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Chapter 1286: Comprehending the Way of the Sword (Three)

Comprehension Tea Leaves were Immortal Tier heavenly resources, so they obviously could not be boiled with regular water. Not only would normal water decrease the effects of the tea leaves, their quality would also drop by a lot. It was more suitable for Jian Chen to use the spring water from the Springs of Life to make the tea. Not only would it allow the tea to exhibit all of its effects, it could even amplify the effects to a certain level.

The spring water in the kettle became bubbling water very quickly. Jian Chen grabbed it and placed a whole tea leaf inside. He began to make the tea with all his concentration.

The tea leaf slowly began to dissolve in the boiling water before completely vanishing in the end. It had completely dissolved into the water, making the color of the water grow brighter than before. The steam that it gave off possessed the profound presence of the ways.

Jian Chen took a deep breath through his nose and his head become empty. His mind had become extremely clear. If it were not for the fact that the Xuanhuang Microcosm was different from the outside world, where it lacked the mysteries of the world, Jian Chen suspected that he would have uncontrollably broken through to the Ninth Heavenly Layer of Saint Ruler and become a Saint King, gaining the ability to make Space Gates.

Jian Chen knew that the tea could not be set aside for too long. Before it had even cooled, he drank the whole cup.

The moment he drank it, he could feel a sense of clarity rise up from his chest. It headed into his head and fused with his soul.

Immediately, Jian Chen felt like he had entered an illusion, as if all the laws of the world were presented right before him at that moment. He seemed to be able to see the veins of the world and understand all the mysteries present. Jian Chen knew that this was not true, so he quickly gathered his attention and devoted all he had to comprehend the Way of the Sword.

Jian Chen began to meditate as he closed off all his senses, no longer paying any attention to the outside world. However, the sword spirits nervously stared at his face. Qing Suo asked in worry, “Zi Ying, do you think that master will really succeed in comprehending the Way of the Sword? In the lengthy past, no one has managed to comprehend the Way of the Sword below the realm of a Heavenly Immortal and without their fated swords.”

Zi Ying shook his head, “Although we don’t believe that master can comprehend the Way of the Sword and reach Sword Origin before he’s forged the Azulet swords, we can’t forget that master is extremely suited for the Way of the Sword. He touched the boundary of Sword Origin as an Earthen Immortal already, and the second time was even deeper than the first. He even used eighty percent of the Sword Origin’s power. With the Comprehension Tea Leaves, even if master does not reach Sword Origin, he will benefit greatly. There might even be the tiniest possibility that he really does reach Sword Origin.”

“If master really does reach Sword Origin this time, becoming a Sword God will be no problem in the future. He might even become a Sword God much earlier than we have anticipated,” Qing Suo said.

Zi Ying nodded, “Chaos gave birth to Yin and Yang while the fusion of Yin and Yang produces chaos. We were born from strands of Yin and Yang Qi, so the Azulet swords are the only weapons suitable for Chaotic Force. Once master forges the Azulet swords, he’ll be invincible in his cultivation realm when coupled with his Way of the Sword. He might even be able to easily kill those of greater cultivation levels. If master becomes a Sword God in the future, he might even be able to rival Grand Exalts with his Chaotic Body at the peak of Major Achievement.”

In the blink of an eye, three days passed and Jian Chen roused from his meditation. His eyes shone brightly as joy was plastered across his face. After the three days of comprehension, he had failed to reach the first realm of the Way of the Sword, but his comprehension of Sword Origin was becoming deeper and deeper. His understanding rapidly increased. He had really benefited from this tea.

Without any hesitation, Jian Chen immediately began to boil water again. He made tea with a second leaf as he continued to comprehend the Way of the Sword.

Jian Chen used three days more for this second period of comprehension. He roused again and immediately began to make tea a third time.

On the third day after Jian Chen had drunk his third pot of tea, his presence suddenly changed just when the sword spirits thought he was about to rouse. His presence sharpened, as if countless sharp blades slowly revolved around him. Although his presence remained invisible, anyone could feel its sharpness.

The next moment, streaks of finger-long, white light, as thin as string, began to condense in the air. They slowly revolved around him. Every single one of them was pure and concentrated sword Qi.

This sword Qi was completely different than regular sword Qi. Regular sword Qi was condensed from energy, but these were not composed of energy at all. They seemed unique.

“T- this is the Sword Origin realm! Master’s actually succeeded!” The sword spirits continued to watch, stunned. Disbelief filled their faces.

“The rumor that you cannot reach Sword Origin without your fated swords has been disproven today, and so has the rumor that you can’t reach it without being a Heavenly Immortal. If this piece of news made it to the Immortals’ World, it’s enough to shake up the everything,” Qing Suo mumbled as she stared at Jian Chen in a daze. Fascination, excitement, joy, ecstacy, disbelief, and so on were all present on her face right now.

At this moment, the thin, bright sword Qi revolving around him slowly began to gather, becoming a single strand in the end. The strand was condensed into a small, sixty-centimeter-long sword that shone even more resplendently. The sword Qi was sharper as well.

Jian Chen’s eyes remained closed, but he slowly raised his right hand. He gently held the sword completely condensed from sword Qi and his entire body seemed to fuse with it. The small sword seemed to have become his limb, becoming a part of him.

Jian Chen slowly opened his eyes. There was only peace in them. He stared at the sword Qi attentively. He showed no joy or sadness, only clarity. After quite a long time did he murmur to himself, “So it’s like this. This is the Way of the Sword. I’ve finally understood the Way of the Sword and reached Sword Origin.” As he spoke, he slowly loosened his hand and the pure sword Qi dispersed into the surroundings, transforming into nothingness.

“Congratulations, master! You’ve actually managed to comprehend the Way of the Sword and reach the first realm, Sword Origin!” The sword spirits congratulated him as joy filled both their faces. They felt happy for him from the bottom of their hearts.

Jian Chen stood up and smiled from the bottom of his heart as well. He said, “The Way of the Sword is a rule. The sword Qi condensed from my comprehension of the Way of the Sword is the power of a rule. It is extremely powerful, incomparable to any sword Qi I can condense right now. Using the Way of the Sword to fight people is equivalent to using rules to fight people.”

“Master, rules are also laws, which are what they’re called in the Saints’ World. They are known as ways in our Immortals’ World,” Zi Ying corrected. He was born on the Immortals’ World, so he obviously prefered the Immortals’ World’s method of reference.

Jian Chen chuckled. He did not delve on the matter with the sword spirits and said, “I’ve used nine days to comprehend the Way of the Sword. There is less and less time remaining. I need to go out. I believe that killing Class 9 Xuanhuang beasts with my current strength shouldn’t be too difficult now.

Jian Chen knew that his battle prowess had drastically increased now that he had reached Sword Origin, but he was uncertain as to just how much it had increased by. He did not dare to test his strength it in the artifact space since the artifact space could only withstand attacks from those below Saint Emperors. Saint Emperors were enough to shatter the space. He did not wish to destroy the artifact space with his own hands after it had helped him so much.

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