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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 125
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Chapter 125: Hey, Listen!

Seeing the area around him, Jian Chen was in shock as he continued to look around vacantly. “Strange, where is this? Where is the Golden Fur Tiger King? Was I saved by someone?”

Jian Chen was lying on the ground as he slowly looked around. His heart had quickly calmed down, but his mind was already thinking back to when the Flame Mercenaries had tried to protect him while he ran; they had sacrificed their lives to stall the Golden Fur Tiger King.

As that thought ran through his mind, Jian Chen’s heart began to hurt once more. Even though he had not even known the Flame Mercenaries for over a month, they had shared a joyous friendship. Although the friendship was not very deep, in their final moments, each one of the Flame Mercenary members had still laid down their lives to act as an hold the tiger back and give Jian Chen more time to escape. Even though the major reason was because they knew they wouldn’t be able to run away from a Class 5 Magical Beast anyways, this was still a very heavy emotional blow to Jian Chen.

“Uncle Kendall, Deere, Kabolds, Chang Ning Feng, Hu Po, Zhou Da Kai, Zhou Xiao Kai, Xiao Dao and Yun Xuan, don’t worry. When I have enough strength, I will definitely come and take revenge for you all; I will personally kill and behead the Golden Fur Tiger King myself.” Jian Chen swore as an intense amount of killing intent radiated from him.

Breathing out deeply, Jian Chen forced himself to calm down as he surveyed his surroundings once more. Jian Chen had his doubts about whether or not the Golden Fur Tiger King had run away, since this place seemed to extremely different from the place he had been in before he had fallen unconscious.

“What place is this? Exactly who saved me?” Jian Chen doubtfully wondered as he continued to examine his surroundings.

“Forget it, now isn’t the time to think about this. Healing my injuries is my utmost priority right now.” Shaking himself away from the distracting thoughts, he began to use the light Saint Force from the World Essence to heal himself.

The bizarre energy from the World Essence quickly began to gather around Jian Chen, and after a certain amount had gathered, the energy enwrapping Jian Chen’s body turned a milky-white color.

The light Saint Force continuously entered Jian Chen’s body and filled his wounds, causing them to slowly heal over time.

After four hours, Jian Chen’s spirit had finally run out, and he had no other choice but to stop. Although his wounds weren’t fully healed, they would no longer impede any basic motor functions.

Dispersing the remaining light Saint Force, Jian Chen slowly crawled up from the ground. Taking off his ruined clothing, he brought out a new pair of clothes from within his Space Belt. It was only then that Jian Chen was fully aware of just how much powder was around him.

Slowly bending down to the ground, he scooped up a handful of powder. Not only did it feel cold, but there was a moist feeling to it, and when he smelled it there was a small hint of plant life.

His right hand kneaded the powder between his fingers as an astonished expression formed in his eyes. “Could this be the powdered dust of a plant?” He said to himself while looking at the 100 meter circumference of emptiness around himself. While there was powder everywhere inside the circle, there was only tall grass outside.

Seeing this scene, Jian Chen’s body lightly shuddered. He couldn’t believe the thought that had just run through his mind.

“Could all of the grass in this area have been reduced to dust?”

At this thought, Jian Chen couldn’t help but feel surprised. He didn’t know what had happened while he was unconscious, but he knew that reducing every single piece plant life into fine powder within this area was an extremely difficult task to do. Controlling this powerful energy alone wouldn’t have been an easy task.

“Really, what happened here?” Jian Chen wondered with a large amount of doubt and curiosity. Not wishing to stay there any longer, Jian Chen used the sun as his compass and began to move off in the direction leading out of the forest. Jian Chen did not want hurt his mind thinking about whatever had happened while he was unconscious. In general, he only felt fortuitous that he had survived the ordeal.

Jian Chen’s injuries weren’t completely healed, so he was very cautious as he traveled. In order to avoid any magical beast, he was going quite slowly.

After traveling for two days, he finally made it out of the Magical Beast Mountain Range. In addition, all the wounds on his body were fully healed.

Jian Chen walked aimlessly through the dense forests with a serious expression. The Flame Mercenaries had entered with 10 people when they had first entered, but only 1 person remained when exiting. Aside from Jian Chen, the other 9 mercenaries would forever stay within the Magical Beast Mountain Range, whether they had skeletons or not.

At that moment, a group of 7 mercenaries walked within distance of Jian Chen. Based on their direction, they were heading into the Magical Beast Mountain Range. Within the group was a single 20 year old youth who looked extremely arrogant. Around him were 6, 40 year old males who, judging by their appearances, were protecting the youth in the middle.

The 7 of them clearly saw Jian Chen, but they didn’t pay him any mind.

As the 7 mercenaries brushed past Jian Chen, one of them suddenly spoke out arrogantly, “Kid, stand stop right there.” It was the youth that didn’t seem much older than Jian Chen.

Jian Chen seemingly didn’t hear the voice, and he continued to walk down the road with a heavy expression.

Seeing that Jian Chen was ignoring him, the youth couldn’t help but get angry. He coldly glared at the retreating figure of Jian Chen and shouted once more, “The kid over there wearing a sack for clothes, are your ears working? Did you not hear my words?” The youth’s anger was rampant and his expression was brimming with arrogance.

Jian Chen’s figure paused as he lifted his head to look at the youth and spoke calmly, “Are you talking to me?”

“No shit! If I wasn’t talking to you, who else would I be talking to? There’s no one else here!” The youth rudely retorted. He didn’t realize how contradictory his words were: weren’t he and the 6 mercenaries with him also people?

Hearing the words of the youth, the other 6 mercenaries’ muscles all twitched. They had wanted to laugh, but none of them dared to.

Jian Chen raised an eyebrow and spoke in a low voice, “If you have anything to say, hurry up and say it.” Having just experienced the unfortunate accident regarding the Flame Mercenaries, Jian Chen wasn’t in a good mood, and even his speaking pattern had changed quite a bit.

The youth’s eyes flashed with indignation. Seeing Jian Chen speak to him so impolitely made him extremely angry.

“Kid, let me ask you, did you or did you not come from the Magical Beast Mountain Range?” The pitch in the youth’s voice had already gone up a few notches as he stared at Jian Chen in an unfriendly way.

Jian Chen’s eyes flashed coldly as he growled, “So what if I did?”

The youth revealed a wicked smile, “That’s perfect. I need to go there to cultivate, so you will lead the way for your lord. And if I’m happy with you, you’ll earn a reward.”

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