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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 1283
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Chapter 1283: Encountering a Class 9 Xuanhuang Beast Again

On the way, Jian Chen constantly searched for Reconstruction Gel. He had already gathered a massive pile of it in the artifact space. The larger ones had reached the size of a person while the smaller ones were only the size of a fist.

Jian Chen had already completed the sea goddess’ request and had already collected a lot of both the Reconstruction Gel and the essence from the Springs of Life.

Before Jian Chen had entered the microcosm, he had wished to find what the sea goddess needed a little earlier so he could leave right away. Then, he could continue absorbing the energy of the worldly ebb to cultivate. But now, he was not hurried at all. He wished he could stay a little longer in fact.

Half a day later, Jian Chen came across another large region of life. This time, he did not search for the heavenly resources in a hurry. He stood beside the Spring of Life and radiated a powerful presence and made it churn. It engulfed the entire region and was filled with provocation.

As soon as Jian Chen’s provocative presence radiated out, a deafening beast roar reverberated from the center of the region. With a gentle swish, a black shadow shot toward Jian Chen with lightning-like speed.

Jian Chen’s eyes suddenly narrowed as he stared at the black shadow that rapidly approached him. He thought, “I just happened to be looking for a Class 9 Xuanhuang beast to test my strength. I never thought I’d come across one so quickly.” Kicking off the ground gently, he began to float away like a fallen leaf. However, he moved extremely quick.

In just a few seconds, Jian Chen had retreated to a spot twenty kilometers away with lightning-like speed. The Emperor Armament had silently appeared in his right hand as Chaotic Force surged endlessly into it. It was covered in a dark hazy glow, and the destructive and violent presence it gave off was even heavier than before.

However, Jian Chen frowned slightly. He glanced at the Emperor Armament in his hand. He could clearly feel that when he injected Chaotic Force into the Emperor Armament, it no longer gave him the feeling like before. When he was still at the third layer, the Emperor Armament could easily endure the Chaotic Force he injected, but it now became rather difficult for the Emperor Armament since he had reached the fourth layer. Not only would be encounter some obstruction as he sent his Chaotic Force into the Emperor Armament, he would even destroy the interior slightly.

Although the damage was not severe so far, it would deepen with every use, thus, influencing the amount of strength he could use.

“Looks like the Emperor Armament is no longer suitable for me. I need to forge the Azulet swords as soon as possible. Only they can withstand Chaotic Force,” Jian Chen sighed inside. The Emperor Armament he had used for quite some time already was becoming obsolete.

With a furious growl from up ahead, the Xuanhuang beast from the region tailed Jian Chen. Although it lacked intelligence, it could still tell that Jian Chen was provoking it. To it, being provoked by an insignificant existence that was not as strong as itself could not be tolerated.

Seeing how Jian Chen stopped, the Xuanhuang beast did not lunge at Jian Chen in a hurry. It stopped a hundred meters away and glared at him.

At this moment, Jian Chen saw the Xuanhuang beast for the first time. It was a pitch-black, four-meter-long, panther-like Xuanhuang beast that possessed a small horn on its head with a pair of small black wings on its back.

Jian Chen became rather stern. Even with his increased strength, he still could not remain careless before a Class 9 Xuanhuang beast. Although the one in front of him was not comparable in size to the two alligators, it was quite stronger than the alligators.

Suddenly, Jian Chen vanished from where he was with a sway. He aggressively charged at the horned panther to deal the first blow.

The panther produced a hearty growl. It sank down before suddenly kicking off the ground, pounding over like an arrow. It opened its wings slightly and became a little faster, charging toward Jian Chen at a speed much greater than the speed he was moving.

Jian Chen narrowed his eyes. The panther’s speed had caught him off-guard, but he did not become flustered at all since he was experienced. Just as he was about to collide with the panther, he made an odd maneuver and avoided the panther’s frontal attack. As he brushed past the panther, he stabbed at the cat’s belly.

At the same time, there was a black flash in front of him. With a crisp crack, his chest had been whipped by the panther’s tail. His clothes there turned into fragments instantly, and he was blown away.

Jian Chen flew for fifty meters before hitting the ground. He felt a burning pain from his chest. There was already a red mark there.

Jian Chen lowered his head to look at his chest. He was shocked inside, “If I hadn’t reached the fourth layer, just that attack would have punctured my chest and injured me. This Xuanhuang beast is very strong, reacts quickly, and can counterattack with its tail. Is it experienced in battle as well?”

Jian Chen glanced at the panther and saw a meter-long wound on its belly from his attack. It was bleeding.

“Looks like my full-powered stab can only reach the levels of Saint Kings at Great Perfection or maybe just at the level of Saint Emperors. The effect of the Emperor Armament on my battle prowess is no longer as great as when I was at the third layer,” Jian Chen sighed inside. The Emperor Armament had already become rather unsuitable for him.

Growl! The panther produced a throaty sound before turning into a black shadow, charging at Jian Chen again. It opened its huge mouth to bite at Jian Chen’s head. It seemed even more vicious after becoming injured.

Jian Chen showed no fear. Strands of Chaotic Force churned from his soybean-sized chaotic neidan, filling every corner of his body. He pushed the defenses of the fourth layer to the max. This time, he did not choose to dodge. Instead, he engaged in a head-on battle with the panther.

The Emperor Armament shone brightly as he blanketed the panther with a flurry of strikes. The afterimages of the sword stacked together and filled up an entire region of space. It was difficult to distinguish between the attacks that were real and the attacks that were fake.

The panther became slightly confused. It was unable to tell what was real and fake between the flurry of stabs. Sometimes it felt like all of them were fake, but sometimes it also felt like all of them were real.

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