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Chapter 1274: Hao Yue’s Might (Two)

The Flaming Jadeite shone with a piercing light as it shot toward the short old man with an extremely great energy. Wherever it passed, the surrounding space shook violently, forming pitch-black cracks from the terrifying amount of energy spewing from the rock.

The short old man paled in fright. He shivered because of how powerful the energy from the stone was. It was equivalent to a strike from a Saint King at Great Perfection, so how could it be possible for him to resist it with his strength as a Fourth Heavenly Layer Saint King? Even if he did manage to resist it, he would end up heavily injured.

“What is this? Has a Saint King at Great Perfection deposited a sliver of his power in this Saint Ruler? Impossible, a Saint King’s power stored in another person’s body would never produce such a terrifying disturbance.” The short old man was no longer able to remain as composed as before. He abruptly shot back and pleaded for help from the eight other Saint Kings in worry, “Everyone, let’s block this attack together, or all of us will be in for more than what we bargained for.”

The other eight Saint Kings became stern as well. None of them had thought that Bi Hai would possess such a great item, where it could erupt suddenly and produce such a great strike. Any single one of them would become heavily injured if they took on the strike all by themselves.

Before the short old man had even asked for help, the eight Saint Kings already planned on working together and blocking the strike of the Flaming Jadeite because the short old man stood right in front of them. The rock shot toward the short old man as well as them, so trying to remain uninvolved in this matter was impossible.

Vast amounts of energy surged from the eight Saint Kings. The nine of them all produced a palm strike that was sent at the Flaming Jadeite at the same time. The energies collided with the rock as it shook up the surrounding space.

Boom! With a deafening explosion, it seemed like brilliant fireworks had been set off above the city from how dazzling it was. Violent energy ripples rocked the surroundings and surged out. A portion of the energy traveled toward Flame City.

Bi Hai and the Saint Rulers’s expressions all drastically changed. The ripples of energy erupted from a clash between Saint Kings, so they were extremely powerful. All they could do before the ripples was protect themselves. They could not prevent them from reaching the city. If it hit the city below, all the weaker people would become heavily injured or end up dead.

You Yue clearly understood this as well while witnessing everything unfold. Her eyes shone with an icy-cold gaze as the Moon God Scepter appeared silently in her hand. The fist-sized jewel embedded in the sceptre shone with hazy moonlight. You Yue swung the sceptre and an extremely pure strand of Moonlight Force immediately began to radiate from the crystal, forming a weak-looking barrier over the city.

The barrier immediately began to violently shake when the energy ripples struck it, but fortunately, the barrier only received some energy ripples and not the direct attacks of the Saint Kings. The barrier successfully blocked the energy.

When the rampaging energy in the sky finally settling down, the barrier of Moonlight Force silently disappeared as well. You Yue looked at the exquisite sceptre with a pained look. She could clearly feel that there was not much energy left in the sceptre.

“The energy deposited in the sceptre by master is becoming less and less,” You Yue sighed inside, but flames of fury quickly ignited. She stared at the nine Saint Kings in a very hostile manner. If she did not make it in time just then, Flame City would have suffered heavy casualties because of the nine of them

The nine Saint Kings hovered in the air with sunken faces. Every single one of the had emerged unscathed. Half of them were beyond the Fifth Heavenly Layer and two of the were of the Seventh Heavenly Layer, so the attack from the Flaming Jadeite had failed to harm them with their teamwork.

Heavy killing intent filled the eyes of the short old man that Bi Hai had targeted. He was a mighty Saint King, yet he had almost been injured by a mere Saint Ruler. Even though he had no idea what the Saint Ruler had used to deal such a shocking and terrifying attack, he still found it to be a permanent disgrace to his name.

“Very good. I never thought that after spending over a thousand years as a hermit, there would actually be a few more people who aren’t afraid of dying on the Tian Yuan Continent. You’re a mere Saint Ruler, yet you dare to look down on Saint Kings? Just this will result in irreconcilable consequences. Kid, I don’t care who’s behind you. I’m killing you for sure today,” said the short old man with a heavy tone. He had thought that Bi Hai would definitely have quite a powerful Saint King supporting him since he could produce something as terrifying as the Flaming Jadeite, but he had come this time in the glorious name of saving the continent. The protector clans and Mercenary City were not the only ones who stood on his side, all the Saint Kings of the Tian Yuan Continent did. He obviously felt no fear at all.

“Don’t you dare! If you even touch great-grandfather Bi Hai, none of the nine of you will be leaving Flame City today.” A cold voice rang out from below as soon as the short old man finished speaking. You Yue was enveloped by a layer of clear Moonlight Force as she quickly flew over from the city lord’s estate. At the same time, the Bright Moon Divine Hall rose up and hovered above her.

You Yue’s threat immediately caused the nine Saint Kings’ gazes to grow cold. They all became utterly furious. The nine of them had come with such a powerful party to borrow the Bright Moon Divine Hall, yet before they could even speak of the request, their dignity had been trampled over by a Saint Ruler, almost reducing them to a mess. Now, a woman who was not even a Saint Ruler threatened them, which completely shamed all of them.

A red-robed independent Saint King coldly snorted. Just as he was about to step forward, he was stopped by a great elder of the Yangji sect. He said through a communication technique, “Brother Ha Lu, we’ve come to borrow the Bright Moon Divine Hall this time, not to cause trouble. Let’s not waste too much time. Leave the matter to me.” The great elder was initially extremely willing for the five independent Saint Kings to teach the Flame Mercenaries a lesson, but he worried that he would be dragged into it, so he could only give up on that thought. Meanwhile, the matter of borrowing the Bright Moon Divine Hall was for guarding the seal beneath Mercenary City. It was something done in thought for the entire world, so it was irrefutable. As a result, the great elder could take it without any worry. Even if Jian Chen came looking for him later on, he would have the support of all the experts across the entire continent. He was obviously not afraid.

“Hmph. Jian Chen, our Yangji sect indeed does not have the power to deal with you, but we can destroy the Bright Moon Divine Hall when the World of Forsaken Saints invades the Tian Yuan Continent. As long as we can weaken you slightly, it’s nothing even if we have to endure some pressure. If you really dare to use this to make trouble for us, we won’t even need to act personally. The entire continent will become your enemy,” he sneered inside.

He was tempted to take the Bright Moon Divine Hall and leave immediately when he thought up to there. He no longer hesitated. Suppressing his anger for You Yue, he coldly and emotionlessly said, “You must be You Yue. Our Tian Yuan Continent is currently facing a danger that directly affects its fate. There is a tunnel to another world sealed beneath Mercenary City, and the seal has been destroyed now. The experts of the other world can invade us at any moment. The nine of us have come to borrow your divine hall in order to save the world by blocking the tunnel beneath the city. Time is tight right now, so please hand over the divine hall immediately so we can take it back to Mercenary City with us.”

You Yue sneered, “The Bright Moon Divine Hall isn’t mine. It’s my masters. If you want to borrow it, you should ask my master instead.”

The great elder from the Yangji sect immediately became speechless. In reality, he had considered that You Yue would decline and, thus, had thought up of many reasons and excuses to combat this. He had even made up his mind to use force, but he had never thought that You Yue would respond like that, to have him directly ask fairy Hao Yue for the divine hall.

The four Saint Kings from the protector clans knew that fairy Hao Yue was not dead, that her soul had always existed, and that it remained within the divine hall. Other than the great prestige she had left behind in the past, she was just a paper tiger to them, relying on the toughness of the Bright Moon Divine Hall to guard her soul.

However, the five independent Saint Kings did not know anything about fairy You Yue’s soul. The short old man snickered, “Fairy Hao Yue has already been dead for several tens of thousand years. You actually want us to go find the dead fairy Hao Yue to borrow the divine hall? This is a huge joke. Everyone, guarding the tunnel is an extremely pressing matter. We cannot waste anymore time. Let’s directly take the divine hall and leave.”

As soon as the old man finished talking, the divine hall above You Yue suddenly began to shine with an intense, silver-white moonlight. It rapidly expanded, becoming a huge, majestic palace in a single moment, looming over their heads like a dark cloud.

“Hmph. Who said I was dead?” An icy-cold voice rang from the divine hall as a huge, illusionary projection of a person appeared above it. Her clothes fluttered in the breeze with her otherworldly disposition. It was fairy Hao Yue, but her face was blurry and indistinct.

The old man who had said that she was dead just before revealed a different expression. He could clearly feel the extremely powerful soul of fairy Hao Yue, such that his soul was suppressed to the point where he could not move it.

“A- a- are you fairy Hao Yue…” The short old man was utterly astounded as disbelief flooded his face.

“This fairy You Yue’s soul is so powerful. No wonder she can survive until now without her soul dissipating.” The Saint Kings from the two protector clans were all shocked inside, but they felt no fear. With just her powerful soul, fairy Hao Yue was not enough to pose any threat to them. They had even guessed that she probably could not let her soul leave the divine hall.

Fairy Hao Yue coldly stared at the nine of them and heavily said, “I’ve already sensed the shocking changes in Mercenary City. The earthen spirit of Mercenary City has already reached Returnance in strength, so even if she can’t repel them, it won’t change anything even if you take my divine hall away.”

A great elder from the Yiyuan sect said, “The Bright Moon Divine Hall is the only divine hall that can resist attacks from Saint Emperors other than the one in Mercenary City. It doesn’t matter if the divine hall can actually block the seal. We need to give it a try. Fairy Hao Yue, please allow us to borrow it.” With that, a powerful presence radiated from his body. It surged toward the Bright Moon Divine Hall.

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