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Chapter 1264: The Seal Breaks

A resplendent gleam of light immediately flashed through the Spiritking’s eyes when he saw the space restabilize. The dark sword floating beside him immediately erupted with a dazzling silver light as an extremely powerful sword intent permeated the surroundings. Under the contamination of the powerful sword intent, the violent wind, the air, and even the abundant energy of the world in the surroundings became strands of invisible sword Qi.

Swish! The dark metal sword was surrounded by a coat of powerful silver light as it vanished into the tunnel in front of them as a white streak of light.

The tunnel between the World of Forsaken Saints and Mercenary City was filled with extremely violent streaks of energy, causing the space in it to become extremely unstable. The entire tunnel would distort from time to time.

At this moment, a dazzling streak of white light flashed through the tunnel, moving extremely quick. This was the Spiritking’s dark metal sword.

The sword seemed completely ordinary and was not eye-catching in any particular way, but it possessed great power. The strength of the metal sword greatly surpassed the Emperor Armaments on the Tian Yuan Continent, and even the Emperor Armaments of the ten protector clans could not compare to it.

The rather unstable space would begin to ripple violently wherever the sword passed by, but it was extremely tough, so it did not shatter.

On the other side, the web-like seal covered the entrance of the tunnel. The metal sword passed through the spatial tunnel with an unstoppable force. It was coated by a radiant glow of silver light, striking the seal viciously.


With a deafening boom, the sword struck the center of the seal and the great force turned the formation into a conical shape. Then, the sword erupted radiately, producing rain-like droplets of energy that attacked the seal, violently destroying it.

The seal immediately began to violently flicker and the energy that maintained it was consumed at an extremely terrifying rate.

Xiao Ling immediately became extremely nervous. She placed her hands on the seal as origin energy was rapidly channeled into the formation. She tried to maintain the final seal.

However, the seal only managed to block the Spiritking’s attack with great difficulty even after being supported by Xiao Ling’s own power.

Although the seal was powerful, it was only enough to repel the attacks of experts in the Origin realm. Once it encountered attacks at the level of Godhood, even if it was from the weakest Godhood expert, it would break for sure. Although the Spiritking was only in the Origin realm, he possessed the power to rival the weakest expert who had obtained Godhood, so the seal could not be maintained before his great strength. If it were not for Xiao Ling’s support, the seal probably would have been smashed through long ago.

However, Xiao Ling could not last much longer either, because the energy she had accumulated over countless years had almost been consumed.

The metal sword was locked in a stalemate with the seal for several seconds before finally expending all the power it had and returning to the World of Forsaken Saints. Xiao Ling became relieved, but when she discovered that all the energy in the underground space had been consumed, she immediately became terrified. She sobbed, “Oh no, oh no. There’s no more energy to keep up the seal. What do I do? Master, where are you? Come back quick. If you don’t return now, your seal will be destroyed by bad people. That bad person is so strong. I can’t beat him. Master, come back quick…”

The Spiritking stood unmoving at the highest point of the World Mountains, as if he was all that existed in that world.

At this moment, the metal sword that had dulled emerged from the spatial tunnel. As if the sword was conscious, it flew into the Spiritking’s hand without anyone’s control.

“It’s time.” At this moment, the Spiritking spoke in heavy voice. Suddenly, a supreme presence surged from him in all directions. He slowly hovered in the air, reaching an altitude of ten meters as terrifying energy filled the surroundings.

At that moment, he seemed to have become a mighty spirit. He gripped his sword as he stood there, causing the sky to tremble.

The several dozen Origin realm experts all looked at him from behind in fear. All of them could sense the incomparably vast pressure radiating from the Spiritking. Even the eight Returnance experts were not exceptions. All of them felt that the Spiritking was invincible.

“Seal-breaker!” Suddenly, the Spiritking roared out as the pure origin energy without him surged into the metal sword, immediately causing it to erupt with an unprecedented brightness and causing it loudly resonate. Afterward, the Spiritking stabbed out with a flash.

The strike possessed an indescribable profoundness. With that single strike, the world dulled while the air stopped moving. Time seemed to have halted, and even the surrounding space oscillated with a ripple.

The Spiritking stabbed the metal sword at the tunnel with a speed that was difficult to observe with the naked eye, attacking the seal on the other side again.

When the seal came in contact with the metal sword, an extremely profound energy began to spread out. It was like poison; as soon as it came in contact with the seal, the powerful seal began to dissolve at a visible rate.

Xiao Ling was surprised when she saw this. She poured everything she had into the seal, but no matter how hard she tried, she could not slow down the rate at which the seal collapsed.

Boom! A few seconds later, the seal finally shattered with a rumble, causing the entire underground space to violently tremble.

Xiao Ling stared blankly at the broken seal while her face became extremely pale. She was filled with fear as fat tears uncontrolably rolled down her cheeks as she broke into tears. She sobbed, “It’s done for! It’s all over! The seal’s been broken! The seal’s been broken! Master, where are you!? Come back, the seal’s been broken. The seal’s been broken. What do I do…”

The moment the seal shattered, Mercenary City suffered the most powerful jolt as well. Whole regions of earth collapsed as the cracks, which criss-crossed the ground, all expanded to the width of a meter. All the structures in the city had collapsed, including Mo Tianyun’s sculpture at the center.

All the experts of Mercenary City, including the ones who had hurried over from various places, watched the tragedy unfold with sunken faces. At this moment, no one was able to lighten up, including the protector clans who were envious of Mercenary City for obtaining a Saint Emperor.

This was because Tian Jian had already told all the Saint Kings present the information he had learned from Jian Chen. If it was any other time, none of them would have believed such an unrealistic matter, but the collapse of Mercenary City was the best evidence without a doubt. It was no longer up to whether they believed it or not.

If the seal to the World of Forsaken Saints really had been destroyed and the experts there launched an invasion, how was the Tian Yuan Continent supposed to repel them with their puny strength. This was definitely a calamity for the Tian Yuan Continent that might even affect the entire world.

The dark, metal sword returned to the Spiritking’s side again back in the World of Forsaken Saints. It hovered quietly by his side as the Spiritking stared at the spatial tunnel in front of him. He finally showed a smile of delight.

“Spiritking, may I ask if the seal on the other side has been destroyed?” The alluring, Returnance woman nervously asked.

The Spiritking slowly turned around. He seemed to be roughly in his thirties, and he was not handsome at all. His appearance was extremely ordinary. His eyebrows were sharp, like swords, while his face was weathered, having survived through wind and storms of blood.

“I’ve already destroyed the seal on the other side, but the space in the tunnel has become extremely unstable after several attacks from me. It’s filled with chaotic streams of space, so we can’t pass through it. We can only go after it has stabilized,” answered the Spiritking.

With that, the Origin realm experts immediately beamed in joy. One of the Returnance old men excitedly said, “The Spiritking really is the hope of our world, to have completed the world’s wish from so many years ago all by himself. Over two hundred years ago, our world gave birth to five Reciprocity Spiritkings, but they had failed to smash through the seal even after working together. The current Spiritking possesses the power to rival all five of them all by himself. The Spiritking is the strongest expert of the World of Forsaken Saints in all of history.”

The Spiritking did not react in any particular way to the old man’s compliments. His expression remained as nonchalant as before. He said, “Origin realm experts will bring very great pressure to the spatial tunnel if they enter, so they can only pass through once the space has completely stabilized and the tunnel has been reinforced. However, experts below the Origin realm are not restricted by this. All we need to do is wait for the streams of space in there to calm down. The weaker the person, the safer they are. One of you stay here and keep guard. We’ll send some people through to investigate the situation on the other side first. Do not forget our intentions.”

“Yes, Spiritking,” all the Origin realm experts replied at the same time.

Afterward, the Spiritking flew down the mountain with his sword on his back. He completely ignored the spatial cracks that could even claim the lives of those in the Origin realm halfway down the mountain.

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