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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 1268
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Chapter 1268: Fifth Grade Comprehension Tea Tree

Jian Chen no longer needed to worry about not having enough boxes now that there was such a large number of people and magical beasts creating them for him in the artifact space.

Two days later, Jian Chen came across an even larger region of life. It seemed more like a huge oasis, taking up several tens of thousand square kilometers. The vegetation was lush and grew vigorously as huge trees towered several hundred meters high.

A mountain a thousand meters tall stood at the center of the region. It was extraordinarily steep and slippery, making it extremely difficult to scale. However, an ancient tree, around a person’s height, stood at the very top of it like an old man. It was not tall, but it was teeming with life, as if it would never decay away.

“That’s a Comprehension Tea Tree!” Jian Chen immediately cried out in joy as he stared at the tree at the very top. Although he was very far away, he could recognize it with his vision, and he felt something vastly different about it compared to the first grade trees he had come across before. It was clearly of a higher grade.

“That’s a fifth grade Comprehension Tea Tree,” said Zi Ying, having recognized it with a single glance.

“And there’s Flamecloud Fruit here. The effects of Flamecloud Fruit are the same as Violet Cloud Peaches. They can directly increase the cultivation of a person, and they possess the effects of refining immortal energy. The only defect is that Flamecloud Fruit is only effective to those who practice fire-attributed cultivation methods. Although master uses Chaotic Force and is not limited by the attributes in terms of power, the effects of the fruit will be greatly reduced for master,” Qing Suo said in pity.

Jian Chen glanced over and indeed discovered a small tree covered in red half way up the mountain. It was only ten meters tall and covered in thumb-sized red fruit.

“Is that the Flamecloud Fruit?” Jian Chen mumbled softly. He discovered that the red fruit shone with a red glow, as if there was a ball of flames flickering inside.

“These Flamecloud Fruit possess even great benefits for those who practice fire-attributed cultivation methods. Senior Hong Lian just happens to use fire-attributed energy, so these fruit should be very beneficial to her. Just a single one of them should be enough to elevate senior Hong Lian to a Saint Emperor,” Jian Chen thought. He immediately remembered Hong Lian when he learned the effects of the fruit.

Jian Chen patted Tie Ta on his shoulder before moving. He had already charged off toward the mountain using the Illusory Flash while Tie Ta followed close behind him. He was no slower than Jian Chen.

Jian Chen was extremely cautious along the way. Every single region of life possessed Xuanhuang beasts, and the more valuable the item, the stronger the Xuanhuang beasts would be. Since a fifth grade Comprehension Tea Tree had appeared here, the beast which guarded it would be extremely powerful as well. It was extremely likely that it would be the strongest Xuanhuang beast he would face since he had come into this place.

However, Jian Chen was surprised by the fact that he did not come across a single Xuanhuang beast when he made it to the foot of the mountain. He did not even sense the presence of a Xuanhuang beast.

Jian Chen and Tie Ta looked at each other. They were rather stern. This situation only meant that the Xuanhuang beast’s strength had completely exceeded the two of them. Once it hid itself, it would be extremely difficult to find.

“Jian Chen, this might be a Saint Emperor Xuanhuang beast,” Tie Ta said with his heavy, deep voice. He was extremely stern, but he did not show any fear at all.

Jian Chen gave a deep nod in agreement, “Xuanhuang beasts do not have intelligence. They completely rely on their instincts to fight. Even if it’s a Saint Emperor Xuanhuang beast, it will be nowhere near as powerful as a Saint Emperor in all aspects other than its toughness. It will not know any Saint Emperor abilities either, so we still can kill it.” With that, Jian Chen began to climb the mountain. The steepness of the rocks did not trouble Jian Chen. As if it was any flat ground, he easily made his way up, and Tie Ta followed close behind him. If it were not for the fact that flight was restricted in this world, reaching the top would have been even easier.

Before long, Jian Chen and Tie Ta arrived at the peak, but their expressions suddenly changed in the next moment.

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