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Chapter 1267: The Sword Spirits’ World

“A peach can increase my cultivation by five hundred years? Zi Ying, just how much is five hundred years? And how is it calculated?” Jian Chen asked in some doubt. A few Saint Rulers could never reach Saint King within their lifespan while others would only require a few decades. Jian Chen was extremely curious to know the exact amount of five hundred years’ worth of cultivation.

Zi Ying pondered silently before responding, “Master, there’s quite a few heavenly resources that can directly increase the cultivation of the user like the peaches back in our world, and all of them are measured by the number of years they can increase. This amount is calculated from the amount of cultivation gained by a person with ordinary talent as they absorb immortal energy in the given time frame. A peach that can increase someone’s cultivation by five hundred years’ contains the amount of energy equivalent to the achievements of a person with ordinary talent after cultivating for five hundred years.

“But some people with impressive or astonishing talent will cultivate extremely quickly. They will only need a hundred years, just a few decades, or a couple years to reach what an ordinary person would achieve in five hundred years.”

Jian Chen finally gained an understanding of the five hundred years of cultivation the peaches could provide him with. He thought, “A single immortal peach can increase my cultivation by five hundred years. It does sound rather terrifying, but it’s just the achievements of a person with ordinary talent in a five hundred year timespan. On the other hand, I’ve attained achievements that some people might not even attain in three thousand years within less than half a century. And the amount of energy my Chaotic Body needs is unimaginably vast. Looks like the effects of the peaches won’t be as great on me as I initially imagined.”

“Zi Ying, how many peaches do I have to eat to reach the fourth layer? And if I want to reach the fifth, how many would that be?” Jian Chen asked. He was tempted to immediately ingest the peaches to strengthen his Chaotic Body after learning about the effects.

“Master, a first grade immortal peach is roughly equivalent to two Class 9 Monster Cores. Master’s Chaotic Body may have reached the peak of the third layer, but a single first grade peach won’t be enough to reach the fourth layer. You will require three at the very least. However, the immortal peaches cannot be eaten as master has imagined. After ingesting the first one, you must wait a hundred years before ingesting a second, or it’ll have no effects at all,” Zi Yang explained rather bitterly. This obliterated Jian Chen’s thoughts of eating a whole lot of them at once.

Jian Chen became disappointed with that, but he also learned that he needed to ingest a Violet Cloud Peach that could provide one thousand five hundred years’ worth of cultivation to reach the fourth layer, or six Class 9 Monster Cores.

Although he still had the Class 8 and 9 Monster Cores he had obtained from the Heaven’s Incense School, Jian Chen did not plan on using them right now since he would not necessarily reach the fourth layer with them, and it would waste a lot of time as well. He did not have much time in the Xuanhuang Microcosm. He wanted to use the remaining time to find as many heavenly resources as he could to bring out with him.

However, what did shock Jian Chen was that a single first grade peach was equivalent to two Class 9 Monster Cores.

Perhaps because Zi Ying understood what Jian Chen was thinking, he explained, “Master, the stronger the person becomes, the faster they can absorb immortal energy. The people from our world cannot be compared to the Tian Yuan Continent. The accumulated energy of five hundred years from any single one of them with ordinary talent is equivalent to several thousand years from a person with impressive talent on the Tian Yuan Continent, which is why a first grade peach contains enough energy to rival two Class 9 Monster Cores.

“Also, the energy from our world is at a level greater than the Tian Yuan Continent. If a Saint Emperor from the Tian Yuan Continent goes to our world to cultivate, their rate will increase by several fold at least. Not only is this because the energy of our world is several times more abundant than the Tian Yuan Continent, it also has immortal energy that is on a higher level. The immortal energy is on the same level as the origin energy that master knows about.”

“Is that so?” Jian Chen gained a better understanding. He could not help but asked, “Zi Ying, Qing Suo, just what was the world you two came from like?” This question had weighed on Jian Chen’s heart for many years now. He had once asked this question before, but the sword spirits declined to answer because he was still too weak. Now, he finally could not help but ask again.

Both of them fell silent. After quite a long while, Qing Suo said, “Master, we originally planned on answering this question after you reached Saint Emperor, but you’re not far from that level now. Since master wants to know so much, we’ll tell you.” A sliver of reminiscence appeared in Qing Suo’s eyes as she continued, “Master, the world we came from is called the Immortals’ World. It’s a higher world that’s even greater than the Tian Yuan Continent. Saint Emperors in our world are only people at the lowest level. In our world, they are like newly-born infants, having just stepped upon the path of cultivation.”

Even with mental preparation, Jian Chen was greatly shocked by what they said. Right now, he could not even match up to a Saint Emperor. To him, they were undefeatable existences, yet they were actually insignificant in the world where the sword spirits came from. Jian Chen had been taken aback by this fact.

Qing Suo continued, “Back in master’s former world, Qing Suo and I were greatly injured due to the destruction of our swords. We were in a slumber and recovered at an extremely slow rate. Afterward, the familiar presence from master’s cultivation of the Azulet Swords Law awakened us. Back then, we discovered master in a world with extremely thin energy, yet you were able to attain such accomplishments with the sword at such a young age all by yourself through an incomplete copy of the cultivation method, so we were drawn in by your talent. At that time, we just happened to make it the moment before master died, so Zi Ying and I guarded master’s soul and wanted to take master to the Immortals’ World. We believed that master would definitely achieve impressive accomplishments when cultivating in the Immortals’ World with master’s talent in the sword.

“It was just that we had never expected that we had not recovered enough strength. We were unable to break through the barriers of the worlds. Coupled with the fact that we expended our energy extremely quickly as we traveled through space, we could not last much longer, which was why we accidentally brought you to the Tian Yuan Continent.”

Jian Chen could not help but think back to the moment when he had fought Dugu Qiubai in the past. Back then, the two of them had perished together. He had accidentally come to the Tian Yuan Continent with the help of the sword spirits, but he just wondered what Dugu Qiubai’s situation was. Did he die back then?

Jian Chen gently sighed inside. He became slightly disconsolate and said, “Zi Ying, Qing Suo, I will be going to the Immortals’ World sooner or later.” Jian Chen also understood that it would become more difficult to raise his Chaotic Body to the later layers. The Tian Yuan Continent did not have enough resources to support his growth, so he needed to proceed to the Immortals’ World if he wanted his Chaotic Body to keep growing, so he could find even more resources.

Zi Ying opened his mouth. He wanted to same something, but he held it back in the end. Only he and Qing Suo understood that since they had come here, returning to the Immortals’ World would be riddled with obstructions. It would never be that easy.

Two Fifth Heavenly Layer Saint King Xuanhuang beasts guarded the immortal peaches. They were finished off by Jian Chen and Tie Ta without any effort at all. Even though the two of them possessed very tough bodies, they were unable to stand up against Jian Chen and Tie Ta who possessed extraordinary battle prowess. In the end, the two of them took an energy crystal each. Jian Chen did not miss the corpses either.

Afterward, Jian Chen began to collect the Violent Cloud Peaches. The tree had a total of one hundred and eight of them, and he picked all of them. He could fit one to around a dozen peaches in each jade box he had, depending on its size.

Jian Chen completely ran out of jade boxes to store heavenly resources after picking the peaches, or more accurately, he had run out of jade boxes he had prepared. He would need to sort through his other Space Rings for more of them.

As Jian Chen worried over the possibility of not enough boxes, the sword spirits suddenly informed him that the wood from the Xuanhuang Microcosm could be used to make boxes, which could also be used to store the heavenly resources. As a result, Jian Chen and Tie Ta worked together, collecting a large amount of wood nearby and sending it into the artifact space. Jian Chen got the elites of the Flame Mercenaries to make the boxes and also urged the artifact spirit to direct all the Class 7 Magical Beasts into human forms to create boxes as well.

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