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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 124
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Chapter 124: Strong Sword Qi

Jian Chen was still in midair without the ability to move in any other direction. With the Golden Fur Tiger King being so fast, there was no way for Jian Chen to dodge.

In a moment of desperation, Jian Chen turned around abruptly with both of his hands outwards Lashing out against the head of the tiger, he borrowed the backwards force to push himself forward even faster, escaping from the bloody jaws of the tiger.

His legs staggered a bit as he landed on the ground. Before Jian Chen could even collect himself, a large force rammed into Jian Chen’s chest. Not being able to even see what happened, Jian Chen flew backwards like a bullet as he was launched into the air once more. The clothes he had been wearing had already been ripped apart as his chest became one big indentation, making it seem as if his front was practically his back. Immediately, another strong amount of force circulated through his body, smashing against his inner organs in an instant.

Jian Chen flew 30 meters forward before finally smashing against a tree trunk and falling to the ground. His head knocked against a tree branch firmly as he fell to the ground unconscious.

The Golden Fur Tiger King had no intentions of letting Jian Chen go. Stamping toward Jian Chen, it opened its jaws wide in preparation to eat him.

Just as the tiger was on the verge of biting Jian Chen, wildly flickering, weak glows of azure and violet rose from Jian Chen. Although the glows were quite faint, they were extremely eye catching at this time of night. As the twin glows appeared, they illuminated the entire forest and suddenly, a strong amount of Sword Qi enshrouded the area. But just as fast as it came, the Sword Qi quickly disappeared.


At the same time, a desolate scream emerged from the mouth of the Golden Fur Tiger King as a rarely seen trace of fear appeared in its eyes. It was like the tiger had just been shocked, and it quickly retreated 10 meters back. Its bewildered tiger eyes stared at the unconscious Jian Chen. The previously crimson eyes became clear once more as its body began to tremble and shake.

Suddenly, blood began to spill out from the body of the Golden Fur Tiger King in a continuous flow. Its previously entirely golden fur was now stained a bloody red, its body covered with countless wounds. While the wounds were minute in size, they were deep and intersected with one another in countless ways. Even the tiger’s head was not spared; the sight of it was rather pitiful.

The Golden Fur Tiger King at that moment didn’t retain any of its majestic aura. Instead, it looked like it had just come out of a desperate battle with countless deep wounds.

The giant body of the tiger shook slightly as its eyes stared fearfully at the still unconscious Jian Chen. At that moment, with Jian Chen at the center, all of the grass and trees within 100 meters had been cut into countless pieces that floated in the air, filling the sky with a powder that literally covered the sight of the sky from the earth within an 100 meters circumference. The sky was so densely covered that one’s line of sight within would have been completely blocked off if one tried to look around.

The body of the tiger shivered more violently as it looked around itself in disbelief and shock. A Class 5 Magical Beast had a large amount of knowledge, and although it couldn’t communicate like humans, it was still able to think. Its intelligence was equal to a human’s, but at this moment, the Golden Fur Tiger King was feeling a tremendous amount of shock.

While a Class 5 Magical Beast could easily decimate anything within a 100 meter circumference, to be able to do it in an instant while reducing everything to a fine powder was something even a Class 6 Magical Beast would be unable to do. It was the strong amount of Sword Qi from before that had made the heart of the tiger tremble with fear. In a split second, the Sword Qi had caused countless deep wounds on the tiger’s body, making it fear for its life.

A short moment later, the fine powder in the air fell to the ground, stacking up to become a layer of dust. Within the 100 meter circumference, there wasn’t a single trace of any living organism but Jian Chen. Aside from the dust, there was nothing else in sight. Even the large tree that Jian Chen was slumped against had disappeared.

The beady eyes of the tiger looked around itself and let loose a terrified roar before running away with its tail tucked between its legs. Its speed was even faster than when it was chasing Jian Chen.

The area became absolutely silent after the tiger had left the area, leaving Jian Chen alone on the ground in an unconscious state. A fine layer of dust now covered his body..

The time quietly went by as the night sky silently retreated. The bright sun slowly rose into the air, emitting a bright ray of sunlight that warmed the earth. Shining down onto the area where no plant life existed, the sunny ground was almost like a carpet for the sleeping Jian Chen.

Perhaps because the lingering traces of a Class 5 Magical Beast could be felt, no other magical beast had approached the area that night. Even the most common of wild animals hadn’t dared to come near, and so it wasn’t clear if they simply hadn’t been in the area, or if they hadn’t dared to approach.

Suddenly, within the circle where no plant life existed, a pile of dust began to shake and tremble. The pile of dust fiercely shook and slid off as it gradually revealed a person underneath.

The figure that was hidden by the layer of dust the entire night was Jian Chen.

Brushing away the mysterious powder on him, Jian Chen slowly opened his eyes only to be greeted by the azure sky overhead. Just as Jian Chen wanted to lift his head, his mind was suddenly jump started, reminding him of the state he was in. Immediately feeling the intense pain racking through his body, Jian Chen couldn’t help but yell out.

Weakly lying on the ground, Jian Chen sucked in a few deep breaths. With his spirit, Jian Chen was already aware of what type of condition his body was in, even without actually engaging in an inner body inspection. Each of his internal organs had suffered from serious injuries that were lighter than when he had been right outside Wake City. However to other people, injuries like this would’ve been fatal.

His chest was already a mutilated mess to the point where even his chest bones could be seen after being smashed apart by the Golden Fur Tiger King.

Just then, Jian Chen thought about the attack he had suffered from the claws of the Golden Fur Tiger King before falling unconscious, and his head quivered in memory for a second. But when he took a look around, only emptiness greeted him. The perimeter around him was a zone of nothingness, without even a single plant. There was only a fine layer of dust covering the floor, and there weren’t any traces of the Golden Fur Tiger King.

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