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Chapter 1216: Wiping Out the Underworld Sect (Two)

Suddenly, the sand underneath began to violently churn. A divine hall shot out, slowly emerging with a vast presence.

“That’s the Darkness Divine Hall of the Underworld Sect,” Jiang Wang immediately cried as he watched the giant divine hall slowly emerge from the sand. He became stern. Although he knew that Jian Chen had a method to break through it, its tough defenses still pressured him on a psychological level. This was because if they could not smash through it, they would not be able to touch the assassins hiding inside, and a Saint Emperor’s power was required to smash through it.

Every single divine hall on the Tian Yuan Continent was created by Saint Emperors, so they possessed the power of Saint Emperors. Although this power could not be used to harm those outside the divine hall, it was the structure’s strongest defense. It was not something that Saint Kings could break through even if they were at Great Perfection.

“My Underworld Sect has existed for over a hundred thousand years on the Tian Yuan Continent, so how can we be wiped out by you, the mere Bloodsword sect? Even with Houston’s supreme strength a thousand years ago, you still didn’t have the power to wipe us out, so I’d like to see just how you will finish us off today,” Luo Qi’s furious voice rang from the divine hall. Under Luo Qi’s control, the divine hall rapidly expanded before arriving above Jian Chen and the others. It shot down with its great presence.

Jian Chen coldly smiled. A piece of jade had silently appeared in his hand, and by tightening his grip slightly, the jade piece was crushed into pieces.

“Sect master, let’s retreat,” Jiang Wang suggested from beside Jian Chen before quickly retreating with the five elders and four protectors in attempt to escape the area covered by the divine hall. Although the structure did not possess any offensive capabilities, none of them wanted to be pressed into the sand.

However, just when they had retreated by a few dozen meters and had yet to make it out, Spatial Force suddenly appeared near Jian Chen. Ten meters away from him, the space violently rippled and it ripped open, forming a multi-colored Space Gate.

A vast pressure flooded out of the Space Gate the moment it formed, filling up the surroundings. The air around seemed to have stopped moving because of the vast pressure and became thick. The group of experts from the Bloodsword sect all froze as well. Other than Jiang Wang, who was at the Third Heavenly Layer of Saint King, the elders and protectors felt like they were suffocating before the pressure. They felt like they had lost the ability to breath.

Jiang Wang and the elders were shocked while the four protectors maintained their composure. The pressure had greatly exceeded their former sect master’s aura, making them believe that they were facing a Saint Emperor.

The structure continued to rapidly descend as it grew closer from above, blotting out the sun like a dark cloud.

As that happened, Rui Jin, Hong Lian, and Hei Yu emerged side-by-side from the Space Gate. They noticed the divine hall in the sky as soon as they arrived, and a sliver of scorn immediately appeared in their eyes.

Rui Jin slowly raised his hand and held up the divine hall with his right hand. With a creak, Rui Jin’s hand actually forced the divine hall to suddenly halt from its descent, as if the huge divine hall was being held up by Rui Jin with a single hand.

The eyes of Jiang Wang, the elders, and the protectors all narrowed at this sight. Stopping a divine hall with a single hand was not something a Saint King at Great Perfection could accomplish. The six of them had all become stunned by the supreme strength Rui Jin had displayed. Although they had heard rumors that Jian Chen possessed three experts who were no weaker than Saint Emperors by his side, they were still rumors after all. They thought the rumors had all been exaggerated, but what they were witnessing today validated the rumors. One of them could stop the descent of a divine hall with a single hand and appear as though they were at ease. With their understanding, only Saint Emperors could do something like that.

Other than the four protectors who had already seen the trio’s strength, all the other people’s opinions of Rui Jin, Hong Lian, and Hei Yu underwent a drastic change. They all looked at them with unhideable respect.

At this moment, Rui Jin’s hand suddenly jerked and a thunderous creak immediately appeared. The divine hall was actually thrown high up into the air with just a jerk of his hand.

“Saint Emperors? You’re Saint Emperors? Impossible, this is impossible. Other than the path lord of the carnal desires, there is no second Saint Emperor on the Tian Yuan Continent,” Luo Qi’s terrifying voice rang out of the divine hall, but something seemed to cross his mind very soon. Luo Qi cried out uncontrollably, “I know. You’re the three magical beast experts that follow the captain of the Flame Mercenaries…”

No one paid any attention to Luo Qi even though he was a Fifth Heavenly Layer Saint King. At the same time, a dazzling streak of golden light suddenly appeared. Rui Jin had already drawn the Sacred Dragon’s Sword. Holding it above his head, his presence rapidly skyrocketed. He then chopped at the structure.

With that attack, a hundred-meter golden sword Qi directly appeared. It possessed origin energy, an energy that could only be controlled by sovereign-like existences that had surpassed Saint Emperor and stepped into the Origin realm. Even Saint Emperors needed to avoid it.

The huge sword Qi landed on the divine hall, and it immediately rumbled loudly. The entire structure violently shook before splitting in half while Jian Chen and the others were filled with disbelief.

The divine hall had actually been chopped in half with a single stroke from Rui Jin!

“I- impossible. This is impossible…” Luo Qi cried out in disbelief. The divine hall had been what the Underworld sect relied on the most. It was also their greatest trump card in regards to protecting themselves, but someone had actually split the structure in half, such that their terrifying might utterly frightened Luo Qi.

Hong Lian and Hei Yu stared at the falling ruined divine hall in secret shock. Although the two of them could smash through the divine hall with their origin energy weapons, they could not have done it as easily as Rui Jin, who had split the whole thing in half with a single attack.

“Rui Jin, you must be close to breaking through.” Hong Lian suddenly turned her head to Rui Jin. A red light danced in her eyes like flames.

Rui Jin put away the weapon and indifferently replied, “I’ve already touch that barrier. I believe I can become a Saint Emperor within fifty years.”

Jian Chen was surprised by that. His face immediately became filled with joy. He emotionally asked, “Senior Rui Jin, you’re about to become a Saint Emperor?”

Rui Jin smiled at how excited Jian Chen had become. He said, “The reason why the current world lacks Saint Emperors is all because of the lack of origin energy. My Sacred Dragon’s Sword and Sacred Dragon’s Armor possess it, so breaking through obviously won’t be a problem. It’s the same for Hong Lian and Hei Yu. It’s just a matter of time.”

Jian Chen sucked in a deep breath and slowly calmed himself down, but he found it difficult to suppress the joy inside. It was as if he had already witnessed the moment when all three of them became Saint Emperors, a moment that would happen in a few decades.

Boom! Boom!

At this moment, two rumbles rang out nearby. The divine hall no longer possessed the power to remain levitating after being split in half by Rui Jin, so it landed in the sand. Countless black-robed assassins quickly charged out from the ruined divine hall, fleeing into the distance as quickly as they could.

“None of them are allowed to escape. Kill!” Jian Chen’s eyes grew cold, and he immediately ordered the experts of the Bloodsword sect to attack before using the Illusory Flash to arrive atop the ruined structure. His Emperor Armament turned into a cascade of afterimages as he stabbed at the assassins that slipped out of the structure, killing over ten people in the blink of an eye.

Jiang Wang, the elders, and the protectors hunted down the assassins that fled in all directions. Although they were Saint Rulers or even Saint Kings who could not commit enormous massacres, they still hunted down the assassins in order to wipe out the Underworld sect.

And even if Celestial Decay would occur after killing far too many people, that would only happen if hundreds of thousands or even more people were slaughtered. The Underworld sect was only a few thousand people and every single one of them had hands dyed with blood. They had even less need to worry about Celestial Decay with that.

Now that the item that the Underworld sect relied on the most was gone, all the assassins were greatly affected at a psychological level. Every single one of them became dejected and lost the courage to battle. As soon as they made it out of the divine hall, they would immediately charge off into the distance.

Jiang Wang, the elders, and the protectors used everything they had to kill the fleeing assassins. Since all those below Saint Ruler were ants, even the Heaven Saint Masters had no power to fight back against Saint Ruler abilities. With a single thought, a Saint Ruler could freeze a region of space and trap several assassins of the Underworld sect there before easily killing them off.

At this moment, over ten assassins from the Underworld sect, dressed in the same attire, charged out of the divine hall by concealing themselves in groups of people. As soon as they made it outside, they fused with the surrounding space, fleeing at an unbelievable space as a blur.

“It’s the Saint Rulers of the Underworld sect. Don’t let any of them escape!” Jiang Wang exclaimed. He gave up on the Heaven Saint Masters he had immobilized with his frozen space and chased after a Ninth Heavenly Layer Saint Ruler.

The elders and protectors gave up on their small fry as well, all chasing after the fleeing Saint Rulers.

Rui Jin suddenly formed a seal with his hands and called out, “Secret technique of the Dragon clan, Dragon’s Domain!” With that, a halo of golden light rapidly expanded from Rui Jin, covering the surroundings with unbelievable speed. It covered over a thousand kilometers in the blink of an eye.

The region within a radius of over a thousand kilometers became slightly golden. This was Rui Jin’s Dragon’s Domain, which turned a certain region of the surrounding space into his own domain. Other than Hong Lian, Rui Jin, Jian Chen, Nubis, and the people of the Bloodsword sect, all the people in the space felt like they had suddenly been trapped by an invisible force, making them move much slower. They felt like they were in treacle. Only the Saint Rulers could resist this slowing effect with their full strength. All those below Saint Ruler were completely immobilied.

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