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Chapter 1273: Hao Yue’s Might (One)

Jian Chen could only give up on the thought of absorbing Xuanhuang Qi with the sword spirit’s explanation and, thus, began to focus on cultivation.

A hundred thousand kilometers away from the Gesun Kingdom stood a city completely constructed out of a valuable tungsten alloy. The city was not one of the seven capital cities, but it was great enough to stand on equal ground with them on the Tian Yuan Continent. From certain aspects, the city was countless times more valuable than any single capital of the continent.

This was because the city walls were completely created from tungsten alloy. Tungsten alloy was an extremely valuable metal on the continent. It was extremely tough and was equivalent to ten times its weight in purple coins. Probably no one could calculate just how much of the metal went into building the city, so just the city walls had reached an astonishing price.

When it was first being built, many large organizations on the continent had indeed cast their greedy eyes upon such a valuable city and even interested a few ancient clans. However, since the owner of the city was just far too reputed, all of them gave up on the thought of taking the city for themselves in the end.

The city was Flame City which belonged to the Flame Mercenaries. As the people who possessed the most authority and were responsible for every single matter in the mercenaries, Bi Lian and You Yue currently conversed casually in the luxurious city lord’s estate standing in the center of the city like an imperial palace. They would laugh pleasantly from time to time.

In order to prevent the escaped Saint Kings of the Underworld sect from taking revenge on the Flame Mercenaries, You Yue watched over the city with the Bright Moon Divine Hall. The silver-white divine hall had shrunk to the size of a regular palace and stood silently in the city lord’s estate. Contained inside it was fairy Hao Yue’s soul. She would discover any Saint King who entered the estate as soon as they set foot in it.

Originally, fairy Hao Yue would have never watched over a mercenary group that had nothing to do with her because of her status and her pride, but she only ended up agreeing after considering the fact that the request originated from Jian Chen and that she would need his help in the future. Hence, she would temporarily watch over the city.

The divine hall was very eye-catching in between the estate’s dark bricks and red tiles. Even during the day, the clear moonlight from the divine hall could still be seen. A thousand meters around the divine hall had also become a forbidden zone, where both the patrolling guards and the upper echelon of the mercenaries could not set foot.

At this moment, the space above Flame City violently began to distort. A while later, a Space Gate quickly formed and many Saint Kings emerged from it. They stared at the city beneath them.

They were the nine Saint Kings that had hurried over from Mercenary City. They were lead by four Saint Kings from the Yiyuan sect and Yangji sect while the five independent Saint Kings followed along to borrow the divine hall.

As soon as the nine Saint Kings arrived above the city, their vast presences surged out of them, engulfing the entire city. A few weaker mercenaries immediately vomited blood from the presences and instantly paled.

At that moment, the orderly city turned into a huge mess from the presences of the nine Saint Kings. The streets became strewn with people. Although they were not dead, all of them had become heavily injured from the vast presences. Their organs had all ruptured while a few structures in the city had collapsed.

Bi Hai hurriedly flew from the city lord’s estate with the other Saint Rulers of the Flame Mercenaries. They became extremely stern when they saw the nine Saint Kings hovering in the air.

Bi Lian stood as well while talking to You Yue. She looked outside and asked in a heavy voice, “What’s happening?”

You Yue grabbed her arm and comforted her, “Sister Bi Lian, don’t worry. I’ll support you with everything.”

“Yep. You Yue, have a look. People who can give off such great presences are probably Saint Kings. I’m afraid that great-grandfather Bi Hai and the others will be in danger,” Bi Lian said in a rather flustered manner. She worried for Bi Hai’s safety very much.

You Yue nodded and walked outside as she pulled Bi Lian with her. She had the Bright Moon Divine Hall as a safety measure, so she did not show any fear even when she faced Saint Kings.

Fairy Hao Yue sensed the nine Saint Kings the moment they had reached the city, but she did not do anything. She remained in the divine hall and secretly observed the situation outside.

Bi Hai flew into the air with the other Saint Rulers and stopped at the same altitude as the nine Saint Kings. He clasped his hands at them and asked in an extremely hostile manner, “May I ask who you are and why you have come to my Flame Mercenaries to make trouble? Do you think that there are no Saint Kings in the city?”

The gazes of the nine Saint Kings grew cold with what Bi Hai had said, but the four Saint Kings from the protector clans said nothing. They understood the Flame Mercenaries extremely well. Although it was not powerful overall, they possessed a captain who even protector clans did not dare to offend.

They could put the Saint Rulers in their place, but they dared not to harm them easily. Not to mention, the person right before them was Jian Chen’s great-grandfather. They could not guarantee that Jian Chen would not go to their protector clans and cause trouble with the three magical beasts in his wrath if they touched him.

However, just because the Saint Kings from the Yiyuan and Yangji sects dared not to touch Bi Hai did not mean that the five other independent Saint Kings would not do the same. They did not understand the Flame Mercenaries, so with their prideful nature, they were very displeased by how a mere Saint Ruler had not only failed to greet them politely and had even questioned them in hostility.

Immediately, a short, Fourth Heavenly Layer old man took a step and immediately used his presence to press onto Bi Hai. He sneered, “So what if you have Saint Kings? You’re just a mere Saint Ruler and you dare to speak so rudely to the nine of us? I can kill you and even if you have a Saint King present, they’ll need to apologize to the nine of us.” With that, the short old man hurled his palm at Bi Hai. He had used his abilities as a Saint King with his palm strike. With a surge of energy, the space in front froze and forcibly immobilized Bi Hai.

However, what he failed to notice was that Bi Hai was clenching a rock in his right hand when he had arrived. The rock was one of the three Flaming Jadeites the president of the Radiant Saint Master Union had gifted Jian Chen, and it had already been fully charged with energy by Rui Jin. It could deal an attack from a Saint King at Great Perfection.

Bi Hai knew that the people had not come with good intentions and that there were nine Saint Kings in total, so he had secretly prepared a Flaming Jadeite in his hand just in case.

The moment the short old man attacked Bi Hai, Bi Hai used a silver of Saint Force within him to activate the rock. Immediately, an extremely violent ripple of energy emerged from the Flaming Jadeite, instantaneously breaking through the frozen space. Bi Hai regained his freedom, so with a wave of his hand, he threw the Flaming Jadeite.

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