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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 122
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Chapter 122: : The Death of Kendall

Seeing the Golden Fur Tiger King retreat, Cross let loose a sigh of relief. At this moment, his heart was pounding, and if anyone were to stand behind him, they would be able to clearly hear it. In this moment of desperation, Cross was nearly at the end of the road of life. However, he was rejoicing now because he had succeeded. Yet at the same time, it was far too early to rejoice, since while the Golden Fur Tiger King was temporarily held back due to the cub, the Class 4 Tiger behind was not. There was no way for Cross to make the Class 4 Tiger retreat, but he had to make sure he didn’t do anything hasty; otherwise it would lead to an unwanted ending.

Right now the Golden Fur Tiger King’s eyes were crimson with fury, and the experienced Cross knew that the tiger was in a stage of extreme rage; it was only because of the fact that he had the cub that it was not acting out on impulse. That cub was Cross’ protective charm, and if he were to lose control of it, Cross knew that what would come next would be the end of his life.

Under the threat of death, Cross was strangely calm as he thought about what to do next. Despite being in a situation where death was all but guaranteed, he still did not give up his desire to live. As long as there was an opportunity, he wouldn’t let it go. Although, with everything said, it was an extremely weak strand of an opportunity to live, and there he wasn’t certain if he would be able to escape.

Then, Cross’ eyes landed on the nearby Flame Mercenaries. His heart thumped for a second before he immediately tossed the cub over to where they stood.

“Hou!” Just as Cross made a move, the glaring Golden Fur Tiger King exploded into action. Immediately bursting over to where Cross stood, it swung both of its paws onto Cross’ shoulders, inflicting deep wounds on his shoulders. The tiger released a sky shattering roar, making Cross unable to breathe.

Because of the Golden Fur Tiger King’s action, Cross immediately paled as he started to mentally blank out. He had thrown the cub over to the Flame Mercenaries because he had thought that the Golden Fur Tiger King would change targets, but he hadn’t thought that the tiger would move that fast. The moment he had thrown the cub, the tiger had appeared right in front of him. At that moment, Cross knew that his life was over.

“Aoo! Aooo!”

The cub began to cry out in fear after being thrown by Cross. The sense of weightlessness had terrified the cub, causing it to cry out even more than before.

Seeing the cub rise into the air and then arc downward, the crimson eyes of the tiger grew alarmed as it began to panic. With a single roar, it leapt away from its position over Cross’s body and chased after the midair cub.

Feeling the heaviness in his shoulders being lifted, Cross was momentarily stunned. Seeing how the Golden Fur Tiger King had chased after the cub, he immediately awoke to his senses and had an ecstatic smile on his face. Despite the deep burning sensation he was feeling from his shoulders, his arms and legs fiercely pushed against the ground and he stood up. Limping into the forest, he then disappeared from sight.

Seeing Cross flee into the bushes, the Class 4 Tiger that had been blocking the route uneasily stamped both of its paws on the ground, and desperately wanted to chase after him. However after seeing the explosion of anger from the Golden Fur Tiger King, it suppressed its impulse. Although they initially possessed some intelligence, Class 4 Magical Beasts were still too stupid. Their abilities to think through problems couldn’t possibly compare to a mature human adult’s. The Golden Fur Tiger King had only told it to block the group of people in its path, but it didn’t tell the tiger to chase after anyone that tried to flee. Before any further commands came from the Golden Fur Tiger King, this muscle brained Class 4 Tiger could only stare helplessly as Cross escaped. Even if it wanted to chase after it, it didn’t dare to.

Just as Captain Kendall was about to disappear into the foliage, a black blur flew over and struck him in the chest before falling to the ground.

In response, Captain Kendall instinctively reached out his hand to pick up what had hit him. The moment his hand brushed against the black object, he understood just what exactly it was, and grew pale in the face. “Crap, this is the cub of the Golden Fur Tiger King.” By this point in time, the cub of the Golden Fur Tiger King was no longer a valuable asset, but instead, a burning hot piece of iron. Whoever touched it would be burned.

Just as Kendall had decided to throw the cub back, a terrifying roar was heard as a black figure instantly flew at him. The large, stinky mouth of the tiger then immediately bit down on Kendall’s chest.

There was simply no time for Kendall to react. The entire top half of his body was in the jaws of the Golden Fur Tiger King, and its extremely sharp fangs sank deep within Kendall’s body. Blood began to spurt out of his wounds like a fountain, covering the entire top part of his body with a bloody red color.

“Ah~~!” Kendall screamed in pain and desolation. The moment Kendall had been bitten by the tiger, his voice had already sounded weaker.

“Captain Kendall!”

“Uncle Kendall!”

Seeing the top part of Kendall’s body being bitten by the tiger, every single member of the Flame Mercenaries glared in hatred at the tiger as they cried out in heart piercing tones.

The heart-wrenching screams of all the Flame Mercenaries reached the ears of Jian Chen, who immediately withdrew from the foliage with a fearful face.

Seeing Kendall pale with fright and blood loss from having the entire top part of his body bitten, Jian Chen let out a shout of alarm. The Light Wind Sword instantly materialized in his right hand and exploded with a powerful, silver glow as Sword Qi coiled around the blade.


The sword separated from Jian Chen’s palm almost as if it had turned into an intelligent Immortal Sword and flew toward the Golden Fur Tiger King’s head.

The moment the sword brimming with Sword Qi hit the head of the tiger, it only penetrated a small layer of fur, practically doing no heavy amount of damage to it.

Although Jian Chen’s Soul Sword was stronger than his regular attacks by tenfold, the Golden Fur Tiger King was a Class 5 Magical Beast. Since Jian Chen was no more than a Middle Great Saint, inflicting a serious injury was an inconceivable event.

“Hou!” Feeling a small tinge of pain on his head, the tiger’s eyes turned crimson as they looked at Jian Chen. With a mighty force, it tore Kendall’s body in two. The top part of Kendall’s body was immediately swallowed by the Golden Fur Tiger King as the lower half of his body immediately fell to the floor. Blood began to spill everywhere.

“Uncle Kendall!”

Seeing the lower half of Kendall’s body fall to the ground, everyone in the group let out a horrified yell as their eyes teared up in anguish.

“Hou!” The tiger snarled as it leapt toward where Jian Chen was.

Using the Profound Steps, Jian Chen flew like a speed demon a few distances away in order to dodge the attack of the tiger. At the same time, the spinning Light Wind Sword transformed into a silver streak of light that reorientated itself in midair, and shot toward the tiger’s head once more.

However just as the Light Wind Sword was about to pierce into the tiger’s head, the Golden Fur Tiger King’s tail disappeared in a blur and slapped against the Light Wind Sword with a firm blow.


The seemingly soft tail of the tiger was surprisingly strong as the Light Wind Sword collided with the tail, creating a crisp sound. The sword was sent flying a few meters away as the incredibly strong Sword Qi around it disappeared, and the sword returned to its normal appearance once more.

Jian Chen’s figure shook slightly as his face began to pale. Slowly, a trickle of blood began to leak out from his mouth because of what happened to his Saint Weapon. His Light Wind Sword symbolized his cultivation, and after using his “spirit” to control it, no matter how much damage was done to it in this state, Jian Chen would feel the direct consequence. While the tail of the tiger hadn’t hit Jian Chen directly, the damage done to the Light Wind Sword was clearly beyond what it could take, making Jian Chen take on the additional damage.

The Golden Fur Tiger King disappeared along with its shadow as it flew toward Jian Chen at a speed that couldn’t be seen by the naked eye. Both of its claws immediately swung down with devastating power toward Jian Chen’s chest.

Jian Chen attempted to dodge, but was unfortunately slower than the Golden Fur Tiger King. Because of his wounds from earlier, he was not able to completely evade the tiger’s attack.

The claws of the tiger carried a cold wind as they struck into Jian Chen’s chest. At the same time, his chest became mutilated, and parts of his chest bones could be seen.

With a great groan of pain, Jian Chen grew as pale as paper as he felt the fierce pain. Against a Class 5 Magical Beast, Jian Chen had no way to protect himself, and even the Soul Sword he was so proud of wasn’t enough to leave even the smallest of wounds on the Golden Fur Tiger King.

“Jian Chen, hurry up and escape. I’ll stall for you!” Xiao Dao cried out suddenly as he pulled out his small dagger and raised it to stab at the tiger’s body.

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