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Chapter 1266: Violet Cloud Peaches

As soon as someone mentioned that they wanted to use the Bright Moon Divine Hall to guard the entrance of the tunnel, Changyang Zu Yunxiao’s face immediately sank. The divine hall only belonged to You Yue, and You Yue was Jian Chen’s fiancee. If they really managed to obtain the divine hall to plug the entrance, getting it back would not be easy.

This was because the Bright Moon Divine Hall was also a structure that even Saint Emperors could not smash through. In order for the people of the protector clans to maintain their authority on the continent, they could not let such a powerful divine hall exist.

The people of the protector clans dared not to touch You Yue before. First, because they would not be able to do anything to her if she hid in the divine hall. Second, Jian Chen was beside her as well as three powerful magical beasts that stood on equal ground with Saint Emperors. As a result, the protector clans could only helplessly watch the powerful divine hall end up with You Yue without being able to do anything.

However, the situation was completely different now. The existence of the World of Forsaken Saints was an extremely great threat to the Tian Yuan Continent. It could even be described as a disaster that could impact the entire world. Using this as an opportunity to take away the divine hall was all in the name of the greater good, so no one could say anything, and if the divine hall was destroyed, the people of the protector clans wouldn’t mind that happening. However, the people who would end up losing out would be his side.

Changyang Zu Yunxiao made up his mind to prevent this at all costs, “The Bright Moon Divine Hall is indeed extremely tough and the materials used to construct it are extremely rare, forged from substances of the moon. However, fairy Hao Yue, who crafted it, was only a peak Saint Emperor at most. She did not reach the Origin realm. Her divine hall probably can block the attacks of Saint Emperors at most, and it’ll be useless before those of the Origin realm.”

A great elder of the Yangji sect sneered when he heard that, “We’re currently facing a devastating threat. No matter what it is, we will try it as long as there’s a sliver of hope of stopping the experts from the World of Forsaken Saints. We, the ten protector clans, have quite a few divine halls, but all of them can only block the attacks of Saint Kings. They’re completely useless before Saint Emperors, and with the entire continent in perspective, only the divine hall of Mercenary City and the Bright Moon Divine Hall can perhaps block attacks from experts of the Origin realm.”

“That’s right. We can no longer talk about personal benefits or losses at this moment. The Tian Yuan Continent is facing danger and every single person is responsible for its safety. Brother, I’ll visit Flame City with you and borrow the Bright Moon Divine Hall. If they don’t comply, we can only react correspondingly,” said a great elder of the Yiyun sect righteously. He seemed like he was solemn on the surface, but he sneered inside, “Jian Chen, you killed a great elder of my Yiyuan sect and completely embarrassed us. We might not be able to take revenge on you, but you cannot stop us from taking away your girl’s divine hall.”

The great elder of the Yangji sect immediately beamed now that he obtained the support of a great elder from the Yiyun sect. He looked around and said, “Everyone, may I ask if there is anyone else willing to come with us to Flame City, to borrow the Bright Moon Divine Hall and safeguard the Tian Yuan Continent?”

An independent Saint King stepped forward and sternly said, “I may have secluded myself as a hermit and never took part in any conflicts, but this matter directly relates to the fate of the Tian Yuan Continent, so I obviously cannot stand down. Allow me to accompany you. If the Bright Moon Divine Hall can stop the invasion of the World of Forsaken Saints, the owner of the divine hall will commit a service of great merit.”

A few other Saint Kings stepped forward after him. Almost all of them were independent cultivators who stayed isolated in desolate regions like hermits.

In the end, the Yangji sect and the Yiyuan sect sent two Saint Kings each to travel to Mercenary City with another five independent Saint Kings, for a total of nine people.

Changyang Zu Yunxiao panicked inside when he saw this. Just when he wanted to say something, he was stopped by Changyang Zu Xiao through a message, “Yunxiao, this is not the time for you to stop them. The people of the Yangji sect and the Yeyuan sect are very biased against Jian Chen, so if you want to stop them, be careful about getting dragged into it as well as becoming a public target of scorn.”

Changyang Zu Yunxiao fell silent and sighed inside. He wanted to help You Yue keep the divine hall very much, but he could do nothing.

The grand elder of Mercenary City said, “Everyone, the World of Forsaken Saints doesn’t just pose a threat to our Tian Yuan Continent. Even the Sea race, the magical beasts, and the Hundred Races will face a similar threat. I believe we should send envoys to all three races with a request for reinforcements. Although our strength is extremely insignificant compared to the World of Forsaken Saints, we need to stop them from coming over with everything we have.”

“The grand elder cannot be more correct, but we are not on good terms with the three other races. We’ve even fallen out a little with the magical beasts and the Hundred Races, so I believe we should think through this some more before deciding,” said a great elder of a protector clan.

“Then please come into the miniature world of our Mercenary City. We can discuss countermeasures there…”

Jian Chen had no clue that the seal beneath Mercenary City had been destroyed since he was in the Xuanhuang Microcosm. He was currently traveling with Tie Ta, making their way to the center. He came across a few regions with some vegetation. Every single region with vegetation would contain Springs of Life as well as Xuanhuang beasts.

Jian Chen would take half the spring water from every region as well as the essence that had been nurtured by the Spring of Life. The essence was the true object of value. It was extremely beneficial to the soul, and the sea goddess required this as a material to reconstruct her body.

Along the way, more and more spring water accumulated in Jian Chen’s artifact space. It had exceeded forty thousand liters. Half of it was at the first grade of the Immortal Tier. Over ten thousand liters was of the second while the remaining amount was of the third.

Third grade of the Immortal Tier was the highest-quality spring water Jian Chen had come across so far.

Other than the spring water, Jian Chen had found many various heavenly resources as well. There were ginsengs, ganodermas, knotwood, and so on from the ones he could recognize. Every single one of them had exceeded a hundred thousand years in maturity, and all of them had been tainted with faint Xuanhuang Qi due to growing in the Xuanhuang Microcosm, allowing them to increase in value. Jian Chen had come across over ten Immortal Tier heavenly resources that he had never seen or heard before, but they were of the second grade at most. Jian Chen had also learned that the sword spirits did not care about these heavenly resources at all. The only reason they got him to collect them was because they would be useful to him.

Jian Chen also came across another three Comprehension Tea Trees and removed all their leaves. Unfortunately, all of them were of the first grade.

Other than that, Jian Chen had slain several dozen Class 7 and 8 Xuanhuang beasts and collected the energy crystals that corresponded to monster cores.

Although Jian Chen had only spent seven days in the Xuanhuang Microcosm, Jian Chen was extremely satisfied with what he had obtained in that time frame. Tie Ta was the same. He had always been smiling in those days and could not even close his mouth since he had also obtained several dozen energy crystals, all of them of the seventh or eighth class.

When Jian Chen crossed several dozen kilometers of barren land and arrived at another region of life, he discovered a three-meter-tall peach tree growing there. It was covered with fist-sized peaches, violet in color. All of them were actually the exact same size.

“Master, these are immortal peaches, the Violet Cloud Peaches. It only bears a single fruit every nine thousand years, and it can only bear a hundred and eight peaches throughout its life. Consuming the peach can directly increase the level of cultivation of the person. The highest-quality peaches are of the ninth grade in the Immortal Tier. They can increase your level of cultivation by four thousand five hundred years’ worth. The peaches in front of you are only of the first grade, and consuming one of them can only increase your cultivation by five hundred years.”

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