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Chapter 1281: Movements of the World of Forsaken Saints

Changyang Qing Yun’s defeat was an extremely great hit to the morale of the Changyang clan. Changyang Qing Yunfeng, Changyang Qing Jueri, Changyang Yuan Wuji, and Changyang Yuan Zhenghua all paled as they spectated from afar. At that moment, they felt the world spin, as if the sky was about to collapse.

“Changyang Qing Yun is the strongest person in the Changyang clan, and even he’s not the Heavenly Enchantress’ opponent. He couldn’t even last three attacks. This Heavenly Enchantress is just far too terrifying. She can’t be a Saint Ruler,” Changyang Qing Yunfeng thought in shock. The strength the Heavenly Enchantress had displayed was so great that they felt despair.

The dead silence was finally broken after a while. The grand elder of Mercenary City breathed heavily and said “Why don’t we end the enmity between Shangguan Mu’er and the Changyang clan here? Everyone, the battle has ended. Please return to the miniature world so that we can continue our meeting.”

With that, all the Saint Kings gathered there returned. Meanwhile, the Heavenly Enchantress said no more and returned with everyone else with her zither. All that was left in the end were the five great elders of the Changyang protector clan. They all stood around in gloom.

“Sigh, let’s go as well,” only after quite a long time did Changyang Yuan Zhenghua sigh at the sky before turning to leave. What had happened today was undoubtedly a slap to their faces in the eyes of the other protector clans. Not only did they lose all their dignity, they were, more importantly, heavily disgraced.

At this moment, Changyang Qing Yun returned to his senses as well. When he thought about how he had announced that he wanted to teach the ignorant Heavenly Enchantress a lesson, he felt his face burn. He was tempted to just find a hole and hide in it. He had lost all his dignity with what had happened today. He was too ashamed to see people again.

At that moment, Changyang Qing Yun seemed to have aged a lot. In just a few short months, their protector clan had been disgraced twice. This had never happened throughout history.

The Spiritking stood in front of the tunnel to the Tian Yuan Continent in the World of Forsaken Saints. He emotionlessly stared at the tunnel of distorted space. Behind him, over forty Origin realm experts stood silently in a single line with a group of Saint Emperors gathered behind them.

“This tunnel is rapidly stabilizing. Saint Kings can pass through it now, and probably in around a dozen days, Saint Emperors will be able to pass through,” said the Spiritking.

“Spiritking, why don’t we send a group of Saint Kings through the tunnel to investigate the circumstances of the other side, so we can gain an understanding as to the exact power of the other world?” A young man at Receival young inquired courteously from behind the Spiritking.

The Spiritking sank into his thoughts before nodding slightly. He said without even looking back, “Eight hall elders, immediately return to the hall and choose some Saint Kings of Great Perfection. Bring them here. They can do the investigating.”

“Yes sir!” The eight Returnance experts from behind the Spiritking replied at the same time before leaving the peak of the mountain together.

The central mountain in the World Mountains was extremely dangerous. Even Receival experts would face danger there, so the only way to bring Saint Kings up was for Returnance experts to move them personally.

The several hundred Saint Emperors had only managed to reach the top safely due to the protection from the Spiritking and the eight Returnance experts. Even though that was the case, several of them had passed away due to the horrible environment as they scaled the mountain.

Soon after that, the eight Returnance experts all returned. They had brought several Saint Kings with them, fifty total. It was not because they did not want to bring more people, but that Saint Kings at Great Perfection were not as powerful as Saint Emperors. It was difficult for them to survive at the top of the mountain, so they could only bring them with their strength.

“We greet the Spiritking,” the fifty Saint Kings at Great Perfection all dropped to the ground. They were extremely polite.

With his back to everyone, the Spiritking said, “This is a tunnel to another world. Pass through it and enter the other world to investigate the situation there. That world’s strength is unknown, so you must be careful. If it’s possible, you can attempt to negotiate with them.”

“Spiritking, if the people of the other world attack, what should they do?” A Returnance expert asked.

“If they attack, you can obviously counterattack. I do know that you’ll probably end up dead after you pass through, so leave a fragment of your souls in this souljade before you pass through. Even if you die there, we can revive you using a secret technique. However, the price will be that your strength will decrease drastically after you leave behind a fragment of your soul. After you are revived, you must cultivate again.” The Spiritking paused slightly and then continued, “Of course, you don’t need to worry. Once you revive, the Sacred Spirit Hall will supply you with resources to help you become Saint Emperors in the shortest time possible as compensation.”

The Spiritking produced a pile of jade rocks from his Space Ring. After splitting them among the fifty Saint Kings at Great Perfection, he said, “There should be experts guarding the entrance to the other world once you get there. If you can’t defeat then, crush this piece of jade. The spatial energy inside will teleport you to a random place in that world. However, you have to remember to not attack them unless they’ve launched an offensive at you. Understood?”

“Yes sir!” The fifty Saint Kings at Great Perfection replied together.

A Returnance expert stood forward and pulled out fifty ink-black pieces of jade. He said, “These are souljades. They can store your souls. Leave a small portion of your souls in them before passing through.”

The Saint Kings all took a piece of the rock and left behind a fragment of their souls. They all became rather pale and weak after depositing a portion of their souls, but they still entered the tunnel to the Tian Yuan Continent.

The Spiritking and the Origin realm experts watched the group of Saint Kings disappear into the tunnel. All of them remained there. They did not wish the group they had sent through to fight. They wanted it to investigate the other world so they could have some understanding. As a result, all of them knew that probably all the Saint Kings would die. They would then revive them using the souls deposited in the souljades and learn of the other world.

Not only could the souljades be used to revive them, it possessed another ability, which allowed them to fully retain their memories. This included everything that would happen in the other world as well as everything they would experience.

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