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Chapter 1213: Return of the Bloodsword Sect

Jian Chen was only accompanied by the Third Heavenly Layer Saint King Nubis on his journey to the Bloodsword sect this time. Originally, they could have opened a Space Gate and arrived at the Bloodsword sect through it, but unfortunately, neither Jian Chen nor Nubis knew the exact location of the sect, nor did they ever visit the place, so they did not know the exact location. As a result, they could only use the description from the four protectors to create a space gate several hundred thousand kilometers away and fly the rest of the journey.

Jian Chen and Nubis flew for an entire day and night under the lead of the four protectors before finally arriving where the Bloodsword sect was located. To their surprise, the Bloodsword sect was hidden in a small and extremely obscure valley within a huge, desolate mountain range.

From the looks of it, the valley seemed rather similar to Longevity Valley where uncle Xiao stayed. A village was present in the valley as well, except it was even more obscure than Longevity Valley. It was large as well, possessing over two thousand wooden huts in a neat fashion. All of the huts were ordered in a pattern, but they varied in sizes. The huts at the edge were the smallest, and the closer to the center, the larger they became. A hall constructed from ten-thousand-year-old ironwood stood at the center. It contained seven floors and took up several tens of thousand square meters.

A dead silence loomed over the entire village when Jian Chen and Nubis saw it. There was not a single person there, nor was there any farmland in the surroundings. It could have been easily misunderstood as a ghost town.

However, that was not what Jian Chen and Nubis believed. They had already sensed several powerful presences in the silent village, and the most powerful one had already reached Saint Emperor.

“Is this where the Bloodsword sect is located?” Jian Chen asked as he looked at the village.

“Sect master, this is indeed where we are located. The disciples of the sect basically all stay in the huts to cultivate, and they don’t usually come out unless there’s something happening. It’s very common for not a single person to emerge in half a month,” explained a protector.

“I, the great Nubis, can tell that there are only two thousand people in total with just a single glance. The Bloodsword sect is one of the three great assassination organisations on the continent after all. They may have declined, but isn’t there just too few people?” Nubis curled his lips scornfully. His impression of the Bloodsword sect immediately plummeted.

“Our sect has not declined. We’ve only gone into seclusion under the sect master’s orders and never appear on the Tian Yuan Continent. We may have suffered heavy casualties from the battle a thousand years ago, but we’ve recovered already after a thousand years of recuperation. All the people here are the core disciples of our sect. All of them are elites. We have several tens of thousand other disciples outside, scattered and hidden across the entire continent,” a protector explained emotionlessly.

At this moment, a few people in red clothes flew over from the village, arriving before Jian Chen in just a few seconds.

There were a total of six people. The leading person was an ordinary old man who seemed to be in his seventies. His vast presence allowed Jian Chen and Nubis to tell that he was a Saint King with a single glance and that he was the same as Nubis, at the Third Heavenly Layer. Two people behind him were middle-aged men, while the other three were all old people. They were all at the Seventh Heavenly Layer Saint Rulers at a minimum and two of them were at the Ninth Heavenly Layer.

“The vice sect master Jiang Wang and the five elders have come to greet the sect master!” The old man at the very front gave a clear greeting and bowed toward Jian Chen. He had learned that Jian Chen had become the sect master long ago and was extremely familiar with Jian Chen.

Jian Chen could tell that the vice sect master and the five elders were completely content with him taking up the position as sect master from their expressions. Jian Chen stepped up to help Jiang Wang rise and said, “There’s no need to be so polite. I was fortunate enough to be favored by uncle Xiu, which was why he passed the position as sect master to me, allowing me to take up the important matter of developing the Bloodsword sect. If there’s anything that I do incorrectly in the future, please show me how it’s done, vice sect master.”

“The sect master is too modest. Within the sect, the sect master possesses supreme authority. How could I correct you?”

Jian Chen and Jiang Wang conversed politely out of courtesy before being invited into the village by Jiang Wang. The five elders and four protectors followed silently behind them.

“Sect master, all the people here are the core disciples of the sect. There are around two thousand three hundred total, and the weakest are Earth Saint Masters. There are around two hundred and twenty Heaven Saint Masters and nine Saint Rulers in total, which would be the four protectors and the five elders. As for the Saint Kings, there is only me.”

“Where we stay contains a powerful killing formation as well, formed from over two thousand wooden huts. The control center for the formation would be the Blood God Hall in the very center, which is also the residence of the sect master. Other than the vice sect master, everyone else can only enter the place after receiving the approval of the sect master.”

Along the way, Jiang Wang constantly explained the situation of the Bloodsword sect to Jian Chen. He began from where they stayed before moving onto the outer disciples that were scattered outside, allowing Jian Chen to gain a clear understanding of the structure of the sect in the end.

The structure was not complicated at all. In fact, it was extremely simple. The entire organization was controlled by the five elders. They all managed their own squadron of people. The vice sect master on the other hand possessed complete authority over the five elders while the sect master was an absolute existence in the sect. They could decide everything and anything for the sect.

The next day, Jian Chen underwent the formal ceremony of taking up the position as sect master. The ceremony was very simple. It was hosted by the vice sect master, elders, and protectors, allowing all the core members to pay respects to the sect master.

The first thing that Jian Chen did was hold a meeting after the ceremony.

Currently, Jian Chen, Nubis, Jiang Wang, the five elders, and the four protectors gathered in a room enveloped by a barrier in the Blood God Hall. They all were stern.

Jian Chen had changed into the special attire of the sect master. He wore blood-red, luxurious robes, which added a sense of maliciousness to his appearance.

“Today, I have two important matters to announce in this meeting. The first thing is that the Bloodsword sect will return to the continent again,” Jian Chen sternly informed them. He rarely issued orders, but his words were filled with absolute authority.

Jiang Wang, the elders, and the protectors all lit up in joy, but no one said anything in response.

Jian Chen continued, “The next matter will be wiping out the Underworld sect!”

If the first matter had delighted the upper echelon of the Bloodsword sect, the second made them all ecstatic. In all these years, the three great assassination organizations had always been in conflict with one another. Countless smaller clashes had occurred in the past and their enmity had already reached an irreconcilable stage, especially when the Bloodsword sect waged a war that was unheard of against the Underworld sect and the Yama Hall. Back then, Houston’s strength was absolute, and neither one of the two organizations were the opponent of the Bloodsword sect. In the end, the two organizations worked together, allowing them to face the Bloodsword sect in a life-or-death battle.

The battle was extremely intense. Although the two organizations worked together, Houston’s strength was still supreme and the Bloodsword sect was unstoppable. Under his lead, the Bloodsword sect still managed to suppress the two other organizations, pushing them toward the brink of destruction. In the end, the battle only stopped after Houston’s wife was assassinated, and from then on, the Bloodsword sect vanished from the Tian Yuan Continent.

During the thousand years, the entire sect had wanted to take revenge against the two assassination organizations several times, but they could do nothing due to the sect master’s orders, much less appear on the continent, which was why they withheld their enmity for a whole millenia. Now that the new sect master had finally released them from that order, they were all ravished with joy.

“Sect master, when will we be moving out?” An elder stood up and excitedly asked.

“Since the order has been issued, the sooner we move, the better. I hope we can finish off uncle Xiu’s revenge as soon as possible. Do you know where the Underworld sect is located?” Jian Chen asked.

“Sect master, the Underworld sect is well-hidden, but it is not hidden well enough to hide from the Intelligence Hall of the Bloodsword sect. We’ve looked into this before. All we need is an order from the sect master and then we can set off immediately,” replied Jiang Wang. He had yearned for this day for a very long time already.

“If that’s the case, let’s set out tomorrow morning. Go make preparations today. We will be in an intense battle tomorrow,” Jian Chen heavily informed them.

“Sect master, how many people will we be bringing?” An elder asked.

“Vice sect master, elders, and protectors, you will be coming with me. There is no need to bring the people below Saint Ruler.”

“But sect master, the Underworld sect has a divine hall. They’ve always been hiding in it in the recent years, so we might not be able to break through the divine hall with our sect’s strength,” said an elder.

“You don’t need to worry about this. Divine halls are tough, but they are not indestructible.” Jian Chen’s voice was filled with confidence, but he sighed inside. By the looks of things, he needed to trouble Rui Jin and the others when he moved against the Underworld sect.

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