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Chapter 1236: A Stalemate of Divine Halls

Tao Zhengtian stabilized himself after traveling a thousand meters. He stared in shock at Tie Ta, who was bathed in golden light, as disbelief filled his face. He could feel that Tie Ta was not very powerful, having not reached the 16th Star, but he was able to deliver such a terrifying attacks at will with his level of cultivation. His attacks also seemed to possessed wondrous effects that attacked the soul. This was the first time he had ever come across something like this.

At the same time, he understood that if it were not for the fact that he was at the peak of the Eighth Heavenly Layer and that his soul was much more powerful, he definitely would not have been able to react under the barrage of the battle intent within the axe so quickly. In that crucial moment, if he had reacted slightly slower, he would not have just been knocked away. He would have been heavily injured at the very least.

“Just where did this person come from? And what heaven-defying cultivation method does he practice?” Tao Zhengtian exclaimed inside. Tao Zhengtian found it very abnormal for such a terrifying expert to be unknown in the sea realm.

However, before Tao Zhengtian could think of anything else, Jian Chen rushed over from afar. He stabbed at Tao Zhengtian as a layer of Chaotic Force wrapped around his Emperor Armament, sticking to Tao Zhengtian firmly and preventing him from assisting other Saint Kings.

“Tao Zhengtian, taste my Saint Tier Battle Skill!” Nubis called out as vast energy coiled around his surroundings. His arms moved in a wondrous pattern as he cast his modified Saint Tier Battle Skill.

Nubis was currently pale-white. He had been quite heavily injured when he had been blown away by Tao Zhengtian’s palm strike. However, he was still a beast of antiquity. Although his body was not as powerful as Jian Chen’s Chaotic Body, it was still extremely tough. His injuries were not enough to influence his battle prowess.

It was clearly quite a big deal for Nubis to cast his Saint Tier Battle Skill. He was unable to use it instantaneously with his strength as a Fourth Heavenly Layer Saint King, so he needed a few seconds to charge up. A layer of dense, golden energy rapidly surged out of his body, coiling around him as it rotated. The color was the same as the energy used by Tie Ta, but that was only the appearance. In reality, the two energies were completely different. They weren’t anywhere close to being the same.

“Soaring Draconic Serpent!” Nubis furiously roared as the golden energy around him froze at that moment. It turned into a huge, golden dragon that coiled around him, and with a clear roar, the snake-like dragon took to the air. A great pressure surged toward Tao Zhengtian, acting against him while he battled Jian Chen.

Nubis’ Saint Tier Battle Skill had already reached the Seventh Heavenly Layer, but Tao Zhengtian still managed to deal with both the battle skill and Jian Chen in an extremely composed manner. Each time he stabbed out with his lance, the golden dragon would be cleaved in half. However, Nubis’ Saint Tier Battle Skill contained a shred of the Silver Striped Golden Snakes’ essence, so it was clearly different from other battle skills. Before the golden dragon could dissipate after it had been split in half, it reformed in an extremely short amount of time, continuing toward Tao Zhengtian with the same amount of force as before.

On the other side, Tie Ta had already arrived by the crater that Tao Lin had formed. He mercilessly swung his axe of golden light, ending Tao Lin’s life.

Tao Zhengtian violently jerked with Tao Lin’s death as a sliver of sorrow crossed his face. He wanted to help, but he was caught in a busy scuffle with Jian Chen and Nubis. Tie Ta was so close to Tao Lin as well. He would not have been able to make it even if he had pulled out his divine hall. As a result, he could only watch helplessly as Tao Lin died before his eyes.

Tie Ta took away Tao Lin’s Space Ring before arriving beside Qing Yixuan. He said with his deep but gentle voice, “Leave this to me. Go help Jian Chen.”

Qing Yixuan said nothing. She nodded before handing her opponent to Tie Ta, charging towards Tao Zhengtian.

Tao Zhengtian finally felt slightly pressured when Qing Yixuan joined in. The Saint Kings on his side were rapidly dying. There would be one extra Saint King on the Turtle clan’s side to come deal with him after every death. Once the battle became drawn out, he would gain more and more opponents, and it would become even more difficult for him to face all of them.

Tao Zhengtian knew he could not continue like this when he arrived at that conclusion. The longer he lasted, the more casualties his side would suffer. On the other hand, although there were some people who had become injured on the Turtle clan’s side, none of them had died.

“All the people of the Tao family, enter the divine hall immediately!” Tao Zhengtian called out as a sound wave erupted through the battle between the Saint Kings. It echoed within a radius of a hundred kilometers.

A simple divine hall was thrown into the air by Tao Zhengtian. It became a huge, majestic hall in the blink of an eye in the incoming wind. It radiated with a desolate presence and was covered by marks left behind by time. Clearly, it had existed for a very long time already.

The divine hall immediately produced an extremely heavy boom when it struck the ground. The entire place shook violently as the divine hall’s door swung open. It stood like a tough fortress and blocked all the violent energies that swept through the sky. It created a region of safety around the divine hall.

The scattered, terrified clansmen, who were dodging the streams of energy, seemed like they had seen a ray of hope and charged into the divine hall as quickly as they could.

A dazzling golden light radiated through the air. Tie Ta swung his axe with great force toward a black-robed old man in front of him. The old man was a Saint King of the Fifth Heavenly Layer, but he had already become heavily injured from his fight with Qing Yixuan. As a result, he did not have any power to resist Tie Ta’s powerful swing. At the moment he had become dazed from the supreme battle intent, the golden axe cleaved his head in half.

Four of the nine Saint Kings within the alliance had been slain by Tie Ta with lightning-like speed, and the remaining five held their ground with difficulty. However, all of them were extremely stern without exception. They no longer revealed the great confidence they had showed earlier.

Meanwhile, the ancestor of the Moxi clan regretted his actions inside. If he had known that the Turtle clan was so powerful earlier, he would never have agreed to the marriage with the Tao family, much less work with the Tao family against the Turtle clan. His Moxi clan had suffered severely from the conflict with the Turtle clan since one of the Saint Kings slain by Tie Ta was a part of his clan.

“Enter the divine hall!” Tao Zhengtian bellowed with a sunken expression. He was not carried away by his battle. He swung his lance as hard as he could, forcing back Jian Chen and Qing Yixuan. Afterward, he retreated, disappearing in the divine hall with a flash. The four other Saint Kings in the alliance did not tarry either, entering the divine hall at the same time as Tao Zhengtian, moving as quickly as they could.

The divine hall’s door suddenly slammed shut and the structure rose up from the ground, quickly reaching an altitude of a thousand kilometers.

“Ancestor, let us in…” Over a thousand clansmen of the Tao family had failed to enter the divine hall in time. They all began to plead as despair filled their faces. A few clever people immediately turned around to flee into the distance when they saw that there was no hope of entering the divine hall. They wanted to avoid the pursuit of the Turtle clan experts as well as the energy ripples from the battle.

Tao Zhengtian did not leave as he controlled the divine hall. Instead, the divine hall rapidly fell onto Jian Chen and the others. He wanted to use the toughness of his divine hall to deal with the eight of them.

Jian Chen coldly smiled when he realized what Tao Zhengtian was trying to do, “Tao Zhengtian, do you think you’re the only one with a divine hall?” The Octoterra Divine Hall had appeared in Jian Chen’s hands and transformed into a gigantic structure instantly. It was no smaller than Tao Zhengtian’s divine hall.

Jian Chen, Nubis, Tie Ta, Qing Yixuan, Tai Dou, Lan Jing, Xin Pian, and Mochas all charged into the divine hall. Under Jian Chen’s control, the divine hall quickly charged into the sky. It moved like a streak of light, and by the looks of it, it looked to be flying toward the Tao family’s divine hall.

Although the Octoterra Divine Hall had been beaten to ruins by Kaiser, it could repair automatically. After so much time, it had recovered by at least eighty percent even though it had not completely returned to how it had been before, and it seemed fine from the outside.

“Boom!” With a violent sound, the two divine halls brutally collided in the air. The great force created from the collision knocked the two of them away.

The two divine halls remained in perfect condition. The violent collision had not even left a scratch on them.

The divine halls hovered at a high altitude in unison after clashing once. They both knew that neither of them could do anything to the other unless they were in possession of a Saint Emperor’s strength.

“Ruler of the Turtle clan, I never thought you’d have a divine hall as well,” Tao Zhengtian’s cold voice rang from his divine hall.

Jian Chen appeared silently on the highest point of the Octoterra Divine Hall. He coldly stared at the Tao family’s divine hall a thousand meters away and responded with, “Tao Zhengtian, I still can’t break through your divine hall today, so it ends here. However, this by no means resolves the enmity between your Tao family and my Turtle clan. When I gain the power that can break through the divine hall, the experts of the Turtle clan will come visiting again.”

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