believed that Jian Chen was Xiao Bao’s father. She thought Xiao Bao had called him the wrong name, so she quickly corrected him, “Xiao Bao, you should call master Jian Chen brother or uncle and not dad. You can’t use dad so casually.”

Xiao Bao clung tightly onto Jian Chen’s neck. He felt like his father’s bosom was even more comfortable than his mother’s, as if his father had something that his mother lacked.

“You’re lying. He’s clearly my dad, so I’m not going to call him big brother or uncle. I’m only going to call him dad. Only dad,” Xiao Bao pouted and unhappily replied to Xiao Qian.

At this moment, Xiao Yue returned to her senses as well. She glanced past Jian Chen and Xiao Bao’s faces and slowly became surprised. She said, “Xiao Qian, why do I feel like Xiao Bao and master Jian Chen’s appearances are similar in some areas.”

With that, Xiao Qian immediately looked closer. Now that the two of them were together, she had indeed found them to be rather similar after comparing their appearances.

Xiao Qian immediately became astounded, “Xiao Yue, now that you mention it, I feel like they just look far too similar as well. If it weren’t for the fact that I know Xiao Bao’s origins, I would suspect… suspect…” Reaching there, Xiao Qian suddenly felt that there was something wrong. The two of them had heard about Xiao Bao’s origins from their master and had no idea that Xiao Bao’s true identity was different from what the Heavenly Enchantress had told them. Now that Xiao Bao constantly called Jian Chen ‘dad’ after seeing him and the fact that the two of them looked far too similar, just like father and son, she immediately sensed that something was wrong.

“Hmph, sister Xiao Qian, sister Xiao Yue, you’re actually working with mum to trick me, telling me that I have no dad. I actually do have a dad. I’ve already found my dad,” Xiao Bao said in irritation. Through his childish voice, his unhappiness for Xiao Qian and Xiao Yue was clearly disclosed. Even his arms around Jian Chen’s neck tightened.

“Xiao Bao, is it really true? Is master Jian Chen really…” Xiao Yue covered her mouth as she stared at Xiao Bao and Jian Chen with widening eyes. Disbelief was spelt across her face as her heart churned.

“Hmph, Xiao Bao’s not a liar, and dad has already given me a new name. It’s Shangguan Aojian,” Xiao Bao confidently replied.

“I- impossible. That can’t be true.” Xiao Qian and Xiao Yue both became shocked. They refused to believe that Xiao Bao’s father was Jian Chen. Who was his mother then?

However, they already had an answer in their heads because of the way their master treated Xiao Bao as well as the fact that the Heavenly Enchantress’ gaze towardhim would be filled with motherly love. They just refused to believe it.

The Heavenly Enchantress returned to the island. She glanced over Xiao Qian and Xiao Yue with her enchanting eyes and sighed inside. She could already tell that Xiao Bao’s true identity had been exposed from their expressions.

“Master, Xiao Bao’s origins…” Xiao Qian continued to look at the Heavenly Enchantress in disbelief in attempt to obtain an answer.

The Heavenly Enchantress’ gaze flickered and avoided them. At this moment, she was actually unwilling to meet her three disciples’ eyes. She seemed very calm on the surface, but she was a complete mess down below.

“Xiao Qian, Xiao Yue, Qin Qin, you are dismissed,” the Heavenly Enchantress said coldly and emotionlessly.

Xiao Qian and Xiao Yue both became wide-eyed. Although they never finished asking, their meaning was obviously conveyed very clearly. However, what really surprised them was that not only did their master avoid the topic, she was avoiding them as well.

They had been with their master for many years, but this was the first time they had ever seen her like that.

“Senior Xiao Qian, Senior Xiao Yue, let’s go.” Qin Qin went up to grab Xiao Qian and Xiao Yue’s hands, pulling them away with her. Although the matter had never been confirmed, they already knew the answer inside. They just refused to believe it.

The three of them vanished very quickly. The Heavenly Enchantress then coldly looked at Jian Chen. With a slight bit of anger in her eyes, she said, “What’re you doing here?” At this moment, the Heavenly Enchantress was indeed extremely annoyed. Jian Chen’s arrival was without warning and had actually exposed Xiao Bao’s identity to her three disciples. She no longer knew how to face them in the future.

“I’ve obviously come to see my son. As a father, I have the responsibility to care for my child,” smiled Jian Chen. He did not mind the Heavenly Enchantress’ attitude at all.

“Dad, just stay here in the future. You can be with mum everyday, and I can see you everyday as well,” Xiao Bao said. His face was basically pressed against Jian Chen’s while his hot breath tickled Jian Chen’s cheek.

Jian Chen felt deeply moved by Xiao Bao’s eyes, which were brimming in hope. At that moment, he actually felt like he could not turn down Xiao Bao’s request, tempted to just agree to it. After all, he had only learned he had a son when Xiao Bao was already three years old. He had never shown any love to Xiao Bao in the past and did not even know he had a son at all. He felt sorry for not knowing about Xiao Bao.

However, Jian Chen had his reasons. He knew he could not, well at the very least, not right now.

“Xiao Bao, I can’t spend everyday with you right now because I have a lot of important things to attend to. However, I can promise you that once I deal with everything, I’ll spend everyday with you. Alright?” Jian Chen gently replied with eyes filled with love.

“Alright, then I’ll wait for you with mum.”

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