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Chapter 1214: The President Sighs

As one of the seven capital cities on the continent, the City of God was bustling. Most of the people who strolled through the streets were rich merchants and the descendents of exceptional clans. Only once in a while would a few rough-looking mercenaries appear in the crowd.

Not only was the City of God the territory of one of the three great clans that controlled the entire empire, the Zaar family, it was also the sanctuary of Radiant Saint Masters. Not only did most of the Radiant Saint Masters on the continent gather here, it was where all Class 7 Radiant Saint Masters lived. There were over twenty known Class 7 Radiant Saint Masters on the continent, and all of them had been bestowed a position as an elder of the Radiant Saint Master Union.

A majestic castle stood quietly in the center of the city like a sleeping beast. It possessed a feeling like it had stood through many changes. The castle was snow-white, but it was aged, so it was not particularly bright in color. Traces of time were present on it.

This castle was the headquarters of the Radiant Saint Master Union. On the seventh floor, the president, Adami, currently sat quietly on a throne in a beautifully-adorned hall. His face was no longer as bright as before, now possessing traces of haggardness. Even his wrinkles had deepened, making him seem even older.

“Esteemed president, Ye Lan wishes to see you.” At this moment, a polite voice came from outside.

“Sir, please come in,” Adami gently replied. With a gentle wave of his right hand, a ball of milky-white light flashed from it and the door opened silently.

A man in tight-fitting robes walked in from outside. He only seemed to be in his early thirties since his dark eyes shone with vigor, like two pieces of obsidian. His handsome face possessed the weathering of wind and rain.

“Esteemed president, I’ve lead a group of people outside under your orders to find master Yun Tian, but there hasn’t been any news of him even now,” the young man clasped his hands at the president.

Adami frowned and thought, “Yun Tian’s already vanished for so many years. I really do wonder where he’s gone. I’ve used a secret technique many times, but I still haven’t been able to communicate with him. Has Yun Tian suffered an accident…” The president darkened when he thought of that possibility. Yun Tian was his senior disciple. He had basically watched him grow up, so although they were just master and disciple, Adami had treated him as his own son. As a result, Adami felt rather sorrowful when he thought about how Yun Tian may have suffered an accident.

“Ye Lan, it’s been tiring for you over the past few days. Go rest first. You don’t need to search for Yun Tian anymore.” Adami waved his hand gently. He was rather dispirited.

“President, you must look after yourself. I shall bid farewell,” Ye Lan said in concern before backing out quietly.

“Sigh.” With Ye Lan’s departure, Adami sat back and leaned against the wide and comfortable throne.

At this moment, Adami could not help but think about some matters of the past. In his life, he had taken on three disciples in total. The first one had departed long ago due to old age while the second one was Yun Tian, who he had watched grow up. As for his third disciple, it was something that he felt most prideful about.

Both his first and second disciples were exceptional. They possessed an extremely great talent among Radiant Saint Masters, but compared to his third disciple, the difference was just unsurmountable, because not only was his third disciple a Class 7 Radiant Saint Master, he was also a supreme expert that could shake up the continent. His achievements as a fighter had already surpassed his abilities as a Radiant Saint Master, already a famous Saint King who even the ten protector clans feared.

Unfortunately, accidents occurred. The third disciple that Adami felt most pride for ended up taking away the saint artifact of the union, almost causing the union to collapse. Not only did it result in an irreversible loss, it also cut Adami off from the possibility of becoming a Class 8 Radiant Saint Master.

Adami was nearing the end of his life. He originally had a total of three thousand years, and he gained another two hundred years through a ten-thousand-year-old heavenly resource, so he had three thousand two hundred years in total. Over three thousand one hundred years had already passed, so he only had a few decades left.

Adami had never married in his life, and he was without children. He only had a few wishes as he neared his death. One was to see the union become even more powerful and even more glorious if he could not become a Class 8 Radiant Saint Master while the other was being sent off by his closest disciples.

However, his final wishes had all become dreams now. Let alone becoming even more powerful and even more glorious, it was extremely fortunate that the union had not collapsed. Being sent off by his closest disciples was even more impossible. His second disciple had been missing for many years, and no one knew whether he was still alive or not right now while his third disciple’s status was far from what it had been in the past. Even as the president of the union, he could not form proper ties with him let alone be sent off by him.

“I’ve worked hard my entire life for the glory of the union. I never thought that I would fail to see glory after over two thousand years of work and that the union would collapse in my hands. I am the offender of the union,” the president sighed at the sky. His voice trembled slightly and was filled with dreariness. Tears even pooled in his eyes.

A tiny wooden hut stood all by itself on the peak of a mountain ten thousand kilometers from the city. Zaar Caiyun remained on the bed, eyes closed within the hut. She had been unconscious for many years already and had still not woken up.

“Caiyun, do you still remember when we first met each other in the City of God? Back then, I was only an Earth Saint Master, and I had been chased into the city by a villain. I was very heavily injured and my Space Ring had been stolen as well. I had nothing. I was hungry and thirsty. With no other choice, I stole a set of clean clothes from a small household before dragging my exhausted body to an inn where I had a hearty meal. In the end, when I received the bill, I was completely ready to be beaten black and blue, but you suddenly appeared in that crucial moment. Back then, you were so pretty, as pretty as a fairy from heaven. I was deeply drawn in at first glance.

“Back then, I still didn’t know who you were. Not only did you help me pay off my bill, you even noticed that I was very heavily injured with a single glance. You gave me an invaluable Class 6 Radiant Spirit Pill and spoke with me for a long time. From that time on, I had become your friend.

“I still remember when you found out that I had been hunted down by a villain. You fell into an utter rage, which we then went together to find him. We killed him by working together…”

Hao Wu held Zaar Caiyun’s hand as he gently recalled their first meeting. Reminiscence filled his eyes. In all the years Zaar Caiyun had been unconscious, he had stayed there, having not left for even a single moment.

“Caiyun, do you still remember our promise back then? You said that once we’re strong enough, we’ll live a life as wanderers and travel across the continent. Caiyun, wake up. Let’s go fulfill that promise…”

On a lone island several million kilometers away from the Tian Yuan Continent in the vast sea, a disheveled man in tattered clothes currently crouched down as he wolfed down a fish in his hands.

“I’ll eat you. I’ll eat you. Yes, yes… I’ll eat you, Yang Yutian. I’ll be eating you, eating your flesh, and drinking your blood. Hahahaha, isn’t it very painful? Cry out, cry out! Keep crying out, keep struggling! No matter how you struggle before I, master Yun Tian, you will still become my prey in the end,” the beggar-like person mumbled mindlessly as he gnawed the fish in his hands, laughing idiotically from time to time.

With a plop, the water near the shore splashed and a 60 centimeter fish accidently leaped ashore. It struggled furiously in an attempt to return to the water.

The man’s eyes immediately lit up. He tossed away the half-eaten fish and cried out at the same time, “Yang Yutian, don’t run away!” As he said that, he lunged forward, pressing the fish that was just about to return to the water into the ground. The lower half of his face smashed into the rock underneath, causing him to bleed from his nose and mouth.

However, he did not seem to be in pain. He spat out a mouthful of blood and two broken teeth as he laughed in a deranged fashion, “I caught you, I caught you, Yang Yutian. Let’s see how you run now. In front of me, you can’t escape no matter how great you are. I want to eat your flesh and drink your blood.”

He used his hands to grab the fish under him. The fish immediately began to struggle desperately, rapidly opening and closing its mouth.

Yun Tian became even more excited when he saw this. He laughed aloud, “Yang Yutian, never did you think that you would end up like this. Struggle, struggle desperately. Call out miserably! Go on, do it! Plead for your life. Plead me to spare your life. I might just spare your life. Yang Yutian, why aren’t you saying anything? Why aren’t you pleading? Talk, go on, talk.

“Okay, Yang Yutian. You’re not going to talk. Since you’re not going to talk, don’t blame me. I’ll bite you to death.” As he said that, Yun Tian opened his bloodied mouth to viciously bite the fish. His two broken teeth could clearly be seen.

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