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Chapter 1263: Spiritking

An extremely vast world existed on the other side of the seal beneath Mercenary City. It was so great that even if the Beast God Continent, the sea realm, the Tian Yuan Continent and the Wasteland Continent were combined, they would not even fill half of all the space that existed.

The energy of the world there was extremely abundant as well, far more abundant than on the Tian Yuan Continent, and most importantly, that vast world possessed origin energy that had vanished from this world for countless years. It was also rich in resources, so the entire place seemed perfect. Probably the only downside was that the sun of that world was blood-red. It possessed the scarlet color of human viscera, radiating with endless light. It dyed the entire place blood-red, adding a malevolent feeling to the entire world.

There were not many Saint Kings on the Tian Yuan Continent. Even with the entire world in perspective, including all the Saint Kings who always remained hidden away, there was no more than a thousand at most. As for Saint Emperors, they were even rarer. With the Tian Yuan Continent, the sea realm, and the Beast God Continent combined, there was only nine.

Yet in the blood-red world, Saint Kings could be seen everywhere. The number had reached a stunning level, and even the number of Saint Emperors outnumbered all the Saint Kings on the Tian Yuan Continent.

A huge mountain range that spanned an area of several million square kilometers stood in the center of that blood-red world. It was known as the World Mountains, the greatest mountain range in the world as well as the most terrifying forbidden ground.

Not only were there countless powerful vicious beasts, there were also many unknown dangers of various origins on the World Mountains. Even Saint Emperors could only move around on the very outskirts since entering the general region would basically lead to death. Without any exaggeration, the general region of the mountains was a grave for Saint Emperors.

The general region was not even the most terrifying place either. The most terrifying place was the center of the mountain range where a huge mountain over ten kilometers tall stood.

The mountain stood like a pillar that was holding up the vast sky of the world. It was shrouded by a faint layer of red mist, obscuring the body of the mountain and making it even more mysterious. The space halfway up the mountain was extremely unstable. It would twist violently and cracks of various sizes would form from time to time. These cracks would come in contact with the cliff-face of the mountain itself from time to time and rocks would often silently vanish, without even leaving behind a pile of dust. It was extremely terrifying.

Approaching the huge mountain would be stepping into the central region of the mountain ranges, which was also known as the depths of the World Mountains. Even those that had surpassed Saint Emperor and reached the Origin realm needed to tread carefully in the depths. If they were sucked away by a spatial crack due to carelessness, even those of the Origin realm could die.

Throughout history, the depths of the mountain range had devoured the lives of many experts at the Origin realm, which was why the mountain range had become a forbidden region where even experts of the Origin realm dared not to set foot without considerable thought.

But at this very moment, a large group of people had gathered on the peak of the greatest mountain in the mountain range. There was over five hundred people, and they all wore the same black clothes. An odd, round symbol was present on all the black clothes, and in the center of the symbol was a huge, majestic hall.

This was an image of the sacred organization that ruled the world, the symbol of the Sacred Spirit Hall!

The Sacred Spirit Hall was like the imperial palace of this blood-red world. It was the symbol of absolute authority.

The group of people there were extremely powerful. They were all Saint Emperors, and there were quite a few peak Saint Emperors among them. Any single one of them would be enough to terrify the ten protector clans if they were on the Tian Yuan Continent. However, all of them currently held their breaths and stood there silently like statues. They did not move at all.

At the very front of the group were over forty experts of various ages who stood in a single line. They also waited silently. The presence that radiated from them casually was even greater than the presence of Saint Emperors. If there auras were equivalent to an elephant, then the presences of the Saint Emperors were like ants, extremely insignificant.

They had all surpassed Saint Emperor and had reached the Origin realm, and eight of them were even at Returnance.

But without any exception, all of the Origin realm experts hid their presences, standing there like statues. They all held their breaths as they stared at the man at the very front. Quite a few of them showed deep admiration and fear through their gazes.

He was a black-robed and tall man. He stood there silently with his back to everyone, giving off a feeling that he was indomitable, as if he was the heavens and he ruled the lives of everyone else. Just looking at him felt like he had fused with the world, yet there was also the illusion that he stood above the world.

By his side hovered a heavy, dark sword made of metal. The metal shone with a dark glimmer and radiated with a bright light. Although it was motionless, the great aura from the weapon actually made the eight Returnance experts behind him shiver inside.

A pitch-black tunnel stood a thousand meters in front of the black-robed man. The space in there pulsed and distorted in violent spasms.

“Spiritking, will we be able to break through the seal to the other side this time?” A Returnance expert asked at this moment.

The man standing at the very front was the supreme ruler of the Sacred Spirit Hall. He was the one who held supreme power over this world, the Spiritking.

The Spiritking was a legendary person within the World of Forsaken Saints. He possessed the greatest talent and greatest comprehension throughout all of history, reaching Reciprocity in just a mere eight centuries. He created powerful moves himself. When he had first set a foot in the Reciprocity realm, he challenged the three other Reciprocity experts of the World of Forsaken Saints.

The first expert was at mid Reciprocity and was defeated in ten moves by the Spiritking, who had just reached Reciprocity. The second and third experts were at mid and late Reciprocity respectively, but after an intense, four hour fight with the early Reciprocity Spiritking, they both died to his blade.

The three Reciprocity experts were originally the rulers of the Sacred Spirit Hall. They were known as the three great Spiritkings, but after they were all slain by the black-robed man, he himself became the Spiritking. He became the Spiritking of a new generation and the only Spiritking of the World of Forsaken Saints.

Although the new Spiritking had only reached Reciprocity recently and was still at early Reciprocity, all the Origin realm experts in the world believed he possessed the power to fight the weakest person who had attained Godhood.

The gap between the Origin realm and Godhood was as large as a chasm. It was not even comparable to the gap between Saint King and Saint Emperor, but rather the gap between the Origin realm and Sainthood would be more comparable.

The current Spiritking possessed the power to fight an expert who had attained Godhood at early Reciprocity. Even if it was only the weakest expert at Godhood, it was shocking enough.

“The person who came to our world and cast down this seal is indeed very strong. No wonder none of our Origin realm experts were his opponent. The seal he had cast down between the two worlds can only be destroyed by someone at Godhood. I easily destroyed the seal in our world before probably because there was no one controlling it, but there’s an Origin realm expert on the other side supporting the seal right now, so it won’t be destroyed easily,” said the Spiritking. He spoke in an extremely nonchalant tone, but his voice carried a certain femininity. Although he was a man, his voice was extremely pleasant.

“Spiritking, will it fail again this time?” An enchanting woman who seemed to be in her twenties gently asked. Her voice was filled with charm, as if it could suck away the souls of people. She was one of the eight experts at Returnance.

“Although there’s an Origin realm expert supporting the seal on the other side, I am confident I can get through the seal since I’ve come here today. Maintaining the seal will require a vast amount of energy. Let me waste that Origin realm expert’s energy first, and once they’re running low, I’ll use my Seal-breaking and break through the seal,” said the Spiritking nonchalantly. At this moment, the space in the tunnel stabilized again. The space had been disrupted by his full-powered attack from earlier.

A resplendent gleam of light immediately flashed through the Spiritking’s eyes when he saw the space restabilize. The dark sword floating beside him immediately erupted with a dazzling silver light as an extremely powerful sword intent permeated the surroundings. Under the contamination of the powerful sword intent, the violent wind, the air, and even the abundant energy of the world in the surroundings became strands of invisible sword Qi.

Swish! The dark metal sword was surrounded by a coat of powerful silver light as it vanished into the tunnel in front of them as a white streak of light.

Note: Remember, the Origin realm is made up of three smaller realms. They are Receival, Returnance, and Reciprocity in ascending order in terms of strength. Just remember it like breathing: Receival is inhaling (since you’re receiving air), Returnance is exhaling (since you’re returning the air back to the surroundings), and Reciprocity as being able to go both ways (you’ve ascended above inhaling and exhaling because you can now do both at the same time).

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